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Researching Local Family History? See our genealogy section for more local family history

Williams Family


I am trying to trace a family called Williams. Michael Williams married Edith Wignall (my cousin) in June 1956 at St James, Whitechapel, Lancashire.

Michael's address on the marriage certificate is Produce Merchant, Fairhaven, 30 Hesketh Lane, Tarleton and his father was Walter Williams, Produce Merchant.

I know Edith had a daughter called Annabelle born 1957, but sadly Edith died in 1958 age 25, I have been told she was buried in Tarleton but not too sure.

Can anyone out there supply me any more information? Please e-mail c.gilbody (at)


Carol Gilbody, 28th July 2015

Tracing the Dandy-lines

Long before the Internet I traced my family history and, because of the rareity of the name, the Dandys of England back to around the 1590s in Lancashire and Suffolk plus a couple of lines to 1275 in Cornwall.

Interest was revitalised recently as I saw a TV programme showing pictures of a Lancashire church with stained glass window showing the Cornwall Coate of Arms. But which church in Lancashire I believe near Preston, neither the ITV programme producers, nor the 'researcher' could determine !

Further on checking the internet I find that one Amanda Dandy (& William Roger Dandy) in March 2005 [See letters below] were asking questions of a possible link between the Cornwall Dandys and those in Lancashire. Hence I'm very interested to make contact with Amanda.

Can anyone supply a lead - the quoted email address of 2005 does not respond.

Alan Dandy, 15th April 2014
(alanbdandy1938 (at) 07745 171 389 )

Rev Benjamin Turner Bowker
1872 Farnworth Bolton rip 1950

Hi All.
Can anyone assist me , I am searching for this Vicar, he was in Heskeith Bank in the early part of this last century from 1908 onwards , prior to that he was stationed in St Mary's Penwartham , was married to Ada Marion Cunningham, sadly died in 1950, he had 2 daughters.

The Vicar 's line is from Bolton, his Grandmother Alice Slater was Married to Joseph Atkinson after the Death of her first husband, Ben would have been a second Cousin of my wife.

brendanofarrell (at)

Kind Regards,
Brendan Ofarrell, 3rd November 2013


Dear Sir/Madam,

I have recently started to research my family History. I have never known my fathers side of the family as I was placed in to the care of Manchester City Council, and spent most of my early life in different homes. My recent research has led me to the Tarleton, Sollom, and surrounding areas. I have visited the St Mary's Church, Rufford where my ancestors are buried. A few things I have noted is that most of these family members were Farmers or in related agricultural jobs. This is something I have always been interested in and in fact I have gained certificates when younger with the young farmers association, so it seems that I have something in common with them. I am interested in trying to find out if there are any living relatives still in your area who have any information or memories about the family. My Father was one R Ashcroft who was the son of William Ashcroft 1900-1981 I have only got his Mothers name which was Jane Ashcroft born 1873.Jane's parents were Philip Ashcroft Born 1846 and her mother was Ann Ashcroft born ( nee Pye ) 1844. I also have a Sophia Ashcroft born 1860 who married a William J Rimmer who was also born in 1860. I wonder if you could put this on your letters page or notice board as I would be most grateful for any information at all, especially if I knew I had living relatives in the Rufford, Sollom and Tarleton areas. My phone number is: 01616130684

Most Sincerely
Mr Barry Ashcroft, 5th May 2013

Baldwin Family

Dear Editor,

[this is a follow up to the letter you kindly published in April this year]

I’m trying to locate relatives in the Tarleton/Burscough area who are descendents of James Baldwin and Elizabeth Baldwin [nee Smith]. They lived in the farm at Martin’s Lane, Burscough, for many years.

There appear to have been three children

  1. My grandmother Ann Grimshaw Baldwin [1879-1956 approx], who lived in Martin’s Lane, remained unmarried and had a son Stanley Baldwin, my father. Stanley was commissioned in the DLOY [Royal Artillery] during the 1939-45 war. He moved to Pembrokeshire, Wales after the war and died in 2002 after many years as a new potato farmer.
  2. Robert, who’s son William [1906-84] , married Alice nee Marquis [1912-87]. They were also farmers, at Blackgate Lane ,Tarleton. A son, Alan, I believe passed away quite recently.
  3. James, born 1885, on who I have no information as yet

I am Robert W [Bob] Baldwin and live in Great Malvern, Worcestershire. My father lost all contact with relatives in the Tarleton /Burcough area and I would love to hear from anyone who can help. My email address is bobwbaldwin (at) and phone number is 01905 831873

Many thanks and best regards,

Bob Baldwin, 1st June 2012

Family History Research Help Requested

Dear Editor,

Myself and Bill Taylor who is from Canada and who has asked for help on this site before are looking for a certain family from Tarleton.  This will show Bill that he does have relatives in England and he thought that they were all in Canada.  We are looking for the family of William Johnson who was born in 1876 in Hesketh and was the son of Maria Johnson.  He married Mary Johnson from Tarleton in 1898 and by the 1911 census they had seven children - the first of whom named Henry Taylor Johnson after his brother Henry Taylor who had died in 1896.  They lived on Fermor Road, Tarleton where he was a market gardener.  Then we are stuck because the 1911 census is the last one available and there are a lot of Johnson births in the area.  Any information would be very much appreciated.  Also what newspapers would obituaries be in and where could we see any electoral rolls?  Bill is descended from his brother Nicolas Taylor who emigrated to Canada with his brother and parents and my family is from his uncle John Johnson.


Sally Hunter, 30th May 2012
sally at

Stanley Baldwin

Dear Editor,

I’m trying to locate the christian names of my grandmother Baldwin, who lived in Tarleton from about 1885-1955, and would love to hear from anyone who remembers her.

Her only son, Stan, was born in Tarleton on 30 Nov 1916 and died in Pembrokeshire ,Wales, on 18 April 2002. He became a potato farmer, who earlier served as a Captain in the Duke of Lancs Yeomanry [Royal Artillery], mainly in Italy. This was a TA unit before the war, I think based in Preston or Ormskirk. Joe Finney [Tom’s brother] was in the same unit, I believe.

He was mentioned in dispatches. He married Julia Mary [Molly] Lewis of Fishguard, Pembs.

