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No: 276
July 19
th 1945

My dear Boys and Girls,
All over the world the thoughts of men are turning this week to the great meeting at Berlin. It really is a momentous Conference and it holds within itself the destiny of the whole world for generations to come.
The last four years have taught us all the value of prayer and that through it the humanly impossible may be achieved. It is now our duty to pray for the success of the efforts of the Big Three. Never before has the entire world been in such a chaotic state. Millions are unhappy, distraught, hungry, homeless, and completely bewildered. The whole world needs a steadying influence and that Influence must be the Divine Spirit.
So I ask you to make this the subject of your prayers and thus do your part for the success of the Conference.
Well, now you have nothing to do but to look spick and span you will just about have time to send me a line or two for the NL. With my love and my Blessing, ever your affectionate friend and rector, L.N.FORSE.

LAC Harry Rigby, Church Road, was married last Saturday, in Tarleton Parish Church, to Kathleen Mary Lupton of Penwortham. Bride in white with long train. Three bridesmaids. Philip Barron jnr. and Bob Barron as groomsmen. Reception and wedding breakfast in Schools. Honeymoon at very secret place.
At Longton Agricultural Show last Saturday Tom Whitehead (son of Ralph, HB) got three First Prizes and a Highly Commended, all with one horse.
Lt-Col Bustard, OBE, of Bank Hall has returned to civvy street. Major Penny, of Bank Hall, who has been in a Liverpool hospital for an operation, is now better. Arthur Worth has been demobbed.
HB Sunday School had the usual war-time Tea Party at the Botanic Gardens, Churchtown, on Tuesday.
On Sunday morning last a special bus took the members of our Tarleton ATC to Southport for swimming.

Jimmy Southern, Jimmy West, Jimmy Harrison (Kearsley Ave.), Eric Abram (Blackgate Lane), Billy Wright, Frank Timperley, Will Riding (New Road), Wesley Watson, Robert Latham, from BLA.
Going East: Jack Marsden, Billy Harrison (Holmes), Harry Iddon (Gorse Lane).
Bring and Buy Sale at Methodist Schoolroom on Saturday afternoon on behalf of Methodist Circuit Fund, ending up with a Tennis Tournament on the Wesley Guild courts.

