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Tarleton Parish Council Elections 2007
Central Ward

A message from IRENE BAYBUTT

I have lived in Tarleton for 33 years raising 3 children and take an interest in the community. I am a member of the Parochial Church Council and the Mothers Union. I have served on Tarleton Parish Council for the last 16 years always raising the concerns of the residents. The Parish Council’s budget for the coming year was something I felt I could not support and therefore voted against it. I opposed the Parish Council meetings being held on a Tuesday as this prevented some Councillors from attending due to commitments at the District Council.

What are my aims?

  • Stop wasteful expenditure
  • Work with not against the District & County Councils
  • Improve the appearance of the village centre (with flower tubs & hanging baskets)
  • Ensure equal distribution of revenue throughout the village
  • Continue the expansion of CCTV to Tarleton with the help of WLDC and LCC
  • Listen to residents and provide a positive response not false hopes as has happened in the past
  • To return Parish Council meetings to Monday’s enable District Councillors to attend

Do you realise that under the present control the Parish Council have:-

  • Increased the parish precept this year by approximately 27%. The District & County Councils are capped at 5% and indeed West Lancs. District Council increase was 3.5%.
  • Under this precept off street parking has increased from £500 to £10,000 and yet it appears there is no increase in parking spaces.
  • The present controlling group spent thousands on a village plan 4 years ago. No aspects of this have been introduced around the village.
  • This group also spent several thousands of pounds on a detailed traffic survey. Also no action.
  • The “Village View” cost £2120 per year. Four editions were sent out with a consultation slip on them. The results have never been published.
  • The Parish Council’s own website is now costing you more with less content. At the time of writing the latest update is January and there have been two further meetings since then.
  • The present vice chair of Tarleton Parish Council is trying to get himself elected to Banks Parish Council. If elected, to both where will his priorities lie?

Vote for a change of control on Tarleton Parish Council on May 3rd

Irene Baybutt