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Hesketh Lane Methodist Chapel
Sunday School

Sunday School Queens

1953-1954 Eileen Baker
1st Hesketh Lane Sunday School Queen

Eileen Johnson, Eileen Baker (Queen), Tom Taylor, Marjorie Bamford. Crowned by Jean Taylor.

Eileen Baker, 1st Hesketh Lane Sunday School Queen

1954-1955 Thelma Coulton

Marjorie Bamford, Tom Taylor, Marion Sanderson, Thelma Coulton (Queen), Sheila Molyneux, Sylvia Coulton. Crowned by Mrs Edith Mortimer.

1955-1956 Barbara Coulton

Marjorie Bamford, Keith Sutton, Lyn Miller, Barbara Coulton (Queen), Margaret Coulton, Eileen Baker. Crowned by Mrs Bannister.

1956-1957 Dorothy Foster

Glynis Johnson, Margaret Jackson, Dorothy Foster (Queen), Brenda Dickinson, Heather Rimmer, David Townsley. Crowned by Mrs Worral.

1957-1958 Marjorie Bamford

Barbara Iddon, Lyn Miller, Marjorie Bamford (Queen), ???, June Sutton, Dorothy Foster. Crowned by Mrs A Smith

1958-1959 Barbara Iddon

Susan Trippier, Mary Baxter, Barbara Iddon (Queen), Norman Cropper, Jenny Baxter, Murial Becconsall. Crowned by Mrs Jean Dunn.

1959-1960 Christina Waddington

No Photo

1960-1961 Ruth Iddon

Irene Baxter, Pamela Cropper, Ruth Iddon (Queen), Carol Cropper. Crowned by ???

1961-1962 Margaret Jackson


???, John Baxter, Valerie Becconsall, Margaret Jackson (Queen), ???, Elaine Sutton. Crowned by Mrs J Grayson.

1962-1963 Brenda Dickinson

Margeret Cropper, John Baxter, Mary Baxter, Brenda Dickinson (Queen), Pamela Dickinson, Irene Baxter. Crowned by Mrs Mavis Barnish.

1963-1964 Margaret Coulton

Kathlene Taylor?, Pamela Cropper, Margaret Coulton (Queen), Peter Dickinson, Barbara Iddon, Marion Taylor?. Crowned by Mrs Lane.

1964-1965 Murial Becconsall

Judith Coulton, Carol Wright, Murial Becconsall (Queen), Annette Cupit, Leslie Johnson, Barbara Baxter. Crowned by Janie Hague.

1965-1966 Shiela Leigh

Tommy Twist, Sheila Leigh (Queen), Vivian Cupit, Shirley Cropper, Susan Ashcroft, Susan Cookson. Crowned by Mrs Margaret Swartzman.

1966-1967 Linda Iddon


Susan Cookson, Shirley Cropper, Susan Ashcroft, ???, Sheila Leigh (Retiring Queen), Linda Iddon (Queen), Tommy Twist, Gillian Taylor, Nadine Culshaw, Hillary Grice. Crowned by Mrs Ann Merrils.

1967-1968 Barbara Baxter

Andrew Forshaw, Barbara Baxter (Queen), Pamela Dickinson, Carol Townsley, Gillian Taylor, Jean Sutton. Crowned by Gladys Rimmer.

1968-1969 Judith Coulton


Vivian Cupit, Susan Cookson, John Johnson, Judith Coulton (Queen), Nadine Culshaw, Hillary Grice. Crowned by Mrs Marjorie Jackson.

1969-1970 Annette Cupit

Denise Ormerod, Janet Sutton, Gail Jackson, Annete Cupit (Queen), Lynn Howarth, Andrew Cupit. Crowned by ???.

1970-1971 Vivian Cupit


Karen Sutton, Jean Sutton, Vivian Cupit (Queen), Anne Brooks, Paul Johnson, Carol Townsley. Crowned by Mrs A. Wright.

1971-1972 Shirley Johnson

Shirley Johnson (Queen), Barry Sutton?

???, Yvonne Birch, Karen Sutton, Janet Sutton, Shirley Johnson (Queen), Crowned by ???.

1972-1973 Nadine Culshaw

Anne Wilson, Joy Dickinson, Nadine Culshaw (Queen), Gordon Birch, Pauline Dawson, Lyn Taylor. Crowned by Mrs Doreen Townsley

1973-1974 Pamela Dickinson

Pamela Dickinson (Queen), Lorraine Johnson, Wendy Dagnall, Nigel Johnson, Dawn Hayes, Kathryn Roper. Crowned by Mrs H. Lister

1974-1975 Carole Townsley

???, Mandy Cropper, Barry Sutton, Carole Townsley (Queen), Alison Roper, Diane Cupit. Crowned by Mollie Cookson.

1975-1976 Janet Sutton

Katherine Roper, Lorraine Johnson, Dawn Heyes, Janet Sutton (Queen), Ann Wilson, Paul Eatough. Crowned by Mrs Alice Iddon.

1976-1977 Karen Sutton

Darren Cook, Mandy Cropper, Karen Sutton (Queen), Diane Cupit, Paul Eatough, Sean Ingram. Crowned by Mrs Joyce Wignall.

1977-1978 Elaine Butterworth

Rachel Hill, Alison Roper, Elaine Butterworth (Queen), Hazel Starr, Alison Mason, David Eatough. Crowned by Ruth Iddon.

1978-1979 Pauline Dawson

Mandy Cropper, Helen Mason, Pauline Dawson (Queen), Jillian Barton, Gareth Simpson. Crowned by Mrs Jenny Sutton

1979-1980 Joy Dickinson

Mandy Cropper, Helen Mason, Pauline Dawson (Retiring Queen), Jillian Barton, Andrea Lathom, Gareth Simpson, Kathryn Eatough, Joy Dickinson (Queen), Sharon Abram, Gavin Simpson, Stephen Roper. Crowned by Mrs Ella Sutton.

1980- 1981 Rachel Hill

Lorraine Cookson, Jillian Barton, Rachel Hill (Queen), Phillip Cookson, Caren Cookson, Annabell Norris. Crowned by Mrs Anne Sutton.

1981-1982 Alison Roper

Jillian Barton, Lorraine Cookson, Phillip Cookson, Caren Cookson, Annabell Norris, Rachel Hill, Alison Roper (Queen), Hazel Starr, Lesley Ralph, Jennifer McNearny, Jean Starr, Paul Barton. Crowned by Mrs Hill..


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