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No: 300
February 14th 1946

My dear Boys and Girls,
Well,if you look above you will see that I have now sent you, and your mates, a News Letter for exactly three hundred weeks. At the beginning of May it will have been sent out for six complete years. And I have, myself, written every single word appearing in it. I am writing this on St. Valentine's Day and so, as is proper, I send you all my very best love.
For my part I can assure you that, for me, the NL has been a real labour of love, for you have been in my thoughts and in my prayers. I shall be most glad when I have written the last one,not because I find it tedious to write, but solely because it will mean that the great bulk of those who read it will have been demobbed and once more safely back in the village. With my love and all my prayers, ever your affectionate old friend, L.N. FORSE.

Arthur Parkinson, second son of Mr. Herbert Parkinson, JP, Moss Lane, set sail yesterday for New York. He is going as a student to Cornell University, USA, to study agriculture and do research work. He may stay two years. Last year he took his B.Sc. Degree at Reading University, in the same subject. Mr. James Forshaw has bought the house next door to his shop occupied by Mrs. Rigby. It belonged to Mr. Harry Sutton, Harrison House, Church Road. It was a private sale so we do not know what Mr. Forshaw gave for it. The rumour, reported in our last issue, that Sephton's had sold the Hairdresser's Shop in Hesketh Lane, by private treaty, was wrong. Mr. and Mrs. Sephton are going to live there.
The house at Holmes belonging to Mr. Will Wright, Tarleton Moss, where his son Eric and his wife lived, has been sold to Mr. Roger Spencer, Sollom, for £2,000. Roger and his wife are giving up the farm at Sollom and going to live in this house at Holmes. Edward Moss is selling at the Bec. next Saturday, 20,391 acres on Hesketh New Marsh, belonging to Mr. William Baxter. Edward Moss sold quite a small semi-detached house, Moss View, Liverpool Road, Hoole, no bathroom, outside WC, for £1,400 last Thursday. Mr. Wignall, of Hoole, was killed near the Star Grange (Harry Suthers') last week by a motor coach from Woodplumpton. Mrs. Wilfred Parkinson (nee Beatrice Dawson, of HB) has presented her husband with a son-their first child. One of Mrs. James Parkinson's (nee Mary Foster) twins, the boy, was taken to Preston Infirmary where he died. He was buried at Tarleton on Tuesday.
Mrs. Nicholas Dewhurst is in Preston Infirmary undergoing a minor operation. Albert Becconsall was demobbed this week. The house joined to Websters' warehouse, where Jimmy Mayor used to live and which, during the war was used as an ARP Post, was pulled down last week. The road will be widened, and this dangerous corner will be, at last, eliminated. The LCC Education Dept. is advertising for a caretaker for the Council School in the place of Mr. Harry Southern, who is retiring on reaching the age limit.

Jimmy Sutton, Nicholas Taylor, Tom Sutton (Holmeswood), Norman Barron.

Last week the Rector received a letter from a M.o. Rodolfo Cicionesi, of Viole Lorenzo Magalotti, 3 Firenze (Florence) Italy, addressed to the "Cathedral", Sollom, Lancashire, Inghilterra". Jack Edmondson, our new postman, brought it along alright. M.o. Cicionesi wants to teach the choristers of the Cathedral at Sollom how to sing by post. So Sollom must be famous if M.o. Cicionesi knows all about it, and its Cathedral, in far away Florence - or has one of our local lads now stationed in Italy been pulling Rodolfo's leg? Mr. Will Wright, Tarleton Moss, Hundred End Road, died on Sunday morning after a very long illness (TB) and was buried at Tarleton on Wednesday. His son Norman was home on Compassionate Leave when his father died.

