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No: 289
November 8th

My dear Boys and Girls,
Here is an important item for those of you who will want houses when you return home.
If you ask, and probably even if you don't ask, your Unit will provide you with a Form of Application for a house, which you must fill in immediately and send it off to the Housing Authority of your district. In the case of those living in Tarleton, Hesketh Bank and Rufford, that will be the West Lancashire RDC., Council Offices, Derby Street, Ormskirk. For Croston and Bretherton it is the Chorley RDC., and for Hoole, I think it is Preston RDC. In any case if you send them all to the Lancashire County Council, County Offices, Preston, marking your envelope `Please re-direct to right quarters`, they will do it for you. Anyhow, the most important thing is to send in the form, duly filled in, with all the speed possible. And please remember - if you are in doubt about anything write at once to me, and you can rest assured that I will do my utmost to put you wise. No room for my short sermon this week, but you all know what I would write if there was room - and follow the advice you know I would give. With my love,my Blessings,and all my prayers, Ever your affectionate friend,

The twin babies of Mr. And Mrs. George West, who died soon after birth, were buried in Tarleton Churchyard on Monday by Father Harvey, the RC Priest. Major Herbert Croft, better known to Tarletonians as Dr. Herbert, has been demobbed, and is now back again in Tarleton and has taken up his Practice again. He has been three years in Burma. The Sale of Work at Croston last Saturday in aid of their Welcome Home Fund made £250. The Sale of Work at Hesketh Bank last week in aid of their Welcome Home Fund made £150. Norman Wright (Tarleton Moss), went back to Germany on Monday after a month's agricultural leave. The weathercock on the top of the Church spire has been taken down and sent away to be `rebushed` and re-gilded. The whole of the Church spire is being re-pointed. Tarleton Thanksgiving Savings Week, which was last week, was a very tame affair. No-one knew it was on. Totals of the various neighbouring parishes given next week. Mr. Stott has sold his house in Carr Lane, with vacant possession, to Mrs. Whittle, who used to live at Holmes. She has moved into it, and the Stotts have gone into lodgings. There is a strong rumour going round that Movement Control is leaving Bank Hall and going back to Southampton. John Tindsley, former prisoner of war in Jap hands, is coming home via Canada, and writes to say that he should arrive in England in about three weeks' time.

Arthur Harrison, Tom Harrison (Kearsley Avenue), Bert Barron (Sollom).
Stanley Johnson, who married Anna Bamber and lives in Kearsley Avenue, has been called up to the RAF. If any lad wishes to buy any special plot of land in Tarleton he should apply at once as plots are now being sold. If lads will write to the Rector he will give them any information they desire.

Sergeant Ernie Ball writes from Rawalpindi, India: "Things are at last beginning to move out here. On Orders yesterday it stated that 25 Group would be away from their Units by Nov.26th. Everyone is suffering from a new ailment, namely `Demob Fever`. I should be on my way home by the end of the year, and will give you the `griff` as soon as it is available. The Viceroy and Lady Wavell were in Rawalpindi last week, but it didn't cause such a disturbance as when Jinnah arrived." AB Walter Ascroft writes from HMS Sylvia: "At present we are in Alexandria having a few repairs done. We are alongside the `Blenheim` aboard which, as you know, is Dick Burns, so we don't have to walk very far to have a chat with each other. We are going to Greece in a few days time, and I am hoping to see Tom Dickinson and Bob Rimmer again. We left them at Salonika a few weeks back. Remember me to my cousin Bill Harrison who at present is in Malta." L/Sgt.Dick Townsley writes from CMF: "I am back in Italy once again after spending a nice six weeks in Austria. I am at a place called LONIGO, which is west of VICENZO, so if any of the locals are round my way I would like them to call. I should be home in about a month's time for a spot of leave and, believe me, I am ready for it. But I am keeping my fingers crossed, in case. I was pleased to read about Billy Sutton, John Tindsley, Harry Monk, and Dick Harrison all being safe. Remember me to my brother-in-law Harry Harrison." Corporal Hugh Melling, RAF., writes from DIGRI, SEAAF: "What do you think of the demob scheme? I won't give you my views!! but I reckon that if it's the best this `marvellous Government of ours` can do, it's a very poor show. The boys out here certainly take a poor view of it. We still don't know whether our Unit will move or be disbanded. Personally I don't mind which as long as I get away from here. The residents of a nearby village reported panthers in the vicinity last week, so a shoot was organised - I believe the `bag` was a couple of pigeons. Alan Bretherton is still here, so we are able to exchange news and scandal of our respective villages." AB Tom Dickinson writes from his Ship: "At present we are in Piraeus - Greece, doing a refit and soon, I hope, we shall be going down to Malta and the `scrap heap`. Then with a bit of luck I hope to be home soon after. I have not seen much of Bob Rimmer and Walter Ascroft lately as they have been up in Salonika. We were there for about three weeks, but the work was too much for the ship and she fell over, so there is no more minesweeping for us. Last week but one I had my 21st birthday and we had a bit of a party on board. Remember me to Ken Dandy, Tom Bolton and Bert Fawko, and all the lads and lassies, via the NL." Dvr. Tom Alty writes from MEF: "Our whole Division has moved from Belgium (some going by aeroplane, and some, of which I was one, by the rough way), to the Middle East. It took us almost a fortnight to arrive here. We left Ghent on the 8th and went by train to Dieppe, and from there on to Toulon, and the French trains are not the luxury type - nice hard seats. I was on the train for three days without a break except for meals. A boat took us to Port Said, and as we steamed out of Toulon harbour we saw the remains of the scuttled French Fleet sticking up out of the water. We landed at Port Said on Thursday night. We are now at El Quassin, miles from anywhere, but hope to move later in the week to Ismalia, and by the look of the place as we passed through it it should be quite decent there." Pte. George Farrington writes: "There is not much to tell you about this place except that we are doing various odd jobs to pass the time on. In one part of the Barracks is a demob centre for the whole of Scotland, and it is surprising in how short a time they can get rid of about 500 men. I am glad to read that all our ex-POWs from Japan are now safe." Pte. Ada Coulton ATS (NAAFI) writes: "Betty Duckworth and I have been moved and are now stationed at the camp my sister Mary has just been demobbed from. Don't forget to send the NL as we are out in the wilds here and we don't even get a newspaper. We are billeted in Nissan huts. We get plenty of entertainment in camp, dances and ENSA shows, and tonight there is community singing. Of course we only go after we have finished work at 9.30pm. Remember me to all the boys and girls. Betty joins me in thanking you for the NLs." Sgt. Harry Hindley writes from BAOR: "My job is concerned with administration, which has definitely increased since the war finished, what with demob, leave, postings and the rest of it. My Group Number is 27, which is due next April, and it cannot come too soon for me. With every good wish to you and the good folk of Tarleton." Dvr. John Caunce sends four letters this week from Austria in which are unfolded the following sad tale. The letters can be summarised as follows:- 1. Expect me home on leave next week. 2. Expect me Sunday morning. 3. Leave held up for few days. 4. Leave indefinitely postponed, shall not write again until I am actually on the boat.

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