ERM Dick Burns, RN, writes from HMS Blenheim "I was annoyed to see in the NL today that Walter Ascroft was on HMS Sylvia, as I have worked on her more than once when she has been alongside, and Ken Nicholson's ship has been in the same harbour. I don't think there is any harm giving the name of my ship and saying that she is a repair ship. I still see Dick Gabbott, and I have met John Iddon and Harley McKean since he returned from leave. My best regards to my brothers Jim, Tom and George, brothers-in-law Harry Forrest and George West, and the Melling Brothers."
Bdr. Dick Blundell writes from "somewhere at sea". "No doubt lots of my NL pals have done this trip before but, believe me, I never knew it could be so hot. I don't envy any who are in the RN or the Merchant Navy; not that I have been ill or sick, but a land sailor is all I want to be. Remember me to Stan Quinlan, the Iddon Bros. (Gorse Lane), Vernon Ogden, and all the others. Glad to hear of the p-o-ws returning home especially Herbert Nutter."
Dvr. Albert Becconsall writes from Paiforce "I shall be on the move again before long as I am waiting a posting to somewhere in the Persia and Iraq area. I stayed a couple of days in Alexandria and then went by train to Haifa where I stayed five days, and then came all the way here by truck, which was not very comfortable. They were Indian drivers and they did not waste much time, but still it took us 48 hours to do the journey. I am stationed on the outskirts of Baghdad. Remember me to my pal Dick Taylor (Mere Brow). I have not heard from him lately."
L/Cpl. Herbert Parkinson writes from BLA "I am billeted in a barracks at Fishbeck, seven miles from Harburg and twelve miles from Hamburg. Although it has been knocked about a lot there is quite a big Circus on there. I have not been yet, but intend to go to see it. In our Corps sports I got 3rd place in the long jump. We had Dorothy Carless, the Radio Star pay us a visit, and the Prime Minister's daughter, Mary, has been to one or two of our Company dances. Remember me to all in the Forces, and especially to the ex-P.o.Ws who, I was glad to hear, have landed home safely."
L/Cpl. Dick Gabbott writes from MEF "Harley McKean is now back with me in this Unit. John Iddon has been down here on 14 days' leave, and we see Dick Burns quite often. I was very sorry I did not get to see my old pal Ken Nicholson when he was in port here. He must have been here six or seven weeks and I saw the carrier on which he was several times when I was passing by road, but I did not get to know until two days after the carrier had pulled out when I got the NL saying that he was on the Colossus. Please remember me to him through the NL."
Dvr. John Caunce writes from CMF "We are now at Genoa. It is quite a lovely place but very dear. I am now on duty every second night and I have to sleep at the Garage. Our Workshop Officer is leaving us tomorrow. He is going to a place they call England, and we want to know where this place is. In tonight's Orders it says that all names of girls and places are to be removed from our wagons. Tell John Spencer not to pick the best girl from Croston and leave none for me to pick from."
Sgt. Ernie Ball writes from the Far East "Life is still much the same in this part of the world, only it seems to get hotter each day; last week we had the hottest day ever, 125 degrees in the shade and, believe me, it certainly was warm. Papers were received from England this week showing the first man to be demobbed, and there was more excitement over that than over the news of victory in Europe, probably because it's the only thing anyone has to look forward to while they are out here. I hope to be home again for good early next year, I have ever chance of being No.26; no doubt the good old NL will keep us up-to-date with all the latest `griff`."
Petty Officer Arthur Procter writes from Trincomalee, Ceylon, "If there are any local lads in the vicinity of `Trinco`, if they ask for CF Base that is where they will find me, and I will make them very welcome indeed. The weather here is beautiful at present, but I don't think it will last for long as the monsoon is overdue. Two days ago a native boy came with some fruit, so we had a pineapple, a water melon, two grapefruits, seven tangerines and seven mangosteens. My chum and I certainly enjoyed ourselves, and I remarked how the people at home would go barmy if they could see these fruits." (For those who don't know, the dictionary says a mangosteen is an Indian tree bearing fruit with thick red rind and white juicy pulp).
Gunner Arthur Harrison writes from BLA "Talk about fraternization, when we left BRAUNLAGE last Friday the German girls were even crying as we had got a good name there for being so clean and smart. Here we are all in different villages, the nearest big place near is HAMBURG. We are only four miles from the Russian zone. We are billeted in a big farmhouse and sleeping on the floor. We have to go downstairs into the stable for water. (Thanks, Arthur, I received the photos safely and thank you again.)
Major Eric Hind writes from India Command "I am hoping to be back in Tarleton in the next two months although I will only be on leave. On my return East I am expecting to go on special employment some distance from this location. I have been exceedingly busy since I last wrote, and you will notice that my address has altered."
Pte. Joe Power writes from BLA "After having had a three weeks tour of Germany we are now in a German Ordnance dump miles away from anywhere, the nearest town being Neumunster, 9 miles away. What a comparison after having such good entertainment in Lubeck. It was quite nice having leave and, to my surprise, whom should I meet at Calais but Harry Buck from HB, so we travelled home together."
L/Cpl. Jim Waters writes from India Command "I note in the NL that P/O Arthur Procter seeks news of my brother Jack. All I can say is that my brother recently left England for two years under contract with the Dutch Ministry of Shipping. If Arthur Procter will write to me c/o the above address (62204158 L/Cpl.J.J.Waters, No.1 Radio Security Coy; R.Signs; India Command) I will put him in communication."I play hockey twice weekly and it is not the cissy game one was familiar with in England. My regards to all especially Sergt. Fred Forshaw and L/Cpl. Ken Robshaw."

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