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No: 278
August 2nd

My dear Boys and Girls,
The chief topic of conversation this week here at home has been, as I suppose it has been abroad, the eclipse of the Conservative Party, and the very sad dismissal of Mr. Churchill from the Council of the Nations.
The reason for it all? Personally, I do not think that it has very much to do with politics, but I do think that humanity has been shaken at its very roots, that the Soul of man is in confusion, and is seeking some remedy for a spiritual disease of which it does not know the origin.
Sick people are notoriously restless, irritable and for ever dissatisfied with the world at large. And spiritual sickness plays havoc with both the soul and the body of those whom it attacks.
Before the world can get back to normal mankind must get back to God, and rebuild upon that eternal rock which is Christ, our Saviour. Then, and only then, will the lights be re-lit in this darkened world. With my love, my prayers and my Blessing, ever your friend and companion, L.N.FORSE.

Jack Robinson, Plox Brow, was married on Saturday in Tarleton Parish Church to Annie Dandy, eldest daughter of Mr. And Mrs. Will Dandy, Hesketh Lane. Reception and Wedding Breakfast at Rose and Crown Hotel, Hoole. About 80 guests. Honeymoon at Blackpool.
William Sutton, Holmeswood Hall Farm, Mere Brow, was married on Saturday at Holmeswood Chapel to Harriet Caunce, of Holmeswood.
Banns of Marriage between Ronnie Knight and Vera Mary Iddon (Carr Lane) were published last Sunday in the Parish Church for the first time.
Mrs. Harold Pearson, Hesketh Lane, has presented her husband with a son.
Tom Tindsley, Blackgate Lane, has been awarded a Certificate of Merit, dated Nov. 7th 1944 by F-Marshal Montgomery, for distinguished service while serving with the Guards Tank Brigade Signals in BLA.
Butterworths are selling Bolton's Farm in Blackgate Lane, in small holdings and are also selling the farmhouse which has been made into two houses.
The rector has received official notification that "the West Lancs." have at present a programme of 50 houses to erect in the parish of various types. It is anticipated that they will be able to make a start this year. Sites are arranged except for two houses at Sollom. In respect to small holdings, individuals would have to apply through the Parish Council, and it would eventually be a matter for the County Council to decide." That is the substance of the letter to the rector. More about this when the rector gets back from London.
On Thursday a Green (HMS) bus, coming up Big Brow (HB) collided with one of Crooke's (of Preston) lorries and was badly smashed up. No passenger was injured.
The world advertised Banks Agricultural Show took place last Saturday. Gloriously hot, sunny day, 20,000 people paid for admission. At the other end of the village the Rechabites held their rival Show. Beer in abundance at one end of the village; ginger beer at the other. Both Shows appear to have done well.

Frank Foulds, Fred Burns, Jimmy West, Jack Robinson, Billy Parkinson, Vernon Ogden, Ronnie Pilkington, John Rowland, Nick Forshaw, John Smith (late of Sollom).