I found several references to wartime letters from him on your website ,The “Rectors Weekly News

I remember hearing that his father died in WW1 before Stan’s birth and his mother kept the name Baldwin and didn’t marry

Thank you for publicising this. My contact details are: phone 01905831873 or email bobwbaldwin (at)

Robert W [Bob] Baldwin, 15th April 2012

Robert Latham

I am just starting out looking for pictures and information on my Great grandfather Robert Latham who on Nov 1st 1930 was chairman of Tarleton and Hesketh Electricity Committee and was presented with a brass inscribed key, (which is in my posession) for turning on the Electric Supply when it came to Tarleton.

Can anyone help?

Best Regards
Peter Latham 31st January 2012
peter (at)

The Delta

My great grandfather, James Taylor, lived most of his life in Middleton, Manchester. However, his death certificate says that he died on 22nd October 1917 at “The Delta, Hesketh with Becconsall R.D.” By then he was a 76 year old widower. Can anyone please tell me something about The Delta? Was it a residential home or hotel, perhaps? Any information would be gratefully received.

Dave Shaw. 22nd October 2011
e-mail: shaws(at)


Dear Sir:

I’ve traced my mother’s bloodline back to Hesketh with Becconsall, as detailed below…

01 Dec 1772: HENRY HALLSAL (sic) married MARGERY WIGNALL in Croston, Lancashire, both Hesketh locals.
05 Jan 1777: THOMAS HALSALL was baptised at Becconsall Chapel.
02 May 1803: THOMAS HALSALL (now a sailor) married PEGGY DOBSON at St Michael and All Angels, Croston. Neither was literate so both left their marks on the register, as witnessed by Sarah Houghton and Lauce. Farrington.
24 May 1812: THOMAS HALSALL was baptised in Becconsall Chapel.
30 Jul 1832: THOMAS HALSALL (another sailor in the family) married ELIZABETH WHALLEY (from Liverpool) at All Saints, Hesketh with Becconsall. Thomas had some schooling, but Elizabeth had to leave her mark, the witnesses being Robert Wright (X), and James Johnson.
21 Jun 1835: RICHARD HALSALL was baptised at All Saints, Hesketh with Becconsall.

Richard was my great-great-grandfather. Does anyone in the area have anything further on this family? I’d love to hear from you. [ tallorder (at) ]

Phil Braithwaite, Auckland, New Zealand. 2nd May 2011

Records at St Mary's Tarleton


I have been working on my family tree for quite some time and have a great deal of interest in Tarleton and its church records, can anyone tell me why there are no Marriage records for the period 1753-1822 for St. Mary's, was there a fire or flood that makes these records non existent. Also i have noticed that there are no Burials after 1883 were they done at another church other that St. Mary's.
My reason for asking is I am stuck on the Bapt. record for my 5th gr. grandfather Hugh Leigh who died in 1784 and that makes it hard to follow the line with no Bapt. or Marr. records.

I thank you kindly for giving me the opportunity to ask.

Kindest Regards,
Mike Lee, Canada. 21st March 2011


Hello all,
My name is Michael Lee and Tarleton has a very special place for me for several reasons the first being that my family tree has been traced back to Thomas Leigh 1754 and there after its hard to find any more info due to the lack of available records, and the split between Leigh and one family member who left home at an early age and when the census was taken he spelled his name Lee, and secondly I have been honoured to have transcribed all the "available" records for St Mary's church, Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, I have done this transcribing through the Lancashire Online Parish Church (O.P.C.) site.

The reason for my query is to find out if there are any Leigh/Lee that are still in the Tarleton area that are looking to connect. I live in Canada and I am going to be visiting the area and the church yard to look for possible grave markers in the 2nd week of May.

So here's hoping I get a response (leefshngmgc (at)

Very good site very informative.

Mike Lee, Woodstock, Ontario, Canada. 6th March 2011


My name is Bill Taylor and I live in Ontario, Canada. My grandfather’s family came from the Tarleton-Hesketh area.

I would be very interested in touching base with family descendants in hopes of learning more about my roots.

Here are some of the names I have in my lineage. William Taylor (1857-1931) and his wife (Mariah Johnson (1857-1915). Henry Taylor (b.1834) and wife (1) Mary Iddon (1836-1861), wife (2) Margaret Dobson (b.1830). James Iddon (b.1811) and wife Mary Ashcroft (b.1813). William Taylor (b.1809) and wife Dorothy Duckworth (b.1811). Henry Duckworth (1772-1853) and wife Rebecca Duckworth (1785-1857). William Duckworth and wife Margaret Whittle (married 1772), and James Taylor and wife Betty (dates unknown). William Johnson (1820-1901) and his wife Alice Hornby (1826-1908). William Johnson (b.1841) and his wife Margaret Mayor (1790-1851). Edmund Hornby (1805-1880) and his wife Sarah Wignall (1804-1870). John Hornby (1761-1841) and his wife Alice Mayor (1765-1848).

Please email me at bungalow.bill (at)

Bill Taylor, 28th January 2011

Hesketh Bank Genealogy

Hi, I’m sure you don’t recall me emailing you around Christmas time, but thanks to an ad placed in the geneology section of your website, I have been trading information with someone who has the same family roots. I live in Canada and the other person lives in Denmark. Amazing.

Thank you.

Bill Taylor, 25th January 2011

Reverend William Tomlinson

Dear editor,

I have recently returned to southport, after retiring from work. During the 1980s I began a genealogical journey to find out about my forebears. I was stymied because the registers for "the old church" would not be released by the Lancashire record office. the helpful staff did do some investigation for me, but your website has been wonderful in this respect.

I believe the Reverend William Tomlinson was my 9 or 10 X great grandfather. I know he was baptized at St Laurence Chorley 29-9-1697 ordained deacon 1-7-1720 and priest 15-7-1722 at Chester by Francis Gastrell and was buried at St Johns Preston 13-7-1746.

He was curate at St Marys Tarleton from 1722 to 1744, although the bishops records have him as William and John, with John crossed out and William written above in some places. I should be grateful if you could give me any help you could with regard to this man. Was he married? did he have sons called William and Johnathan?

Any help you can give with regard to finding any information would be a great help. Please contact me via email at dpwareham (at) or telephone 01704 382906

Kind regards,
David Wareham. 7th September 2010

CARR Family History

Hi there,

I am just starting to research my family history, starting with my Dad’s family in Hesketh Bank.

My father is Roy Carr (born 1937), and his parents were William Carr and Dorothy (nee Taylor) who lived on Granville Avenue – where I spent many weekends and holidays.

