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P.A.C.T. Lancashire Police and Communities Together - Tarleton and Hesketh Bank
PACT Lancashire Police and the villages of Tarleton & Hesketh Bank working together

Launched in 2004, PACT had become a valuable partnership between the local police service, Parish Councils and residents.  Despite recent resource cuts this service has been maintained, however the meetings are now every other month rather than monthly.

"The Lancashire Constabulary has developed a new way of engaging our communities. Following research in America the launch of a new initiative will take place later this year, however, once again Southern Division is one step ahead and is now leading the Force in this new venture called PACT - Police And Communities Together.

PACT will provide communities with clear information about how they can get in touch with their local CBM or PCSO and provide a way in which the CBM and PCSO can be tasked by the communities they serve. In the first week in every month the CBM will hold a public meeting or surgery in their area.

This will not prevent officers holding more meetings, it represents a ‘minimum standard’ and the knowledge that, during the first week of the month, all our CBM’s and PCSO’s will be available to their communities right across the Division. Following this meeting a closed PACT meeting will take place that will consist of a panel made up from selected members of the community including the Ward Councillor.

These panel members will use their experience of the community, and the information provided at the public meeting, to list up to four priorities for the CBM to concentrate on in that month. The CBM will report back to the next meeting on the progress made.Chief Inspector Ashley who will lead the project on Southern Division says “By allowing reasonable, responsible, public-spirited members of the community to define some local policing priorities, in partnership with the local Community Beat Manager, we can enhance the way we engage with communities.

The early signs in Skelmersdale and Burscough where the system has been trialled are really encouraging, people seem genuinely pleased to have a direct say in how ‘their’ police officer works.” The official launch will take place later in the year and PACT panels will be rolled out in all 47 CBM areas this year. There will be additional training for CBMs and specific guidance will be made available to all officers."

Chief Inspector Steve Ashley
Southern Vision Issue 2 Summer 2004

Hesketh Bank and Tarleton PACT
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