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No: 283
September 6th

Tarleton Rectory,
Sept. 6th 1945.

My dear Boys and Girls,
I am writing this letter under great difficulties. My weak eye has broken down again under the strain of the last few weeks and DR. Sumner, the eye specialist, has ordered me complete rest, which, of course, at this very critical time, I cannot posaibly take. However, I must slack off a little, but the last bit of writing that I shall give up doing is the N.L. But I can tell you that it has been very painful writing the N.L. this week. I see that I am once again famous. Last week I called together the mothers, wives, and sweethearts of all in the Forces to discuss the housing and other matters with them, and on Saturday there appeared in the "Daily Mirror" under huge headlines "WOMEN APPOINT RECTOR NAGGER TO GET THEM HOUSES", quite an entertaining account of what took place at the meeting. So now, it appears, I have a new job. Personally, I always thought that it was the woman's prerogative to do the naggin. However we are always being told that the times have changed, so there we are.
With my love and my Blessing, ever your old friend,

Home Front News.
The Banns of Marriage between Joseph Thomas Black, of Mere Brow, and Alice Irene Hornby, of Blowick, Southport, were published for the first time on Sunday last, in Tarleton Parish Church. The following babies were christened in Tarleton Parish Church on Sunday last:-
Gilbert, son of Gilbert and Inez Johnson (nee Molyneaux). Elisabeth Ann Houghton, daughter of Herbert and Mary Ball (nee Houghton). Judith Margaret, daughter of Geoffrey Harry and Margaret Holmes (nee Ward). Doreen, daughtar of Norman Corbett and Anne Boffey (nee Gabbott) . Robert Bond, Mere Brow, (a Desert Rat, now in B.L.A.), was married on Thursday last at Creiff, Scotland, to Sophia (Topsey) Rimmer, daughter of Thomas Rimmer, vho is a brother of William. Rimmer of Wright's Farm, Moss Side. He brought her to Mere Brow for the Honeymoon. Mrs. James Meling, Sollom, has presented her husband (son of Henry Melling, Windgate) , with a son. Tom. Walmseley, Broughton, who lived with his parents for many years at the Lock, was married on Sept. 11th to Margaret (Peggy) Bolton, of Preston. Wedding at Balderstone Parish Ohuroh, near Whalley. The Scarisbrick Hotel at Southport was burned down on Saturday night and Sunday morning last. The fire started in the top rooms and the roof crashed in. Bolton's Farm, Blackgate Lane, is being sold by auction in six lots.

Jimmy Harrison and his brother Billy (Kearsley Avenue); Harry Crook; Tom Alty, Croston, (married Kathleen Marsdon); Jack Moss, Frank McKean. On Sunday last thousands of dead fish were found floating on the canal. The Police went round forbidding boys to bathe, saying that someone had put poison in tho canal. Many lads, however, said tho ftsh had been suffocated with the very heavy weed with which the canal is coated. True solution given next week.
The Rector's bad eye has broken down again and he is having to wear dark glasses. Dr. Sumner, the eye specialist told him he must not read, write, or arithmetic, for a month, but he will still write the N.L. each week. On September l6th, the Anniversary of the Battle of Britain,
the Southport Squadron of tho A.T.C. are coming to Tarleton with their Band, marching round the village, and holding a Parade Service in Church.

Extracts from Letters.
Sergt. Ernie Ball writes from India Command "The Muslims firmly believe that there will be another war in 1967, and that this will be a war to prove to all the people of ths world that God is the Almighty, They believe that the end of the world will come within 100 years of 1967, during which time the Son of God will once again come on to the earth. They have some very funny ideas about religion, but when they do believe in a thing nothing can shake their faith. I suppose you will have to get cracking on the housing problem now, and unless the recently formed committee stick together more than ever before, to look after ths interests of those in the Forces, the people who have been at home earning good money will Just step into the best." L. A.C. Hugh Melling writes from DIGRI, S.E.A.A.F., "I expect that my old pal Charlie Wright (Tabby Nook) will have told you that we met in Calcutta about six weeks ago. You may remember that we joined up on the same day and were together for three months at Blackpool. A couple of days previous to
meeting Charlie I bumped into Bob Sharples (HB.), and a fortnight later I met a lad named Norris from Croston. There is a lad in this camp called
Butterton. He comes from Walmer Bridge, and is known to Tarleton lads as he used to attend the dances at the Conservative Hall." Dvr. John Caunce writes from C.M.F, "I am now in Austria at VILLAGH, about
20 miles from CLAGANFORT. We are now working an overland leave route bring troops to Calais. We set off at 7.30 in the morning. It is very
heart-breaking having to turn back at Calais. Anyway we get a full day's
rest there, I hope that when I do get my leave, which I reckon will be
around Christmas, you will put me back on the Servers' List for about a
month." Dvr. Dick Blundell writes from India Command "Now more than ever before we must pray for God to give our Leaders, all over the world regardless of colour or race, courage and strength to put this topsy-turvy world back on its feet again. Otherwise all our comrades who have fallen will have given their lives in vain, Even though the war is over it is not yet the time for us to relax, Please remember me to the Rowland Bros., Stan Quinlan, Vernon Ogden, Jack Robinson, and the rest of the locals." A B Ken Dandy writes from TRIESTE, in Italy "We held our Thanksgiving Service on the big Square in the centre of TRIESTE, It was a very beautiful. Service and afterwards we had a "March Past", about 1,000 Navy and Army personnel taking part, and General Alexandar
took the salute. We celebrated Victory with as much noise as possible, by firing flares, ringing bells, and. singing through the loud speakers etc. I see in the N.L. that Arnold Bailey has joined the Army. Please remember me to him in the next N.L. Also best wishes to my brother Tom., Bill Bridge, Tom Dickinson, and all my old pals at home and in the Forces." Gunner Harry Harrison. writes from Guernsey "I am in the Barrack Room, and there' s an awful row going on, the cause of it is that we are all cleaning and polishing ready for a "Big Do* tomorrow, to wit, the arrival and Swearing In of the new Governor, Lt-General Neame, V.C, On the morning of his arrival at the Air Port he will have a Guard of Honour of 50 men, and in the afternoon, when, he represents the King he has a Guard of Honour of 100
o rs and 3 Officers, After the Governor has taken over to-morrow our job is finished and I an glad to Say that next Sat. we sail for England." Pte Arnold Bailey writes from Westcliffe on Sea, "We are billeted in houses along the promenade and have a good view of the river Thames. On the other side of the river is Chatham, where, I think Bob Howard was stationed. They have put me down as a motor mechanic and driver. 'We started our trade tests on Monday, and so far I have done alright. I have passed my test on the theory of engines. I should be getting leave in about four weeks' time." AC 1 John Ball (Bretherton) , writes "We arrived here on VJ Day and were quite busy unloading lorries etc. till 7. p.m., so we didn't get much chance to join in the celebrations. Still the war was over and that was all that really mattered. Norwich seems a very nice city, although I have not
had much chance to look round it yet. There is a grand cathedral here 'which I hope to look round in the near future. My best regards to my friends when you get enough room in the N.L." Gdsn. Aubrey Smith writes "I came out of hospital on Tuesday, and, believe me, I was very glad to get away from the place, I must also say that I was very glad to see you when you were in the South after the frightful lot of travelling up and down you had to locate me. Quite a lot of Guards are going
to Norway, and one of our Battalions is going to Egypt."

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