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5th May 2011

2011 Local Elections
ALL candidates
for Tarleton Parish Council are invited to submit an
election statement for publication on this page

5th May 2011

Dear Elector,

You may have seen, or will shortly, that I am standing for election to Tarleton Parish Council. Although my wife and I only moved into Tarleton six months ago, I feel that I should put my experience forward for the benefit of the residents of the Parish.

We lived in Ballam, near Wrea Green for 27 years, and for 15 of these I served on the local Parish Council (Westby with Plumptons). During this time I was appointed Chairman three times and Vice Chairman four times. I was also appointed the representative on the Fylde Area Committee and am currently Vice Chairman.

I am also one of the three representatives on the Lancashire Association of Local  Councils,  (which covers  Merseyside  and Manchester ). Tarleton chose to withdraw from this after the last election.

Until my retirement, I was Assistant Director of Social Services, Lancashire County Council, and was the Chairman of the inter Agency Group coordinating responses to the Hillsborough Disaster from Social Services Depts of  Liverpool, Sefton, Knowsley, St Helens, Lancashire, Cheshire, Nottingham, Merseyside Police  and NHS.

I am standing as an independent member, indeed I do not believe that Party Politics should be an integral part of Parish Council activity. I am not a member of any political party. I believe that the first priority for a Parish Council is to concern itself with those issues that affect its residents. This may mean disagreeing with the District Council, or the County Council from time to time. I believe residents should be able to see what Planning Applications have been submitted in the Parish BEFORE the Parish Council comments on them. These should be displayed on the notice boards and that the Council Agenda should contain information to allow residents to know what is going on.

I will be pressing for a far more open Parish Council  so that residents can see that their interests are being properly reflected in its deliberations.

Wilf Twist

5th May 2011

Dear Electors

My name is Liz Savage and I'm standing in the Parish Council Elections in Tarleton as I believe in being an active member of the community and working to achieve the best outcome for all local residents.

I am a mother to two children, one who attends Holy Trinity School and the other Tarleton High. I am also a teacher who does supply work in the local area.

If elected, I pledge to listen to what the community want for Tarleton in a non-partisan fashion.

4th May 2011

Dear Residents of Tarleton,

When people stand for election it is very easy to promise much via glossy leaflets and then go on not to deliver any or few of them. This certainly has been the case on Tarleton Parish Council. Back in 2000 the then Parish Council of which I was part of, were engaged in many innovative ideas and projects. One of them was the setting up of the very first purpose built website for any Parish Council in Lancashire. Indeed, we had our website up & running before the District Council did! One of the vocal critics towards this groundbreaking measure ( see the archives on this website! ) was full of great promises as to what he was going to do if elected to the Council. I would contrast what he did once elected with the solid achievements of the previous Council.

So, when making your decision on who to vote for, I would suggest that you look towards the actions of individuals as against the words of glossy leaflets or someone genuinely interested in the community.

Thank you,
Roy Hiscock

2nd May 2011

As Tarleton is where I was born and grew up and where my own children were raised and educated, my family have benefited from village life.

I think it is important to preserve a sense of community which village life brings If I am voted onto the Parish Council I will work hard for the future of Tarleton and carry out all the activities which come with the role of Parish Councillor to the best of my ability and look forward to working with like minded people, as part of a team.

Thank you,
Val Hiscock

1st Mayl 2011

Dear Residents,

My name is Carol Gadd and I have put my name forward to stand and serve on our local parish council.

When the idea was first suggested to me the thought of working with other individuals towards the common good of the whole community was one which appealed to me. I am a very ordinary person with all the usual concerns that we all share at one time or another.

One thing I can offer to the people of this parish is a determination to help make a difference and to listen to and represent the views of residents from all sections of the community

Please vote on May 5th ! you can make a difference:

Val Hiscock
Gail Hodson
Lucy Hodson
Liz Savage
Wilf Twist
Carol Gadd

With Thanks,
Carol Gadd

28th April 2011

Dear Constituents,

I am 20 years old and have lived in Tarleton for all of my life, I feel that I would be an ideal candidate to stand for the central ward, along with other candidates Carol Gadd, Val Hiscock, Gail Hodson, Liz Savage and Wilf Twist.

I am pround to share a sense of community and passion for my local area along with the other like-minded candidates standing for this ward.

I believe that the interests of a parish council should be its constituents and in investment in the local community, a concept which I feel has diminished in recent years. Tarleton has the potential for a great community spirit, and I feel that local events and gatherings help to bind a community rather than divide it along party political lines.

