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5th May 2011

2011 Local Elections
BOTH candidates
for the West Lancashire Borough Council (Tarleton Ward) are invited to submit an
election statement for publication on this page

2nd May 2011

Dear Electors,

We approach the forthcoming West Lancashire Borough Council Elections with matters set Nationally and Locally.

On a national basis the coalition Government somehow has changed the responsibility for the Global Financial crisis from one of the Bankers making, i.e. they took our money, gambled with it, lost it and more besides and then have come back to us for a bail out - to one where its all the fault of the Public Sector, i.e Nurses, Police, Council Staff etc.

Locally the silence from our elected representatives on various matters, is deafening; where are the outraged voices of protest about Planning matters?

Plox Brow - where not even one of the Tories even bothered to turn up to the Planning Committee meeting, another seventy houses in Tarleton, that's a further 1,000 extra car journeys per day going up and down Plox Brow and through the village. To date, there is still no provision for proper pedestrian access down Plox Brow. Yet not a single Borough Council member thinks that this is important enough to even attend the Planning Meeting of their own Council in order to raise an objection!!!

The Rufford Tip Closure, where not a peep has been heard from the previousley very vocal Tories. How can it be right in a time where everyone is aware of the importance of recycling, somehow the Tories think that it is a good idea to make people in Tarleton travel a further 10 mile round trip, at their own expense, to take their recycling to Burscough (which has its own traffic issues already!)

They would have you believe that they are the paragon of financial rectitude and effeciency, both at National & Local level. Unfortunatley for all of us the Local Tory machine is as incompetent as the national one; The future of West Lancashire Dial-A-Ride is under threat after the Conservative-run County Council cut viatl funding. Could it be that the Tories are worried that they will lose your vote at the election they have now given Dial-A-Ride funding for 3 months only!! (to get them past the election?) What happens after the three months? What future can Dial-A-Ride expect after June?

Tories claim that we are all in it together.....yet in the budget pensioners will lose up to £100 this winter. This is typical of this Conservative led Government. They let the Bankers get away with it, with multi-million pound bonuses and instead attack pensioners. At a time when fuel prices are soaring and incomes are falling the Conservatives have reduced the winter fuel allowance this winter from last year for the over-80's by £100 and for over-60's by £50.

The Local Tories take your vote for granted.... they know they will get it so that is why they act in such a crass and arrogant manner. May 5th gives YOU the opportunity to send them a clear message - THAT THEY NEED TO DO MORE! A term in opposition will do wonders to their lofty attitude.

DON'T JUST VOTE THE NEXT ONE IN.....Thats how they get away with it time and again. Break the mould and Vote Labour on May 5th.

Thank you,
Roy Hiscock. The Labour Party Candidate