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No: 299
February 8th 1946

My dear Boys and Girls,
There is nothing much to report this week. Most people seem to have colds and to be staying indoors, and this may account for the scarcity of 'Home Front' news. One thing, especially, is worrying me a great deal. So far nothing whatever has been done by the local authorities to get you any houses. There is not a single stick or stone in sight. Our local builders are simply fiddling around doing minor repairs to houses already inhabited, work that could easily wait and take no harm through doing so. With labour properly organised and our lads released from the Forces we could easily have had quite a colony of houses in Tarleton by this time. As I have said it is very worrying, for every time I move in the matter I seem to come up against a blank wall. But even that will not stop me from doing my very best.
With my love,and every good wish,ever your affectionate old friend, L.N. FORSE.

Mrs. Hollinghurst, who took over, under the name of 'Vera' Bessie Sephton's hairdressing shop in Hesketh Lane, has moved her establishment to what was Jack Mee's butcher's shop, next to Forshaw's Confectioners, in Church Road, The shop belongs to Mr. James Forshaw. It is rumoured that Sephtons have sold the Hesketh Lane shop, with house attached, privately. As reported in our last issue, it was put up for auction but failed to reach the reserve price, and so was withdrawn. Philip Rigby and Dick Burns have been demobbed.
The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. (nee Phyllis Whittle) Barker, Hesketh Lane, was christened on Sunday in Tarleton Parish Church with the name of Alan. The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. (nee Elizabeth Alty, of Croston) John Ball, of Wesleyan Cottages, Church Road, was christened on Sunday in Tarleton Parish Church, with the name of Maureen. Young Joe Tindsley, Hesketh Lane, has been called up to the Navy and left last Monday for Skegness. Old Mr. Roscoe, the undertaker of Fermor Road, died last week and was buried at Bolton. H.M.THE KING has been pleased to award the Imperial Service Medal to Mr. Thomas Tindsley, of Church Road, for long and distinguished service as a postman. The medal was presented to Mr. Tindsley by the Postmaster of Preston, at a private function held at Hesketh Lane Post Office. Mr. Tindsley had been asked if he would like the function to be a public affair, but he said that he preferred it to be private. The Methodist Young Ladies, under the care of Mrs. Richard Melling, held a Tea Party and Concert in the Chapel Schoolroom on Saturday, in aid of their Forces' Comfort Fund. The Holmeswood Concert Party gave their services. Mr.William Wright, Tarleton Moss, is very seriously ill.

Marine Leslie Hodson writes from Towyn, N. Wales, "I am writing to tell you that I am going to my Division to get my Class release. I am writing this letter now, so that you can stop my weekly issue of the NL which I have received for the past five years and which has followed me all over the world in my travels. I thank you very much for it, for I have enjoyed receiving it, and reading it, all the time. I will pay you a visit when I get home in about a week's time." AB Ken Dandy writes from Trieste, Italy "I have just returned from Cortina, where I have spent seven days leave. Cortina is in the north of Italy. We stayed at the largest hotel in the town where we had everything for comfort one could wish for. We even had a cup of tea brought to us each morning before turning out. The town is entirely surrounded with mountains, covered with snow at this time of year. The Italian instructor took us in the lift to the top of the mountains, and left us to make our own way back. Except for a few cuts and bruises I got back all right. All the best to the boys and girls particularly to Tom Dickinson, Arnold Bailey, Bob Howard, Bill Bridge and my brother Tom." AB Tom Dickinson writes from Malta, "For the last month I have been drafted all over the place, so that often I did not quite know where I was myself. I've landed myself a Base staff job at last. I was ready for it after spending two years and eight months at sea. This 'dry land sailing' will do me now until I come home. I met a lad from Longton in Messina - Fred Cleese. We used to go to school together. I also met Dick Barker, his brother married Dorothy Hignett, of Mill Brow, Bretherton. If anyone ever comes to Malta they will find me at HMS GREGALE, CFB. Remember me to all the lads and lassies, especially Bob Howard and John Caunce through the NL. It's a great paper and thanks a million." Dvr. Jim Southern writes from Singapore "Thanks a million for the good old NLs. It really is a marvel how they find me. I have just received 3 and all of them covered with scribble with being sent from one place to another in India, following me up. I see that Jack Hodge gets to Singapore occasionally. Please ask him through the NL to look me up at St. Nicholas Flats, River Valley Road, twenty minutes walk from the Shackles Club. I hope to be packing up for home about October. Please remember me through the NL to my brother-in-law Ronnie Brain and my best pal Arthur Procter. I see the papers say it is freezing in England; here we are sitting doing nothing." Chief Petty Officer Jack Hodge writes from Colombo "I have moved once again, this time to the Royal Naval Barracks, Colombo, which to my mind is much better than being stuck out in the wilds at Mayina. The barracks are on the front by the sea, and the CPO's block, which I am in is completely separated from the main buildings and is very nice and quiet. I think that when we get settled in it will be almost like home, except that it isn't home. Yesterday I had a nice run ashore in the morning, a swim in the afternoon, and a show in the evening. The NLs seem to find me no matter where I am or what I am doing. Remember me to Arthur Procter, Arthur Barron, Jack Waters and all the boys and girls." Dvr. Billy Whittle writes from BAOR "It is just 1pm and I have just scrambled out of bed in a mad rush for dinner. It was nearly 4am when I got the chance to 'hip down'. The lads go to town on a Saturday, and it's just too bad if you drop in for 'Liberty Wagon' at the weekend. It means that the driver has to fetch them from a place called Munckon-Gladback, which is about 50 miles from here and, believe me, it entails a thorough comb-out of the town to find them all, now that the 'frat-ban' is off. Please convey my heartiest congratulations to Sid Ball on his engagement. His fiancée is a good pal of my own girl friend from Croston." Sergeant James Burns writes from BAOR "I had a surprise the other day. I had a letter from our George saying that he was in hospital about 10 miles from me, so I went to see him and he looks fine. What is wrong with him is fluid on the knee. I went down also the next day and he had got up after being a month on his back. We are all looking forward to our demob. I am Group 26 and leave my Unit on Feb.23rd. Our Tom and Dick have got their demob, so my mother will be a bit happier after having 5 sons and 3 sons-in-law away for six years, but we have all come through safe, thanks be to God. Remember me, through the NLs to all the boys and girls, and to my brothers, Fred and George, and also to Hugh and Mick Melling." Pte Jackie Sutton writes from Bicester, "I was sorry to hear about the death of old Mr. Edgar, he was a good mate of mine. Things are improving here after a lot of complaints. We have had the Colonel round, also the Brigadier, and the General visited us today. So let's hope they get things cracking. I met someone from Tarleton on the train returning to camp last week. It was Bill Bridge from Bank Bridge (married Phyllis Dandy). He is a Corporal and is stationed at Bicester, but gets demobbed in three weeks. Please remember me through the NL to my pals Arnold Bailey, Bob Ball, and all the rest. I have also met quite a few blokes from Preston and Wigan here."

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