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Tarleton Parish Council Elections 2007
Hesketh Lane Ward

A message from GAVIN SIMPSON

Dear Elector,

I have lived in Tarleton for all but the first few months of my life, and am now bringing up my family here too. I have two little girls, one in her first year at Tarleton Community Primary and the younger in her first year at Hesketh Lane Pre-School at the Methodist Church. Many of you may have seen me doing the morning walk to school down Hesketh Lane and, if so, I look forward to more of you stopping me for a chat.

I joined the Parish Council four years ago because I felt let-down by the inertia of previous parish councils who had done little for the village - other than permit apparently uncontrolled residential development. I decided to stand so that I could actively do something to improve our village, rather than just attending meetings, committees and other talking shops! I wanted to DO something, rather than just TALK about it!

During my time on the council, I'm proud to have been given my time to:

  • develop our fantastic new Pavillion at Carr Lane
  • obtain funding for, and designed and implemented the Green Gym
  • provide a free-of-charge Parish website at no cost to the Council
  • design of CCTV at Carr Lane (to be fitted by me in the coming months)
  • liaise with the Police to persuade growers to advise foreign delivery drivers to avoid the village in peak times (a small but practical solution)
  • assist local schools with implementation of their travel plans, using the Traffic Survey Report commissioned by the Parish Council.
  • prepare our own Village View newsletter (and delivery by myself and the more active councillors to save the Council distribution costs).

These successes may appear quite small, and hardly worth mentioning. But I believe adding them all together amounts to more progess than proposing grandiose development schemes which remain forever just a pipe-dream.

GAVIN SIMPSON - here to DO something, not just TALK about it.

Now I'd like to ask you for the opportunity to continue on the Parish Council, and I hope you will re-elect me on 3rd May. If I am successful I intend to build on these achievements and concentrate on the following:

  • TRAFFIC - traffic through the village is a major concern to all, but to those of us in Hesketh Lane Ward we have particular problems with Hesketh Lane and Carr Lane. I live on Hesketh Lane myself and know the amount of traffic which passes my door and at what speeds. I will continue to place these concerns before the County Council officials who currently are considering solutions to the road flooding near the old water tower. I will also work with the other Parish Councillors to investigate options for traffic calming measures on Carr Lane which can be put to the residents for their views. Additionally I will seek Parish Council support for the measures proposed by the schools - and personally support the Walking Bus about to start at TCP.
  • CAR PARKING in Church Road - unfortunately the Parish Council car park requires resurfacing. This job has been delayed for several years but now that it can be put off no longer I will take the opportunity to make sure that dedicated spaces are included for disabled parking. I will also ensure that the layout is improved so that the number of spaces can be maximised.
  • CAR PARKING in Carr Lane - your current Parish Council has made plans and budgeted the funds to increase the number of car parking spaces at the sports field. I will continue to work with all the sports clubs (including the private Rugby Club) to persuade them to provide more off-road parking and to reduce the impact they have on local residents.
  • EXTERNAL FUNDING - continue to use our Village Plan and the Traffic Survey Report to obtain more outside grants for the benefit of the village.

Vote for an ACTIVE councillor for an ACTIVE council


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