My great-grandfather was David Carr (wife’s name not yet known) who had a farm and I believe 13 children. The names I know are: William (my grandfather) Leslie Fred 4th son (name not yet known) Vera Ruby Margaret (Peg) who married Bob Checkley and had a son Brian Other daughters?

I would love to hear from anyone who has any information relating to our family. Please email amanda.carr (at)

Best wishes,
Amanda Coleman (nee Carr) 2nd August 2010

Photograph of The Ancient Mariner

Dear Editor,

Your earlier posting of May Cropper's old photographs [see below] has produced another result. I have received an e-mail from Caroline Johnson, who though she now lives in France, where she is a professional artist, is the grand daughter of Elizabeth Johnson, born Tarleton 1889. Elizabeth Johnson's mother's brother was Matthew Sutton Iddon, who was a Mariner and Caroline has sent me an excellent old photograph of him which I attach.

Matthew Sutton JohnsonBecause of her experience as a portrait painter (and hence facial features) and familiarity with style of dress in the 1800s, she has been able to identify the man with the ship painting in May Cropper's photographs as Matthew Iddon's father Thomas Iddon (though it could possibly be Thomas' brother William). She believes she has also a photograph of Thomas' brother Hugh, who was also a Mariner. Since I am busy researching the maritime history of Tarleton and Hesketh Bank this is like the gentle lifting of Pandora's box lid - pictures and stories.

So I hope that this letter will prompt other readers to make contact either through yourself, or directly to me at david(at) (my name has been mis-spelled by Orange) with any information, photos or memorabilia to do with the villages' pre 1900 maritime past. Equally I may be able to give them some information.

There are lots of Iddons who were Mariners, from Bargemen on the canal to sea-going Captains. For those who are interested, the story of Matthew and his previous generations is briefly as follows.

Matthew Sutton Iddon was born in 1864, taking his middle name from his mother Margaret's maiden name. At the age of 17 he was Mate on the 'Twin Sisters'. He captained various vessels working out of Barrow and moved to Silloth. He died in 1936 when he drowned having slipped from the deck of a sailing vessel.

Matthew's father Thomas was born in 1841 on Carr Lane but lived his married life on Hesketh Lane. He worked as Mate on the ship his father captained, the 'Edwin & Emma', and later took over as Master himself. He was Master of the 'Forshaw' when aged 60 and lived into his 70s.

Thomas' father was William Iddon born probably in 1807 (he wasn't too good at giving his right age to officials) and sailed as Master not only with his son Thomas as Mate, but also with his other son Hugh on the 'Mary Alice'. He and his wife Sarah (nee Watkinson) lived on Carr Lane throughout their married life.

A three generation history of Tarleton Mariners from just one photograph. I'm sure their are many more out there to be pieced together, and some of your readers are the key to Pandy's box.

With grateful thanks,
Dave Edmondson, 30th March 2010


Dear Editor,

I was born in 1950 in Hesketh Bank and lived at 23 Moss Lane. Your website has prompted me into trying to find out more about my family history.

I seem to be in many of the photographs which appear on the site as do some of the other members of my family. My maiden name was Glynis Johnson and I am the daughter of Lily Cropper and Cyril Johnson.

I left Hesketh Bank when I was 11 and have no real contacts there now although I am sure there are family members still living in the area. My mother Lily was one of 3 illegitimate children born to Margaret Cropper of 25 Moss Lane.

When asking any questions as a child about my grandfather I was quickly silenced. Who he was I have no idea to this day. Was the father the same for all 3 children ....who knows???? It was never discussed.

I have traced through the 1911 census that my Nana (Margaret Cropper) was born to Richard and Martha Cropper who lived on Shore Side and had several children called John, Ellen, Richard, Alice Ann and James. Ellen was an Assistant Housekeeper (aged 20) and Margaret was a domestic servant (aged 15). Did they work at the same place and where could that have been in Hesketh Bank?

Going further back Richards father was John Cropper (born 1827) and was a Blacksmith living at Long Fold, Hesketh with Becconsall. His wife was Margaret and they had at least 3 children called Thomas, Richard and Hamlet.

I am writing to ask if you know of anyone who might still be able to remember and throw any light on to the above. I live in Derbyshire and could travel over to speak to anyone if necessary. I have many memories of happy times at Hesketh Lane Sunday School and would appreciate any help anyone could give to me.

With kind regards,
Glynis Smith (nee Johnson) 25th March 2010
dollybarn (at) ic24 (dot) net

Arthur Pickup

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am going through the effects of my late father and have found an early WWI postcard, addressed to an Arthur Pickup Esq who lived on (no number) Hesketh Lane, Tarleton. The card is clearly from a soldier, presumably a regular, or called-up reservist, who was undergoing training near Sevenoaks, Kent on 2nd December 1914. The soldier signs off as "T.K."

Is there a local historian in the village who might be able to help me with the context of this card? I can think of no link between my family, who came from Ireland/settled in Liverpool in the late 19th century, other than the remote possibility that the "K" is for Kehoe.

Who Mr Pickup was I have no idea, nor do I know why TK wrote (fairly informally) to him. Any help you provide will be much appreciated.

Kind regards,
Rory Kehoe, 10th March 2010
rorykehoe (at) hotmail (dot) com


Having read David Carr's letter about the Hind Family it brought a few memories to mind when he mentioned the tune 'Nola'. 
When I was a young girl I often went to the local Cinema in Tarleton and 'Nola' was played there just before the film started and also at the end of the film too. 
As Mr Carr cannot remember how this catchy tune went I have included a link for him to open so he can listen to 'Nola' again.

Richard Dowling Playing 'Nola'

Enjoy the music Mr Carr.

Susan Wilson (nee Hodson), 23rd February 2010



This may seem like an odd letter and it is, in a way. It has nothing to do with any relatives from Tarleton but a friend of my late brother Eric. I grew up in Southport and came to Canada with my late wife, Jean in 1952 age 24. I am now 82 and like many older people I think about happy times in my life. I suddenly started to hum "Doll Dance" and my present wife Ella and I did a little dance to it!

It reminded me of my late brother's friend Eric Hind who would come to our house and with the greatest of ease sit down at the piano and play for us. The above named was one of the tunes I remember him playing.I also remember "Nola" but can't bring the tune to mind. I know that some families in England stay in or near the lovely quiet little village where they grow up. So, I thought, if "big" Eric (to distingiish from my brother who was very short") had any descendants still living in the area I would like to tell them what a lovely man Eric was and what a great deal of pleasure he gave us when I was growing up.

