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The Rector's Weekly Newsletters 1940 - 1946
The Reverend L. N. Forse sent out weekly newsletters to all serving men and women from Tarleton Parish during the period May 1940 until August 1946. These interesting and important historical documents contain many village 'names' and succinctly capture and convey the mood and thoughts of the Tarleton villagers together with those of the surrounding parishes as the war unfolded. Recognition of the Newsletter was widespread and even received acknowledgement from the Queen (See Issue 258).

Tarleton Rectory
Tarleton Rectory


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The verses below were written by Mrs. Harry Sutton, Church Road, and recited by her at the Concert held in the Methodist Schoolroom in aid of the Newsletter Fund in March 1943.

The Newsletter

From our village of Tarleton and just round about,
Many lads have joined up, of that there's no doubt,
There's more than two hundred or so I'm told,
Who hev hed to join th' forces and so leave our fold.

Well every week whether he's busy or not,
Our rector sends a grand letter to th' lot,
Not one is missed out, they're o treated the same,
Whoever they are and whatever their name.

He begins his letter wi a few words of advice,
An often a prayer, for thats varra nice,
Then he tells um o't news, of what's happened in't week,
O't weddings, an funerals an births, and whose sick.

There's nothing missed out, he mon get around,
He seems to know everything for that I'll be bound,
He visits the toll-bar, and asks o th' Home Guard,
Ev they know any news, and he gets it bi t' yard.

Yo con just imagine how it pleases each lad,
How it causes a smile and makes his heart glad,
To read news o Tarleton and what's happening here,
While he's far away, it makes things seem clear.

An lots of our lads write back in reply,
And send thanks to t' Rector an ask him to try
To send greetings to pals that they used to know
Before they went out to drive back the foe.

And whether the lad is on th' land or on th' sea,
Or if he's in th' Air Force wherere he may be,
These letters go out and bring him good cheer
An draw them together from far and from near.

So we'll just do our best, and help o we con,
To speed the good work until the war's won,
We'll just help the rector to stick to his task
And thats reason to-neet why your help we would ask.


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Cenotaph, Holy Trinity Church, Church Road, Tarleton
A big THANKYOU to those who have helped transcribe the Newsletters:
Joan Holcroft (Mere Brow)
Wilf Taylor (Mere Brow)
Elsie Vernon (Mere Brow)
Lesley Marriot (Via email)
Margaret O'Hanlon (Hesketh Bank)
Janet Delahunty (Thatcham, Berkshire)
The paper copies of the newsletters were provided by the Mere Brow Local History Society. Where there are gaps highlighted in the index it is believed that these issues are missing rather than not published. If you can provide any of the missing documents please get in touch.

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