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Tarleton Parish Council Election
Thursday 3rd March 2005
A message from JAMES J KAY

Jim Kay - Candidate for Tarleton Parish Council
Jim Kay - Candidate for Tarleton Parish Council

Dear Residents,

Let me first introduce myself to you voters of Tarleton.

  • I am a retired police officer and have lived in the village for the past 22 years.
  • I am married with two grown up children and four grandchildren.
  • During my working life with the police I have been in and around the Tarleton area since the early 60’s.

I never thought I would be standing for election at this time but due to the untimely death of Robert Hodge I now put my name forward. I do this not as a replacement for a truly great politician, whom I feel is irreplaceable, but as someone who has a wish to carry on the good work that Robert was doing at the time of his death.

I have seen numerous changes that have taken place since the early 60’s. Tarleton has changed from a country village to almost a small town. This has brought with it problems of traffic, crime and vandalism.

If you elect me I will work toward bringing about a quick solution to these problems. I would use the experience gained as a police officer to put forward schemes to combat these concerns. This would hopefully improve the quality of life for all residents of the village. For instance, I see no reason why CCTV could not be introduced and bring in speed control measures on the numerous roads within the village. Introducing these two arrangements alone would reduce the effects of vandalism, crime and danger to all residents.

I have since the last Parish elections been waiting for some action to be taken as outlined in the Village Plan. Traffic surveys were commissioned some two to three years ago at considerable expense to you. I have yet to see something happen. I am left with a feeling that some members of the Parish Council feel that if they have a plan or conduct a survey then the problem will go away. I consider that you, the resident, don’t want anymore plans you want action. I would hope to be able to work toward making this village a safer and friendlier place to live in as soon as possible not to have to wait until the end of the next decade.

Tarleton Parish Council MUST work with, not against, the District Council to get the maximum benefits for all village residents.
With a view to this end I have also put myself forward as a candidate for the West Lancs. District Council in order to provide a further link between the two Councils.

Jim Kay.

Jim is also standing in the West Lancashire District Council Election

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