So there it is memories of a great friend from Tarleton who came into our lives and whose memory still gives me great pleasure.

With best wishes,
David Carr, Burlington Ontario, Canada. 22nd February 2010

Banastre Family

Dear editor,
The genealogical events in our household over the past few days have been frantic and exciting. With the discovery of one Thomas Leadbetter, son of James Leadbetter and Ann (nee Lloyd) I managed to at last key into the expansive Leadbetter tree as published by Frank Leadbetter in 1992. With this came the knowledge that my 10th great grandmother was Margaret Banastre (born between 1587&1590) of Bank Hall, Bretherton. I would dearly like to know whether anyone has completed a comprehensive tree of the Banastre family as it promises a route to the Norman conquest, no less.

If anyone can help then they can e-mail me on todd215 (at) googlemail (dot) com

They can also contact me through the post at:
Mr S Todd, 215 Cemetery Road, Jump, Barnsley South Yorkshire S74 0JE

I look forward to a response.
Simon Todd, 10th January 2010


May Cropper was a resident of Hesketh Bank 1909 to 1982. Her nephew Tom Cropper has in his possession 140 photographs left by May and most of the people in them are identified. However some are not, and Tom and May's great nephew (and Godson) David Edmondson, neither of whom now live in the village, are trying to identify who the people in them are. Can you help?

May was fairly well known in the village being School Mistress at Banks school, County Councilor, England hockey player, and not one trying to go unnoticed. She had plenty of photographs around her house and always had a selection of family pictures on display. So it is likely that quite a few of the unidentified ones are her relatives/ancestors. They are likely to have been involved with the Methodist Chapel. May's parents were Thomas Cropper and Elizabeth Porter, so both Croppers and Porters are likely to figure. The older photographs will be beyond the memory of anyone alive now, but maybe you have seen similar old photographs. They are characterful snapshots of past Hesketh Bankers and too good to just throw away for lack of identification. Have a shot.

Hockey Player

1. May Cropper Hockey Player: We know who this is, it's May Cropper (1909-82), May played in the first Hockey League International played in this country when England beat Scotland 3-1. Mary Wignall fellow player in the Hesketh Bank team had also trialed for the England side. It has been said, rightly or wrongly, that the Hesketh Bank club played on the Sports Ground on Station Road where the tennis club was (and the second bowling green now is) but does anyone know anymore about the club and its players, and how seemingly uniquely this small village team managed to be 'punching above its weight' at hockey. Oh, and whose that peeping around the corner?

Sunday School Christmas Party

2. Christmas Party: Probably early 1950s, Tom Cropper and Ken Measham are at the back, but who are all the others?

Fancy Dress Parade

3. Fancy dress parade: Looks like Walking Day passing the end of Becconsall Lane, Oliver Hart bus in background, about 1937? Nobody identified.

Early 1900s Parade

4. Parade: Probably Hesketh Bank early 1900s. Any information please.


5. Two Sisters: But who are they?

Woman with scarf

6.Woman with Scarf: Who is she?

Man with painting of ship

7. Man with Ship Picture: Probably the Captain of the boat in the picture ( a two masted schooner, possibly built at Tarleton). Croppers and Porters were not known to be Mariners or Boatmen, though some Cooksons, Rimmers, and Johnsons were. Which old salt is this?

Man sat in chair

8. Bewhiskered Man in Chair: W Rimmer is written on the photogaph mount but he may be the photographer, so who's old whisker chops?

12th January 2010, Joy Higham added - Thomas Martin 1836-1908


9. Brickman: Is this someone at the brickworks, or is it a bricklayer (generations of Porters were bricklayers)?

Woman and daughter

10. Woman & Daughter: Nothing known.

Young couple

11. Young Couple: Nothing known


12. Couple: Nothing known.

Bad hair day

13. Curly Haired Woman: Latest fashion, or just a bad hair day? Who's the curly cutie?

Lady with large hat

14. Woman with Big Hat: Who is under the sombrero?

Chapel dignitaries

15. Chapel Dignitaries: The lady is Jane Cookson, nee Porter, 1881-1964 who was May Cropper's aunt and looked after the chapel buildings for many years. Cecil and Evelyn Cookson think the man in the hat is Bob Wright but can't be certain of the names of the two Ministers and the other gentleman. Someone out there must have confidence in their memory.

12th January 2010, Joy Higham added - Man with Glasses Robert Wright 1889-1964

David Edmondson, 21st December 2009
david (at) / 01254 826379


My name is Timothy Croft and my father- Herbert - was a country GP based at Lynton, Hesketh Lane Hesketh Bank from 1945 after he returned from Burma until 1955 when he died in Southport. His Father - Lawrence Croft - ran a GP practice from Lawn Bank, also in Hesketh Bank.

I would like to know Lawrence's, my grandfather, date of birth and place of birth or place of marriage. His wife was Elsie. My contact email address is croft.tim (at) if anyone can help.

Tim Croft, 31st August 2009

Seeking Margaret Coulton

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is a "long shot" but perhaps you might be of some assistance in tracing a Mrs Margaret Coulton - who in 1986 had an address at : 142, Station Road, Hesketh Bank, Preston, PR4 6SR. To the best of my knowledge - and personal memory - Mrs Coulton was related (a niece I think) to a Capt. Arthur Wignall who was killed in an air accident at Sligo Airport, Strandhill, Co. Sligo, Ireland on April 1st 1984. [MARGARET HAS NOW BEEN IN TOUCH WITH JOHN - EDITOR]

We, at Sligo Airport, are holding a commemoration ceremony (25th Anniversary) at Sligo Airport next Sat (Apr 25th) which will be attended by a large number of the aviation community in Ireland. Capt Wignall - born in Lancashire I believe - was a former RAF pilot, an Aer Lingus captain and a champion aerobatic pilot - regularly competing in the Ireland, the UK and Europe in the early 80's. Mrs Coulton attended his funeral in Dublin - he is interred at Sutton cemetery on the outskirts of Dublin - and she subsequently visited Sligo in 1986. I met her then and she wrote a thank you letter to me in July 1986 - which I have just found containing the above address. I have had no contact since.

We are preparing a DVD ( from old film & TV footage) and small booklet about the late Arthurs' "escapades" and would like to send a copy to Mrs Coulton. I, as Chairman of Sligo Aero Club, invited Arthur to Sligo that fateful weekend and I still have copies of all press reports etc and various other items related to the incident.

