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No: 304
April 4th 1946

My dear Boys and Girls,
Just a few words first about our testimonial to Miss Evelyn Webster, to show our appreciation of her laborious work in addressing, stamping and sending over 100,000 NLs during the war. Subscriptions from those in the Forces will be limited to 5/- each, you cannot give more, but you may give less. Friends outside the Forces may give as much as they like. A list of the names of subscribers will be given in each issue of the NL until the Fund closes, but no amounts will be given. No one will know whether you have given a shilling or a pound. All subscriptions must be sent to Miss Kathleen Topping, Ferndale, Church Road, Tarleton. You can send the money direct to her, or you can ask your people at home to give it to her on your behalf. No money must be sent to the Rector, or given to him for this Fund. The rector has received very few letters indeed from the lads still in the Forces during the past few weeks. Remember that without your letters he cannot make up the NL - others like to know where you are and what you are doing, just as you like to know the same about your friend; so make a point of writing to the rector once a week or once a fortnight. With all my love, with my Blessing, and with every wish that you may all be home for good very soon, ever your affectionate friend,

The engagement is announced of William Lowe, Green Lane Farm, Sollom (now just demobbed under Class B, from Indian Command) and Helen Moss, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Moss, Kearsley Avenue. The Staff of Messrs. J. and N. Sergeant, the Café, Tarleton, made up a basket of fruit of different kinds and raffled it on behalf of the NL Fund. It made £6, and Mr. Sergeant then doubled this amount making £12 for the NL Fund. We can assure Mr. and Mrs. Sergeant and all their Staff that our readers appreciate their generosity. Mrs. Mary Rowland, Carr Lane, won the basket of fruit. Mr. Harry Jackson has retired from the position of Superintendent of the Hesketh Lane Chapel Sunday School after seventeen years service, and has been presented with books by late and present scholars. Roger Spencer, who has now removed to the house he has bought at Holmes, is selling his farm stock and implements at Sollom by auction on March 29th. Mr. Robert Jackson who lived in one of Mr. James Spencer's houses at Windgate, was found dead in bed one morning last week. He was buried at Halsall.
Mrs. Prescott, of the new Council Houses in Kearsley Ave., to which the family moved from Sollom, died in childbirth last week and was buried at Tarleton. She was 36 years of age and leaves five children. Mrs. Ronnie Knight (nee Vera Iddon, Carr Lane) gave birth to a baby son last Sunday. The baby died on Monday. The rector christened him privately with the names of Alexander Richard. Vera is doing very well. Harold Aspey, home on leave, was married last Saturday in Tarleton Parish Church by the rector to Mrs. Richard Parker (nee Betty Ball, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Ball). Reception at Garlicks, honeymoon at Kendal. The Banns of Marriage were called out for the first time in Tarleton Parish Church between John Blundell, of Hundred End and Nellie Fazackerley of Gatcliffe Farm, Tarleton. Also between William Ball, Moss Lane, HB., and Mary Irene Hague of the Smithy, Tarleton.
Mrs. James Howard (nee Margaret Howard) has presented her husband with a son - to be christened James. Mrs. Nicholas Forshaw (nee Maggie Iddon) Mount Pleasant, Sollom, has presented her husband with a daughter, their second. Mrs. John Coulton, Green Lane Farm, Sollom, is in Preston Infirmary waiting to undergo an operation. Mr. Tom Johnson, son of Mr. Dick Johnson, Carr Lane, took over the duties of Verger and Sexton at Tarleton Parish Church and Caretaker of the School on Monday last. He is living at present at Green Lane, Sollom.
Jack Mee's old shop, next to Forshaw's Confectioners, in Church Road, has been opened as a lady hairdressing salon. It has been elaborately fitted up and goes under the name of "Vera".