Bdr. Fred Bentham writes from Aachen, BAOR, "I am now stationed at Aachen, and up to now it has not been too bad. The second night here I was in the NAAFI when I heard my name called. When I looked round who should it be but Bill Whittle, of Hesketh Lane. He is the first local lad I have met since I came out here, and he is stationed about 5 minutes walk from me. I won't write my life story, so I'll pack up. Remember me to my pal Ronnie Iddon (in India)". Dvr. Billy Whittle writes from BAOR "I went into the NAAFI last night, and as I was munching a few cakes, some artillery blokes came in. Nothing startling in that, but who do you think was on their tails. Of all people it was Fred Bentham. We certainly did have a cup of char to celebrate our meeting, and a gas about the old village, and then we went to the pictures. Meeting Fred just about pulled me off one of my 'browned off' moods which, by the way, come fairly often." Tel. John Webster writes from Londonderry, "Here is one of your backward letter-writers. As you will see from my address I am where the shamrock grows, and for the past month have been taking part in 'Operation Deadlock', which is the RN name for the sinking of Jerry U boats - the best place for them, don't you agree? Now I am attached to the Anti-Submarine School. I was in the Cathedral at Derry when the Americans gave an Ensign to be dedicated, and now it hangs from one of the pillars with other flags of this war and the last. The main topic in the mess now is demob. Please remember me to all serving, especially John Sutton, John Hague, and Lawrence Hunter, and roll on demob groups for all." Dvr. John Caunce writes from CMF "We are at a small place by the name of PORTSHACH, on the main road from VILLACH to KLAGENFURT. Any lad will have no difficulty in finding me, for there is only one CMP on traffic control in Portshach, and he is exactly opposite our billets. We have the serial No.70 on our truck, with the famous 78 Div. Battle Axe. Remember me to Sid Ball, and all my other pals in the Forces, wishing them all the best of health and a speedy demob." Sapper Eric Edmondson writes from CMF "I am in a new Coy now, but for all that I am still with the same lads in the same place. Today is a free day for most of us, and it is a very pleasant one, warm and sunny. I heard today that the value of the £1 is going up in Italy, and that certainly suits me. The present rate is 400 lire to the £1. For a couple of days we have been busy checking all our gear up; it is finished now and I am now sorry. Tomorrow it is work as usual. Best wishes to all the locals serving in the Forces." Gunner William Hull writes from BAOR "I am still stationed at DUNDE with the Control Commission HQ, but I am only hanging on by the skin of my teeth, as our Brigade is breaking up. I am now busy making packing cases and have two German carpenters to help me. I have been posted to the Monmouthshires to a town not very far from here - BAD SALZUFLEN. I am having no leisure just at present as we are working 7 days a week. All I am looking forward to is Group 51. So roll on a long time yet. Remember me to my brothers-in-law Jimmy and Jackie Sutton and, of course, to all the boys I know. Mr. (please note the Mr.) Mr. Herbert Nutter writes from Cadley, near Preston, where he and his wife are living. "At last I am able to write to you as a civilian. I was demobilised a fortnight ago with the men of Group 25, and am now once more working for the Preston CWS. Many of the old familiar faces will be seen around Tarleton during the next few months - a pleasure which has been long awaited." (The Rector is earnestly looking forward to the day when he can address all the lads as Mr. instead of Pte., Dvr., Bdr., Sergt., etc.). AC2 Bert Rawlinson writes from Deenthorpe, Northamptonshire, "I don't know whether I told you, but this station that we are on was originally an American station. We should pass out on Wednesday as fully qualified airmen. We then take our trade training, and from then onwards we can settle down to real RAF life. Is the ATC still going strong in Tarleton? Remember me to all the lads, and to Mr. Ritchings." Nathan Abram (Banks) writes from Downing College, Cambridge, "I had a letter from Keith Brade last week. He's at Skegness now in the Navy. He says that he is finding life better than he expected." (When Joe Tindsley reads this he will be doing a favour if he will ask Keith Brade to write to the Rector, and then he will receive the NL each week, for Keith is an old and valued friend of the Rector).

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