He was the recipient of an award the evening before his accident - which remains on display at Sligo Airport. I would be grateful if you can assist in any way.

Yours Sincerely,
John Curran. Chief Flying Instructor Sligo Aero Club. 20th April 2009


Dear Editor,
I am researching a line of my family called Miller. My 3rd Great Grandparents were Hugh Miller and Ann Thompson. They had 10 children that I have found-
Bella 1838-1838;
Robert 1839-1843;
Alice 1840-1841;
Richard 1842-1916 (my 2nd Great Grandfather);
Alice 1845-1916;
Robert 1847-1851;
Ellen c1850-?
Ann 1853-1856;
Mary-Anne 1856-?1904;
Ann(e) 1859-?

I would be grateful for any information relating to the Millers. They lived in and around Plox Brow and Village Lane and Coe Lane End. Hugh was an agricultural labourer. Richard moved to Eastham where he married Mary Ann Troughton.

Carolyn Gander, 20th April 2009
mollygael (at) aol (dot) com

Margaret Taylor born Tarleton 1856/7

My great grandmother was (according to census data) Margaret Taylor, born in Tarleton in about 1856/7. She married George Lloyd in 1877. I have been unable to find her baptism or any information on her parents. Can anyone help?

Derek Tabron. 26th January 2009
tabronderekt (at) talktalk (dot) net

Royal Artillary Officers

Dear Sir,
My great grand father Mr. Kala Khan and his two nephews Mr. Hadatulla Khan and Mr. khan Ali Khan did job in British Army. They were Tailor in British Army (Royal Artillery). Mr. Kala Khan (Tailor Master) did job in British Army for about 21 years. They performed his services in unit of 10 BATTERY R.A (1892 - 1898), 12 BATTERY R.F.A (1898 - 1902), 78 BATTERY R.F.A (1903 - 1913). His two nephews (Mr. Hadatulla Khan & Mr. Khan Ali Khanalso) performed his services.

Mr. Kala Khan passed away in January 1913 when he returned home from his unit 78 BATTERY R.F.A (77 campbellpur Attack). We have been living in this house since one century, this house is in same condition as Mr. Kala Khan built before. I want to search for

I have 17 Royal Artillery & Royal Field Artillery officer handwriting documents & some office picture. Some officer names.
1. Lt. Col. Charles Naesmyth Bruere Ballard
2. Lt. B A Butler
3. Capt AR Cook
4. Maj S W Graham

I want to search officer job record & the families of the officer who have signed these documents. I want to present these papers to them.

Rubnawaz Balouch, 28th August 2008
House No. 1962, Mohallah Gillania wala i/s haram gate, Multan, Pakistan
syed_ali_naqi (at) yahoo (dot) com

Fazackerley's & Jepson's

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am researching my family tree. My grandfather on my mum's side was Thomas Fazackerley who originally was born and lived down Blackgate Lane, Tarleton and who features in your Rector's Letters section from during the war years. He then married Betty Bond from Holmeswood and they then lived down Sugar Stubbs Lane at Banks and then eventually moved to Glebe Lane at Banks. Can anyone provide me with more infomation about my grandfather's family? I know his mother was Elizabeth Fazackerley.

On my dad's side I am researching the Jepson's mainly Harry & Sarah Jepson who lived in Carr Lane from approx 1917. They had a son Charles and a daughter, Florence and they were market gardeners by trade, I believe.

If anyone could contact me even with the smallest of information, I would be grateful.

Kind Regards,
Jennifer Pullin, 4th Febuary 2008
jenpullin (at) btinternet (dot) com

Richard Hesketh

Dear sir.
I am researching Richard Hesketh of Hesketh Bank born about 1821. His family were Roman Catholic. Does anyone know which Catholic church was the nearest to Hesketh Bank for a baptism in about 1821.

Thank you.
Barbara Whiteside, 28th December 2007
bjw1 (at) talktalk (dot) net


I am currently researching the stazicker family history. I have traced the family line back to Hugh stazicker (born 1791) who married an Anne (Banks?) born same year. Other members are:
Richard Stazicker - born 1826, married Ellen Dutton
Hugh stazicker - born 1864, married Sarah Gregson
John Stazicker - born 1901 married Martha Wignall

Areas covered seem to be Croston, Rufford and Lathom/Burscough for this line.

Would be interested in speaking with anyone who has a connection.

Anyone who wishes to contact me can do so through my e-mail account rob_medway (at)

Robert Medway, 25th November 2007


I see in my Hesketh Bank history booklet, that there was a headmaster at the school on Shore Rd. named Burrows. Does anyone know anything about him at all, would love to know as my single name was Burrows.

Please email mbbentley (at)

Mo Bentley, 9th November 2007


Dear Sir,
A long shot, I know, but does anyone out there have a photo of Thomas Melling of T. Melling & Sons, Corn Millers, of Hesketh Lane, Tarleton. The Thomas I am trying to get a photo of was born 1859 and died 1924. He was at the mill in Rufford before 1901 before the family went to Tarleton.

Lesley Melling, 9th October, 2007
member (at)


I am trying to piece together my husbands family tree, The surname that is in your area is STAZICKER from RUFFORD, I have a HUGH STAZICKER b 1821 RUFFORD he married a ALICE DANDY 23/12/1846.

Can any one help with HUGH as the 1841 census does not have him with family, and I live near London. Also I have discovered the BALDWIN family amongst the info.

Hope to hear soon,
Amanda Schofield, 27th September 2007
caschofield (at)


I have been researching my family’s history only to find a twist that leads me to ask for any assistance – Please.

My grandmother (Agnes Lilian Braithwaite, born in 1921) was sent from Brindle after the death of her mother to live and work in a shop in Tarleton. This was in the early 1930s. The shop, we think, was owned by a couple called Bell. I would like to know anything at all that might help me about the shop or the couple. Also was there a WW2 army training base at Tarleton? If so are there any more details?

We have limited knowledge and would love any help.

Rowena Swarbrick, 24th September 2007
gez.row (at)

Wallbank and Halsall
I am looking for descendants of Thomas and Elizabeth Wallbank and Henry and Susannah Halsall who all originated in Mere Brow / Holmes area from 1841 Census onwards. Wallbank families appear to have settled in Banks, Tarleton, Mere Brow ( Tabby Nook) and Rufford. Elizabeth was an Edmondson until marriage.

Halsall families appear to have settled in Burscough as well as the locations above. Henry & Susannah lived at Shotwood Hall and Susannah was a Caunce at time of marriage.