The Rev. E.J.Forse, CF writes from CMF "I have been ten weeks on the sick list, and on recovering I have been posted to Alexandria where I have charge of St. George's Garrison Church, Mustapha Barracks. I expect soon to move into Toc H. I find the life and bustle of Alexandria a great change from the quiet of Robruk's ruins, but it is good to have a spell in more civilized surroundings." (Lads in CMF, when in Alex. Should give the rector's nephew a call, He will be very glad to see them.)
Dvr. John Caunce writes from CMF "I have been posted to a new coy as my old coy has been broken up. I have just arrived in camp after a day's detail in which I have covered 232 miles, so you can guess that I am dying to get to bed. We are run around like dogs here. We have to blanco all our webbing white, and they still expect us to keep it clean while we are washing our wagons. I will tell you more about this prison in my next letter."
Lt. Stanley Baldwin writes from CMF "I am enclosing a copy of the Thanksgiving Service held by all units in the Eighth Army. It was a very beautiful service in this Regiment. It was a very simple - and outdoor - one, the address being given by the CO who also read out the Roll of Honour - our 22 dead comrades made us realise the price the world has paid. I am glad to say that all is well with my wife and son. I would love to have a spot of leave to see you all."
Pte. Hugh Bridge (late of Sollom, now of Banbury, near Oxford) writes from BLA "I am sorry to tell you that very soon I shall be going out to the Far East, but I don't mind much as my brother Bob is out there. I wish to be remembered to my brother Bob, my nephew John Smith, the Burns Brothers, and all the Tarleton boys in the Forces. I think a lot of my schoolboy days in Tarleton, and that is why it is so nice to read the NL which I receive regularly and I hope that they will continue to reach me out in the Far East."
Pte. Abel Bickerstaffe writes from MEF "I am in quite an interesting job at present, helping to demob my mates who are in lower release groups than myself. I am situated just outside Cairo, so I have seen practically all there is to see in the town. I am hoping to spend a leave in August with my brother-in-law Dick Gabbott who is stationed there. I shall also see a lot of Harley McKean who is stationed there in the same Unit. (Will Padre Forse try and get in touch with these old friends of his aged uncle? Harley McKean RASC, Dick Gabbott RASC, (669 Coy), Abel Bickerstaffe GHQ (2nd Echelon). A cup of tea and a good welcome assured. Gunner Philip Rigby writes from Trimulgerry, Deccan, India, "I am writing to you from hospital where I have been for the last three weeks. I came in for an operation on my knee, but developed yellow jaundice so my knee had to wait. I have just received by first batch of mail since arriving back out here and had eight NLs which I had read and re-read, as one gets browned off especially when one is isolated as I am. Please remember me to Bill Ellison and Henry Moss, my old school pal."
LAC Dick McKean writes from MEF "I have just returned from Alexandria after spending seven days leave with my brother and Dick Gabbott. I also met Dick Burns while I was there. We had hoped to find John Ball out here but we saw in the NL that he has gone to Paiforce. Remember me to my brother Frank, and my brother-in-law Bill Abram. (By the way Frank, why no letter from you lately? Is it paper shortage, or ink?)
L/Cpl Ken Robshaw writes from India Command "Just a few lines from the heart of the South India jungle. This place is like nothing on earth, no proper beds, two blankets only, and rain every day without fail. No ATS girls to clean our rooms or change our sheets!! Some things in the NL are hard to believe; that about our ATS girls and the clean sheets in the July 5th issue seems far fetched, but I shall soon be able to prove it myself as my 'repat' is rolling on.
LAC Eric Bell writes from BLA "We are now at Schleswig in Schleswig-Holstein. We are on a British Airfield B.164. Tarleton lads in the vicinity can easily find me by asking where the electrical section is, and they will be welcome. I have managed to do quite a lot of sightseeing - Kiel, Hamburg, Flensburg etc. My congratulations to the winners of the Berlin Medal. Remember me to Alan Jay, and Robert Edmondson, through the NL please."
Gunner Harry Harrison writes from Guernsey "My job out here is very arduous and at times one is apt to get a little downcast and wearying of perpetual guard after guard over the Jerry prisoners. But when I think of the days in the desert, the sandstorms, the flies, and the great battles of Alamain, Mareth, and many others I was in, I thank God that I am amongst green fields, fresh water and English-speaking people. My best wishes to my brothers-in-law Dick and Billy, and also to John Ball who is now in Iraq."
Dvr. Dan Johnson (Holmes) writes from CMF "Our Unit is in Taranto, or rather on the outskirts (851 Quarrying Coy. RE). There is no fratting here and we are strictly adhering to it. This place is of the worst Italian type, and is anything but clean. There is no lack of entertainment here, a nice NAAFI canteen with all indoor games, a large new swimming pool just opened in the Park, and parts of the beach are rigidly reserved for allied troops."
Cpl. F.White writes from BLA "I lived in HB for nearly two years 1940-42, working at Alty's brickworks. I made many friends, my best pal being Petty Officer Arthur Procter RN, who has sent me on the NLs from the Far East when he has read them."

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