The following have already sent subscriptions to the Fund that is being raised by readers of the NL to make their appreciation of her monumental effort in addressing, stamping and posting over 100,000 News Letters to the lads during the past six years. The rector, Mrs. Tatham, (Postmistress, Hesketh Lane), Miss Alty, Miss Winifred Alty, Norman Barron, Harry Monk, James Coulton, Noel Clark, Harry Forrest, Harry Woosey, Mr. Fred Twist, Matt Sutton. Subscriptions, limited to 5/- from the lads should be sent or given to Miss Kathleen Topping, Ferndale, Church Road, Tarleton, who will furnish the rector each week with the names of those subscribing to be inserted in the NL. No subscriptions should be given or sent to the Rector. While Robert Howard, Barrons Farm, and Grenadier Guards, was home on Agricultural Leave, last week, he received a telegram from his Colonel telling him to return at once to be demobbed. Robert took the first train to Windsor. Mrs. Jimmy Latham (nee Margaret Blundell, of Hundred End, widow of Jimmy Latham, Kearsley Avenue, who died while a prisoner-of-war in Jap hands) was married on Saturday last in Hundred End Chapel to a soldier who comes from somewhere in the South of England.
Roger Watson just demobbed after a spell of some years with the RAF was married on March 18th in Lytham Parish Church to Miss Joan Archer, eldest daughter of Mr. W. Archer of Fairhaven. William Whiteside Iddon of Shore Road, HB., died on Sunday at his home at Hesketh Bank and was buried in HB churchyard on Wednesday. He joined the RAF at the beginning of the war and was in fact not demobbed when he died. He was about 36 years of age. The British Legion Women's Section held a Jumble Sale in the Club Room on Saturday last in aid of their Funds. They made just over £30. Billy Whittle returned to Dusseldorf last Thursday after a spell of ten days' leave. Gerry Pendlebury is on leave. Sunday last was Mothering Sunday. There were 200 communicants at Tarleton Parish Church at the 8am service. The new Vicar of Penwortham preached in the Evening. The infant son of Mrs. Wilkinson (nee Evelyn Taylor, Kearsley Avenue) was christened on Sunday last in Tarleton Parish Church with the name of Michael. Elections for the Tarleton member of the West Lancashire Rural District Council, in the place of Robert Latham, who has resigned, were held on Monday at Tarleton C.E. Schools and Mere Brow School. The Candidates were John Hunter, Postmaster of Tarleton, and James Taylor, Haulage Contractor, Marshes Lane, Mere Brow. Result: Hunter 600. Taylor 362. John Hunter elected. On the same day, Monday last, the elections were held for the members of the Tarleton Parish Council. This caused intense excitement. Hundreds of cars were running about bringing in voters, all labelled up with one or other of the names of the Candidates. Twenty two candidates for seven seats. At 8pm when the polling ceased there was a massed queue from the school door to the school gates who could not get in to record their votes. The whole of Church Road was packed with cars. Great excitement. Result - Thomas Alty 177, Will Ascroft (Coe Lane) 106, Hugh Ball 95, John Coulton (Green Lane Farm, Sollom) 271, Arthur Dandy 419, Nicholas Dandy (Holmes) 309, Robert Farrington (Gatcliffe Farm) 126, John Hunter 555, John Iddon 118, Richard Iddon (Nipper) 155, Richard Iddon (Chubby) 145, Robert Iddon 40, Albert Lund 260, Gilbert Marsden 88, John Rimmer 81, Tom Spencer 57, Gerrard Sott 10, James Sutton 263, John Taylor 354, Harold Webster 280, James Wright (Tabby Nook, Mere Brow) 199. The following were declared elected - John Hunter, Arthur Dandy, John Taylor, Nicholas Dandy, Harold Webster, John Coulton, James Sutton.
Dr, Marsden of Ormskirk, the Medical Officer of Health for the WLRDC, and School Doctor, well-known to many old scholars, was killed in a flying accident on Monday at Dublin while flying to Ireland.

Demobbed: Harry Price, Dick Gabbott, Arthur Croft, Jimmy Sutton, Harry Latham, Dick Taylor (Mere Brow), Billy Hudson (Mere Brow), Roger Watson, Tom Sutton (Holmeswood Hall Farm, Mere Brow), Dick Taylor (Sugar Stubbs Farm, Mere Brow).