If you have one of the above surnames and are interested in checking if you connect please contact me.

Jean Griffiths, 4th September 2007
sandjgriffiths (at)

Wignall Family
I would like to hear from anyone with information/stories of the Wignall family from Tarleton.
In 1841 they lived at Blackgate Lane they are William and betty with children betty, jane, john,alice, william, henry.
I have some parish records from st michaels at Croston but the records are not completed I think there may be other children.
Are there any descendants still in tarleton? Some of the family went to preston st johns parish. I am related via william`s son james who moved to wigan. Any wignall photographs would be appreciated.
Keona Humphreys, 19th July 2007
humphreyshazel (at)

Dear Sir,
I am currently tracking some Sherbourne/Sherburn ancestors who lived almost exclusively in Eccleston and wondered if anyone had found any connection with the Sherbournes of Stonyhurst. Is anyone able to confirm a connection for me and clarify where that connection lies?
Many thanks,
Veronica Millington, 19th June 2007
vmillington (at)

Dear Editor
Whilst researching my past I came across the deaths in 1935 of two girls Frances Holcroft aged 19 and Margaret holcroft aged 20 from Tarleton, who died at the same time. Iam a holcroft and I feel I may be related somewhere along the line.
Yours faithfully,
Stan Holcroft - 19th June 2007
stanholcroft (at)

Turner Family Tree
I write in the hope that you or your readers may be of some assistance to me. I am trying to trace my Family Tree and have got back to 1807 When Thomas Turner was born. I know he lived and worked in the Lock Keepers Cottage on Hesketh Lane and was married to a lady by the name of Betty (Elizabeth) in 1831. They had a number of children by the names of Ann, Elizabeth, Richard, Thomas, William and John. I have been unable to trace any further back please could you be of any assistance in this?
Allan Miles-Turner 18th May 2002
allan_1983a (at)

I'm researching my FAIRCLOUGH Lancashire line. Along with the Standish and Banastre families (intermarried with Fairclough), and several others, they held a share in Shevington manor. The Faircloughs were the main residents there for some time, according to the British History online site, and they inherited their share in the estate from Margery Witte, wife of Robert Del Fairclough b 1300s.
I would be grateful for information on the following:
1. Shevington Manor - especially a photograph and map.
2. BANASTRE family, especially MARGARET BANASTRE, (siblings Hugh, Ralph, Geoffrey) who married SIR RALPH DE FAIRCLOUGH b. abt 1380.
3. Photo/map of Walton le Dale manor, home of Margaret Banastre
4. WYLOT DAGEL and family, (grandfather of Alice and Almarica. Latter married earliest Fairclough found to date: JOHN DEL FAIRCLOUGH,b mid 200s(?))
5. Platt's or Fairclough's house (Simonswood)- found one reference to it 1200s, but no further info
6. Fairclough's land (also one reference 1200s, no further info)

Will be happy to publiish research when complete. Also happy to share with other researchers now.
Shelly Haley 29th April 2007
email sjhaley (at)

Dear Editor,
I am trying to find details of the Hornby family from which I’m related. I have details of Hornby’s living in Hesketh Bank from 1841-1901, but not much more after that. Primarily I seeking details of anyone related to my line.

Grandfather: Edmund Hornby – born 1898 (Wife Ellen Woods) – Walmer Bridge
Great Grandfather: Edmund Hornby – born 1874 (Wife Ada Jane Winn) – Back Lane End
Great Great Grandfather: Thomas Hornby – born 1842 (Wife Mary Cookson) – Farmer Southport Rd Farm ?
Great Great Great Grandfather: Edmund Hornby – born 1805 (Wife Sarah Wignall) – Farmer on Shore Side

Hoping that some of your readers may be able to help.
Mark H. Wilkinson, (Haarlem, Netherlands), 22nd February 2007
Email: Mark.Wilkinson (at)

Dear Editor
I am trying to locate a farm where the Soodles lived back in the 1940's.
I feel that it was in the Tarleton area but it was not the farm that is identified on the current OS map as "Soodles Farm" The farm I remember was on a very narrow lake that ended at the farm gate. There was a very old Catholic church a very sort distance on the same lane and only a very short distance from the farm. The feeling that it was near Taleton is based only on the fact that my parents used to visit the Soodles when we were driving from Formby to either Preston or Blackpool. The farm was only a short detour off the main road but I can't retrace the trip on current maps because there have been a number of new highways built since I was there in the 40s & 50s
Can anyone help me in this project?
Thank You
Patrick Flanagan, (Canada), 14th February 2007
jpf1942 (at)

Dear Editor,
I am trying to find the parents of my x3 Great Grandmother, Elizabeth HESKETH, who married George CLITHEROE in Leyland in 1786, making her year of birth about 1766. If anyone can help, I would be most grateful.
Yours sincerely,
Sally Thomson (Codford, Wiltshire), 21st January 2007
homeclose (at)

Dear Editor,
I am researching my family tree and trying to find the location of my mother's place of birth in 1920.
Her birth certificate gives the address as 126 Chapel cottages, Tarleton.My research shows a Chapel road in Hesketh Bank.Could this be the location of chapel cottages ?
I would be most grateful if anyone with local knowledge could help me with this.
Mike Hopley, 9th January 2007
Email m.mthopley (at)

Cooksons of Tarleton
Dear Sir,
I am researching my family history. My maiden name is Cookson and I have traced my three times great grandfather James Cookson who was born in Tarleton in 1811. In the 1841 census he and his wife Mary and two children lived in Sollom (or Solom) Locks. I would be delighted if anyone out there has any information to add to my collection.
With thanks,
Lynda Clark (nee Cookson)
Email lynda.clark3 (at)

Iddon - Titmouse Brow, Hesketh Bank
I am researching the history of the 3 Titmouse Brow cottages on behalf of my mother Gwen Iddon (nee Stevens) who was brought up in the end cottage, now known as 4 The Brow. I have copies of the sale catalogue of 1915 when I believe my maternal grandfather Richard Iddon purchased the two cottages either end of the row. The one now known as 4 The Brow was occupied by my Grandmother Mrs Elsie Stevens (nee Iddon) until she passed away recently. I grew up understanding that the cottages were original built as a single dwelling inn and that there had been building on that site since at least the 1630s part of which may or may not be incorporated in the current building/s. The cellar and the well in the cellar are certainly consistent with this theory. The original inn would have preceded the Hesketh Arms by a couple of hundred years. We believe the inn was called the George & Dragon. If anyone has any further information we would be grateful.

