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Tarleton Parish Council Elections 2007
Central Ward

A message from DAVE RYDINGS

I have delivered an election leaflet to every single household in the Tarleton Central Ward with the sole intention of letting people know who I am and what concerns me.

  • I have written many letters to this website so it goes without saying that I strongly oppose the ruling group on the Parish Council - Messrs. Hodson, Hiscock, Abram, Simpson, Miss Ashcroft and Mrs Hodson. They call themselves Independent yet their policies of raising the Parish Precept (Tax) to spend more of your money is a typical Labour Party policy. They state that Party Politics should not come into local issues but apply typical Labour ones.
  • I have never made a secret of my affiliation with the Conservative Party and I would apply Conservative principles should I be elected to the Parish Council. Those principles involve more than anything, of keeping expenditure within inflation.
  • I was appalled when I found out that they wanted to spend £10,000 on the Over 60's Car Park. Why?
  • I was appalled when I found out that they have budgeted to spend £500 on the Parish Council's own website. The clerk for Hesketh Bank Parish Council does it for nothing. Hosting fees are usually around £60pa so where is the other £440 going?
  • Tarleton's Clerk will have received a 16% pay rise in 2 years. When was the last time you got a 16% pay rise?
  • What has happened to the Village Plan? 23 action points were made in that document which included commissioning a very expensive traffic plan for the village. Those action points came from your requests but do you know of just one that has been actioned?
  • Do you consider the "Village View" worth spending £2120 of your money on each year?
  • Do you consider that the intended police resource centre on the Over 60's car park was handled correctly? We were told that it had to be there as no other sites were acceptable to the police. That was simply not true.

I refuse to make wild promises to you the elector but I will make three achievable ones - I will listen to you; I will tell you the truth - (I don't believe in spin); and I will act on your behalf to make this village a nice place to live in.

If you wish to contact me you can do so on daverydings (at)

Thank you,
Dave Rydings - prospective parish councillor for Tarleton Central Ward