AB Tom Dickinson writes from Malta "Bob Rimmer of Holmeswood is on his way home for "B" Class release from here and Walter Ascroft is somewhere around on the 'Sylvia'. There was an accident here on Thursday; a diver was accidentally drowned. It was shallow water, but his mask came off and lead boots held him down. I was one of the firing party at his funeral. Today some 49 Groups left here and I am 50!! According to the latest I should be demobbed by April 30th. Remember me to Ken Dandy and Bob Howard through the NL." (Note-Walter Ascroft has been demobbed under Class 'B' Agricultural and is now at home). Corpl.Ken Nicholson writes from HMS Colossus "After we had taken part in the occupation of Formosa and Shanghai, we were sent to Hong Kong and there we were put in charge of a camp holding 8,500 Japs. We were then sent to Bombay and from there carried 1,400 troops to Singapore. Then back we went to Bombay and carried another 1,000 troops to Batavia. There we took on board 700 women and children (from Batavia and Samarang) and took them to Ceylon, where they are staying until they can be sent to Holland. After all that we proceeded to South Africa where we are staying until we can be refitted. We have been visited by Field Marshall Smutts who was shown round the ship. We leave here for the Far East and don't know when we shall get home. Remember me to all the boys and the best of luck to all at home."
Rfn. Billy Hull writes from BAOR "I have changed my address and am now known as a rifleman. Why I don't know for we are still RA; The Regiment was once a Monmouthshire Reg. which turned over to ACH/ACH. The Colonel is trying to turn us into riflemen. I am now in the Guard Room on the barrier of the BAOR. HQ compound and only a few hundred yards from one of the autobahn roads; a very cold job, but quite a busy one which helps to pass the time on a little nearer to Group 51 which, I hope, will be out by January 1947." Dvr. John Caunce writes from CMF "I have been unable to write to anyone for a week owing to a bad arm. I did it on my wagon. I am on guard tonight and go out with my wagon at 6.30 in the morning, so you can imagine how eagerly I shall be looking forward to my bed tomorrow night. I have not met any more Tarleton lads since I met Ronnie Iddon, Vera`s brother; nor have I been able to see Ronnie again. I really am looking forward to getting back to Civvy Street, for the Army in these days really does give one that "browned off" feeling." Pte. Frank Foulds writes from SEAC "My pal comes from Ormskirk. His name is Bernard Carney (Benny for short). Most of the boys in this Battalion come from Lancashire. At present we are just outside Bombay in a big camp at Kalyan. It is supposed to be the largest camp in India. We are stationed here in case any trouble starts in Bombay. I think that Bombay is the nicest city in India; of course, that is only my opinion, others may think differently, but I hardly think so. Before we came to Bombay we were at Poona; and Poona is not what it is made out to be. This Battalion has been out here 27 years and is the oldest battalion out here. Our QM came out with the Battn.and he says he will not go back until the Battn.goes back. Funny, isn't it? You meet all sorts of fellows in the Army. Remember me to all the boys and girls and especially to Arnold Bailey, Fred Burns, Fred Bentham, and tell Fred Burns that we have a darts match with his brother George."