I am also looking into the branch of Iddon's related on my maternal grandmothers side, information on this would be very welcome,
Paul Iddon (formerly Edmondson) 22nd June 2006
email psyquopath (at)

Boond, Bond and Becconsall
Dear Editor,
My home is in Mesa, Arizona USA where the temperature yesterday was a cool 112 f. But my family roots come from Tarleton, I am interested in learning more about the family and finding if any from the same family are still there.
According to our family pedigree chart, Nicholas Boond was born about 1699 "of Hesketh, Cum Becconsall, It is recorded that he died 21 May 1748 "of Holmeswood, Croston, Lancahsire. He married about 1724 to a woman named Elizabeth with no last name. They had children, one of whom was John Boond. That son, married Ellen Hough who was born in Croston 15 May 1760. One son, James Bond [here there is a change in spelling] married Elizabeth Becconsall. Elizabeths father was William Becconsall "of Homes, Tarleton, Lancashire and his father of the same location. Is there any individual there who may be a decendent of these individuals. I would like to correspond with them.

Kenneth J. Bond
email kbond4 (at)

Dear Editor,
Help! I am researching my Father's ancestors the "Cookson family ". In particular I am interested in any information on my Gt Gt Grandparents .... John Cookson born approx 1826 married to Elizabeth Margaret Ashcroft and living in Sollom. They, I am told, had ten children of which Thomas, my Gt Grandfather (born 1862) married Alice Caunce (born 1869) at Tarleton Holy Trinity in 1896 and lived also in Sollom. I would love to hear from any readers with a similar interest. Thanks.

Jeni Yates 23rd April 2006

email. Tizforme (at)

Dear Editor,
I came across your website via Google. I'm researching my family, and two of my great aunts married twins called George and Donald Bonney, in London. One of their sons was an film and TV actor called John Bonney. I'm having scant succes finding information, so in desperation I typed 'Bonney twins' into Google and it took me to your RECTOR'S WEEKLY NEWS August 26th 1942. It's a complete shot in the dark, but I wondered if my relatives rang any bells with any of your readers?
Leonie Williams, Llangollen, North Wales, 23rd March 2006
beadzbiz (at)

Dear Editor,
I was wondering if there is anyone in Hesketh Bank or the surrounding areas who is related to my Grandmother Louisa Dandy. My e-mail address is lizmccutcheon (at) if there is anyone with any information.
Kind Regards,
Liz McCutcheon, 25th November 2005

I am tracing my named family line RIMMER, Ihave traced them to MERE BROW from about 1742 onwards. My grandfather moved to BLACKBURN around about 1900 ,and my father moved to BLACKPOOL around 1940. I was wondering if anybody in MERE BROW with the the name RIMMER who is interested in the name RIMMER would care to give me a ring on 01253 792446 and have a chat, you never know, we might have something in common.
Dave Rimmer, 12th November 2005

Maghull to North Meols?
Is it possible for a couple living in Maghull to be married in North Meols? I have a tentative result from the Pallots register for Henry Meadows and Hannah Sutton who married in 1790, they were the parents of Mary Meadows baptised Maghull 1811.
I know I will have to search the Maghull registers but I'm trying for a shortcut first.
Thanks :-)
Joan White, 11th November 2005

James Wareing of Bank Hall
Dear Editor,
I have a request for information about a descendant of mine. James Wareing of Bank Hall. He would have lived in the estate as a servant during 1800 - 1850. The date is only suggested. William Henry Wareing (James fourth son) emigrated to Australia in about 1840. When William died in 1957, his obituary read that he was the fourth son of the late James Wareing of Bank Hall, Lancashire. Any assistance would be most appreciated.
Marc Bennier, 20th October 2005
marc.bennier (at)

Lillias Stephen
Information required on family of the following
Lillias Margaret Stephen who married Leonard Ball. Lillias was living in 1994 in Tarleton.
They had 2 children....Rhona & Keith who apparently had a horticultural business, growing tomatoes, I believe.
Any info welcome.
Alex Beattie, 11th October 2005
alex.beattie106 (at)

SOUTHWORTH - SUTTON 1832-1835 Tarleton births
Dear Editor,
Please post my inquiry for information on the parents of John Southworth and his wife Alice Sutton. John & Alice were both born in Tarleton, Lancashire, England in the early to mid 1830's according to census schedules of 1861, 1871 & 1881. They married 21 June 1857 St. John Parish, Lancashire Co. I will be happy to share information on this couple and their family. Thank you for your efforts!
Judith LuMaye, 10th October 2005.
juwilly (at)

Watkinsons of Tarleton
Dear Editor,
I am researching the Watkinson family, James Watkinson was baptized 15 May 1831 in the parish church of Tarleton, Holy Trinity, according to the microfilm I've read from Salt Lake City(Mormons). He was the son of Isabella Watkinson, spinister. I also found her baptism record there, 8 Jan 1809, daughter of Henry Watkinson, James married 20 Jan 1857 at Holy Trinity, to Alice Robinson. I've been told Hold Trinity that stands now wasn't built until 1881 or 1888. Was there an older Holy Trinity or could have another church had that same name? On the microfilm it plainly reads Holy Trinity Register, can anyone explain to me about this church. Any help will greatly be appreciated. I live in a small town of Billings in the state of Missouri in the US. Thanks for your time.
Helen Henson, 26th September 2005
hthenson (at)

Heskeths Of Lathom
I wonder if you may be able to help me?
My name is Peter Hesketh and I have been trying to trace my ancestors. I believe that my grandfather John Hesketh was born in Ormskirk sometime between July 1880 and July 1881.
It states on his marriage certificate that he was 22 when the marriage took place in July 1903 in Liverpool and his father is named as John on the certificate. This would mean that he was born between these dates July 1880 and July 1881
On research I could only find a John Henry Hesketh who was born in August 1880 in Lathom.I suppose that he could have dropped the Henry in later years.
I was in Ormskirk and Lathom last week but was unable to visit the registry office as they could not fit me in for an appointment.I also tried to visit the Church at Newburgh but this was locked up and the vicar was not available and the same thing at the Ormskirk parish church.
What I wanted to check out was to see if there was any other entries for a birth or christening of a John Hesketh in the Ormskirk district between July 1880 and July 1881as if there is not then I will have found the correct John Hesketh and I can the continue with my search. I would be most grateful for any help or assistance that you can give me.