I feel that I can bring energy and a fresh approach to the Parish Council which does need a representative for the young people.

As such, I can work as part of a team to bring forward projects to improve our village life.

Thank you,
Lucy Hodson

18th April 2011

Dear elector,

I am standing for election on Tarleton Parish Council and I ask Tarleton residents in the Central ward to please give me their vote on May 5th.

I previously served on the council for 8 years and during that time I was proud to work along with other like minded non party political councillors to achieve great events and facilities for the village.

The Sports Pavilion facility is a monument to the hard work and dedication of those said councillors along with many volunteers who put in many many hours of their free time to achieve this. But in the last 4 years the parish council has changed and has been run as a party political platform for Malcolm Baron and his Conservative councillors who have badly let the community down:

  • Volunteers have been 'locked out' of facilities
  • Projects are left unfinished
  • The PC newsletter has disappeared
  • The PC website has virtually become defunct
  • Sub committees month after month have 'nothing to report' and had not even met
  • No youth club that Malcolm Barron personally pledged to set up and engage vollunteers to run
  • No voice was put forward, no consultation was carried out when the Rufford tip closure was announced despite pledges to do so.

It seems that all local Conservative councillors conserve is Conservative councillors.

Party politics has no place at parish level as a parish councillors' duty is to serve ALL of the community.

I would urge electors to vote for:

Central Ward:
Carol Gadd X
Val Hiscock X
Gail Hodson X
Lucy Hodson X
Liz Savage X
Wilf Twist X

Hesketh Lane Ward:
Roy Hiscock X
John Hodson X
Gavin Simpson X
Glenys Simpson X

We are all like minded people who have differing view points when it comes to party politics but we realise that the community should be served first by a non-party parish council. I pledge to do so if (when) elected.

Many thanks
Gail Hodson

7th April 2011

Dear Residents,

The ten candidates standing in the forthcoming Parish Council elections to be held on the 5th May 2011 in two wards:
Central Ward: (6 seats) Carol Gadd, Val Hiscock, Gail Hodson, Lucy Hodson, Liz Savage, Wilf Twist
Hesketh Lane Ward: (4 seats) Roy Hiscock, John Hodson, Gavin Simpson & Glenys Simpson
are standing as individuals who represent the Community of Tarleton. You will note that all other candidates are marked as Conservative Party Political Candidates.

What does this mean? It means that those candidates, should they be elected, would operate under the Party Political control of others higher up the chain, often making decisions which are prioritised at the level of Borough Council, County Council or even MP level.

Can this be right for Tarleton? When elected for a Parish Council you are being asked to consider what is best for your community, at the very grass roots of democracy, where issues which are debated within the context of District, County or even National basis are not a priority.

What about other Parish Council's? To put this in context, there are some 215 Parish & Town Councils in the County of Lancashire of which 187 of them are members of The Lancashire Association of Local Councils (LALC). As a process of being in membership of LALC, a member Council is automatically a member of the wider National Association of Local Councils (NALC) which has some 10,000 member Councils throughout the Country.

Each County elects one representative to be a member on the National Council which in the case of Lancashire is myself.

This is a non Political post. The vast majority of these 10,000 Parish & Town Councils ARE NON PARTY POLITICAL ! I strongly believe that this should remain the case as since the inception of Parish Councils in 1894 this has been the tradition and working practise.

So therefore the candidates who are not declared to be 'Conservative Party' are not automatically members of the Labour Party or Liberal Party or Conservative Party, they just simply do not stand as Political appointees.

The questions residents should be asking are -

Why are the Conservatives wanting to change the political independence of the Parish Council? - something that flys in the face of tradition?

What benefit to the wider community is party politics at the Parish level? The recent fiasco surrounding the Rufford Tip Closure is a clear example of how Party Politics at Borough and County level have ridden roughshod over the interests of our village by rendering our elected Conservative Councillors at County, Borough and yes, even Parish levels completely impotent to prevent it.

It was in their gift to prevent it closing yet it still closed, why? - because the wider political wishes of the Conservative Party in Lancashire imposed its will over and above that of the residents at local level.

This is what you will increasingly get if you elect a Party Political Parish Council.

So come May 5th, for a Community based Parish Council vote for the above named candidates in your respective wards to keep your Council Local.

Yours sincerely
Cllr. J.E.Hodson