AB Kenneth Dandy writes from Trieste, Italy, "A cruiser is coming up here on Saturday with a Rear Admiral aboard, so we are expecting lots of "red tape". Two sloops in the port have already started 'positioning ship'. There is nearly as much red tape in the Navy as in the Guards. Trieste is once again in the news. This time the declaration was the cause of it. We have had one or two fights and last Sunday a few people were killed. I hope that I am out of the country before the elections. I have been drafted off the MFV 1031, and am now in the barracks. I have a good job in the Mail Office. It's the first 'quiet number' I have had in the Navy, so I am going to make it last." LAC Tom Bolton writes from MEF "After travelling around for a few thousand miles, I seem to have an address at last, so I am sending it to you. It is quite a while since I received any mail, and they say that it will be a week or so before it catches us up. At present I am stationed in the Suez Canal area. This really is a splendid camp, better than any I have been used to in England. My stay out here, however, cannot be for long as 33 Group leave here for home next week and I'm Group 40. Please remember me to the Co-op and ex-Co-op staff. I wonder if Herbert Nutter and Nick Dewhurst are back yet. And Tom Dickinson said he was expecting to be back in Blighty shortly." (Note - Nick Dewhurst is back in the Tarleton shop; Herbert Nutter is at the Preston shop; and Tom Dickinson, see above extract No.1, is due home any day). Gunner Tom Fazackerley writes from India Command "I am now at the RA Deolali. I am very near the HBJB and if any Tarleton lads should call here they will find me in 3 Batty, in Eg'Basha, just behind the swimming pool. At present I am passing my time as a rat catcher. Deolali is noted for rats, and last time I was here we did manage to keep them down fairly well. We are still sweating and doing our best to keep cool and are being pestered with every kind of 'wallah'. There is the massage wallah, the toe-nail wallah, the banana wallah, the char wallah, the shave wallah, and a host of other wallahs. A good many of 28 Group left here this morning and the 29's are having their medical and I have already started documenting Group 30. Remember me to all the demobbed boys and all still in the Forces." LAC Sydney Cookson (HB) writes from Orissa, India, "I do not expect to be out for a few months yet, so I hope you will continue to forward the NL. I have met some very kind European friends and have visited some Mission stations. These missionaries are doing a grand job." John Ball (Church Road) writes from Rutbah in Iraq, "I am now back in the middle of the desert, at Rutbah, and even here I am receiving the NLs regularly. It is now 12 o'clock, midnight and I am writing this letter while on duty. I do not finish until 8am. This afternoon, as I was off duty, I took the motor lorry out (as I am driver for our detachment) and went about fifteen miles into the desert to see the 'five colours of Iraq'. These comprise different colours of sand or soft rock. Also near the village of Rutbah are the five wells mentioned in the Bible, but only two are in use now. However I do not expect to be here for more than six weeks as we are moving out. I don't know where we are going. I expect to be on my way home soon. Remember me through the NL to all in the Forces." Leading Seaman Jimmy Latham (Moss Lane) writes from his Ship "I am on the point of disposal and have been on the list for demob twice this week,but all disposal in 461 Flotilla is stopped until April 24th, as the job we are on is priority and reliefs cannot be obtained for fifty men. It does not add to the contentment of the Flotilla when one sees, every night at 5pm about 200 ratings going on board the demob vessel en route for home. Our job at present is clearing out the bases on the Clyde, towing craft etc. Two weeks ago I even had to go to the Normandy, an aircraft carrier, and bring back a piano of all things. I am keeping well but like many others, am ready for home." AC2 Bert Rawlinson (Bretherton) writes from Stafford "Ask the lads if they have ever heard of Group 71 for that is my demob number. But I don't think that it will be as long as some of them think. Two years at the utmost that is my guess. I am very glad to see in the NL that so many of the local lads are getting back to our little villages. Also I saw in the NL that Joe Tindsley, whom I knew when he was in the ATC, has joined up. Remember me to him and to all the Tarleton and Bretherton lads." Pte. George Farrington writes from Colinton, Edinburgh, "I have once again been on the move and finally once again finished up in the capital of Scotland. I arrived here yesterday from Annan, in Dumfrieshire, where I saw John Smith who used to live at Sollom. And I met Tom Spencer in Edinburgh last night. It is good to see someone from one's own village. I came here as a driver but I cannot say much about the camp until I get to know how things stand. Please give my kind regards to all in HM Forces wherever they may be." Billy Hudson writes from Mere Brow "I have been demobbed under Class B Release and arrived home last night. I have got until May 17th for leave but I think that I shall be working before then as I am going back to my old firm at Banks, motor driving. I would like to thank you for the NLs which I received so regularly whilst I was in the Navy. They helped me to while away some very lonely evenings when I was in SEAC. Also, through the NL, I should like to be remembered to a good pal I was with in Ceylon-Arthur Procter-and I wish him, and all the other boys and girls, a speedy demob." Pte. John Rimmer writes from Aldershot "This will be my address until I am demobbed - at least I hope so. My Group Number being 29 I am hoping to be demobbed very soon now."

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