Kind Regards,
Peter Hesketh, New Milton, Hampshire. 10th June 2005
peter.hesketh (at)

Wignall Ancestors
I am trying to find out more about my ancestors.
My great grandfather was Richard Whittle Wignall, he was born in Hesketh Bank in 1866. I have a lot of info about him from 1881 onwards but i would like to find out more about my ancestors earlier life and I would love to hear from any readers who may be able to help.
My great grandfathers parents were Robert Wignall born about 1834 in either Hesketh Bank or Hesketh cum Becconsall and i have recently found out that his wife was a Betty Sharples.
I do know that there were Wignalls in the area ( and maybe there still are ) so I would like to ask your readers if anyone recognizes any of my ancestors and perhaps i can then tie in my ancestors to the Wignalls from Hesketh Bank?
Susan Monkhouse, Pennsylvania, USA, 29th March 2005
britsuzy444 (at)

Taylor Family Tree
I have been doing the Taylor famliy tree as part of my partner side of the famliy.
My parter name is Gerald Travis, his grandmother was Sara Hilda Taylor born 1889 in lathom Lancashire, her father was James Taylor born 1851 in Hesketh Bank and her mother was Jane Rimmer born 1853 also from Hesketh Bank, James's father was James Taylor born 1821 and Jane Hull (was married before Hull was her madam name) broth born in Tarleton Lancashire, then the Taylor go back until 1700 in Tarleton. I hae been useing the Census from 1871 to 1901 for this family and have a copy, I would be intersed in anything you may have also. I do have the photo of the Taylor grave stone of James taylor born 1821, but only the one side, I was told it has other name on, I was wonding if any of his Children's name were on this stione or near, I know most moved to Lathom, that of the boy's, but may be the Girls stayed behind as in the 1871 census his mother Mary Robert's wife was still alive, if Robert and Mary are also barried in the same plaice, it would aslo be nice to know. I do have photo of this famliy James born 1851 Hesketh Bank if you would like them, to help with your History, or anything you may feel I could help With.
Pauline Chapman, 13th March 2005

To whom it may concern:
We believe that a branch of the Dandy family from the Lanreath Registries in Cornwall may have emigrated to Lancashire. Is there a Dandy family member who could contact us by e mail (amanda1 (at)
Thank you.
William Roger Dandy & Amanda Dandy, 7th March 2005

Dear Sir,
Re: Johnson Family in Tarleton and Hesketh Bank Areas
During my research into my family tree I have discovered that my 3rd great-grandfather was a William Johnson who was born in around 1820 (although this birth date is inconsistent according to various census information) in Tarleton.
William Johnson was certainly a busy man! I have, so far, found 12 children of his and his wife, Alice (born in Hesketh), and a further 56 grand-children. He was also a grocer and carrier, with a shop in Shore Side (now Shore Road) – I believe no.4. He ran this shop at least between 1861 and 1901. I have yet to find his year of death.

In the table below I have summarised some details of his children.

Child Name

Birth Year (*)


Occupation in 1901

Location in 1901




1.    ???? Moss

2.    William Iddon



At least 8 children



Ann E.

Colliery banksman.

610, St.Helen's Road (Johnson Row), Westhoughton, Lancashire .

At least 12 children



none found



died before 1871?




horse keeper for foundry.

12 Birley St , Blackburn .

Direct ancestor of undersigned.

At least 8 children





103, Liverpool Road , Irlam.

At least 9 children




not found

not found




William Taylor


77, Blackbank Street , Bolton

Only (!) 3 children found




Coachman - not domestic.

28, Wallace Street , Barrow-in-Furness .

At least 12 children




not found

not found

Died as a child?



not found

not found

not found




not found

not found

not found




not found

not found

not found


(*) – may not be exact due to inaccuracies in census data

There are still many gaps in my database and will be only too glad to hear from anybody who can contribute anything regarding the Johnsons of Tarleton and Hesketh. I am aware that there were many Johnson families in the area in the 19th century, but we cannot expect too easy a jig-saw puzzle!

Yours faithfully,
Ian S. McNulty, 2nd January 2005
Vedbendvej 29, DK-2900 Hellerup, Denmark
email: mcnulty (at)

Dear Editor,
I am trying to find out more about my wife's ancestors.
I can go back as far as a Thomas Forshaw, Mantle Manufacturer, of Manchester, born about 1855; married Mary Hyde in 1877. It seems that the Forshaws came from Crossens, but they all seem to be either Harry or Jane which is confusing! I have one note of a Forshaw who was a tailor in the middle of the century, but cannot put him in the picture yet. One ancestor is supposed to have been a miller, but I can find no reference to him.
Perhaps someone there may be able to help?
Yours sincerely,
Dr. E. Clark, 20th December 2004
Perth, W. Australia (email eldredc (at)

I am researching both sides of my family. The Edmondsons - my grandfather was John, his brothers Harry, William and Robert with sister Lizzie came from Tarleton and on the other side, my paternal grandfather Thomas Taylor (married Ann(e) Rigby was a railway guard. Son James was my father who moved to Leyland and Uncles George and John (Arden Lea Nurseries, Moss Lane) and Auntie Linda (married Jack Townsley, ex Bill Hull body builder). Cousins Duncan, Graham and Neil still reside in Hesketh Bank/Hunded End.
I would be grateful for any information especially where Grandfather Thomas Taylor originated from, possibly Southport. Any and all information please to alectaylor1936 (at)
James Alec Taylor, 8th December, 2004

Dear Editor,
My 9th great grandfather Peter Leadbetter was born 1583 at Ormskirk in 1608 he married Margaret Banister who was born about 1590 at Bank Hall, Bretherton. One of their sons, Henry Leadbetter (my 8th great grandfather) was born 1617 at Ormskirk, he married Mary Sutch in 1640 and built a farmhouse on Banister land at Tarleton. He put a datestone over the door which reads H 1640 L. This farmhouse later became The Rams Head Inn. I have been told that the datestone is still in situ. I have over 350 Leadbetters in my family tree all originating from Ormskirk, Croston, North Meols and surrounding areas before they moved to Fleetwood to help establish the fishing industry there.

I have gathered a lot of the above information from a book written by Frank Leadbetter called the Leadbetter Papers.

If any of your readers has any more information on the farmhouse I would be most interested.
Email carolshutt (at)

Best wishes,
Carol Shuttleworth
, 15th Jan 2003

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