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No: 273
28th 1945

My dear Boys and Girls,
At last there appears to be some hope that one or other of our Tarleton lads will have the opportunity of being billeted in Berlin and thus win the Berlin medal. It was announced on the wireless on Saturday night that Field-Marshal Montgomery intends to take his Desert Rats with him when he goes to Berlin to meet the other allied Chiefs. We have several lads still on active service with that Unit, and so I shall have to wait to see if any of them do arrive there before coming to any decision.
And now just one word of special love and appreciation to those of our lads who are still in the thick of the fighting in the far east.
May God bless you and keep you safe, for you are ever in our thoughts and in our prayers, and we are proud of the way in which you are upholding the honour and the dignity of our village. With love and Blessings to you all, ever your sincere old friend,

Church Tea Party last Saturday. Brilliant sunshine; over 1500 people paid for admission to field after substantial tea in School; Rufford Band; Silcock's Fair with many new attractions.
On Tuesday evening Mr. Silcock gave the proceeds of the large Round-a-bout to the Tarleton Welcome Home Fund. They came to £15.
Mrs. Henrietta Sewell, wife of Arthur Sewell, Blackgate Lane, died on Tuesday and was buried at Tarleton on Friday. She was 64.
The rector was out in his car three nights, or rather early mornings, last week bringing lads home from BLA.
The card referred to in Jack Robinson's letter in this issue is the very beautiful illuminated card which General Dempsey has presented to all who served under his command, thanking them for their services.
Jack Robinson also sent the rector a copy of the Thanksgiving Service for VE Day issued by the 2nd Army. On the front it has, in colour, all the flashes of the Units comprising the 2nd Army. The rector would be most grateful if any other lad could get hold of a copy, and send it to him.
Mr. And Mrs. Sergeant have now moved into "Laund", the house where Stansfields lived in Hesketh Lane, which they bought a few weeks ago.
Leslie Hodson was married on Saturday at Hesketh Bank Parish Church to Hilda Clews who used to live in Kearsley Avenue, but now lives in Chapel Lane, HB. Wedding Breakfast at Bride's home. Honeymoon at Blackpool. Tarleton lads will notice the similarity between the questionnaire he sent out last October on the housing problem and the one now being sent out by the Army. Great minds think alike!!
Mrs. Freddy Pollard presented her husband with their first child - a boy - on Tuesday last.
Electioneering in Tarleton in full swing - three candidates - our old friend the present member Commander King-Hall, as Independent, - a Mr. Clegg as Conservative, and a Mr. Wilson, as Labour.
Miss Ellen Duckworth, who died some time ago, has left, in her Will, the sum of £10 to the Rector and Churchwardens of Tarleton Parish Church to be used for Church purposes as they shall think fit.
Mrs. T. Morrison, wife of R.M.S.Morrison, of Ships' Staff, well known to many Tarletonians, has presented her husband with a daughter - Isabel.
RSM Catchpole has been demobbed; so also has RSM Watson, who last year married Mrs. Robshaw, Doctor's Lane.

Dvr. Jack Robinson writes from BLA "I have been to quite a lot of places this week, and Ken Ogden was at one of them and I did not know until I got the NL this week. I am also five miles from Joe Powell of HB. I am at a place called Eutin right on the Baltic. Have you seen the card which I got from General Dempsey? My mother has got it and it is well worth keeping. Remember me to my cousin Vera, Arthur Harrison, and Vernon Ogden. And to all in the Forces at home and abroad."
Dvr. John Caunce airmails from CMF "I have some good news for you. I was lying on my bed two days ago when who should come and waken me up by Tom Dickinson, and a Bob Rimmer from Holmeswood. Well, I went down with them to their ship where I met a lad names Hough from Walmer Bridge, so we had quite a local gathering. Tom has left now, and before he returns we shall have moved. I am in Leghorn, but we move in about two days to, I think, somewhere on the Adriatic; so tell everyone to look out for 41 on the wagons."
AB John Croft writes from his ship, HMS Sheffield, "Thanks for the NLs which are by far the most consistent of all my letters. I have been on a week-end leave quite recently, and saw Fred for the first time in four years. He is rapidly getting better from his term in Oflag 79. I hope to get a fortnight's leave from July 5th."
LAC Dick McKean airmails from M.E.F. "I have just received a letter from my brother Harley to say he has arrived back in this country after his month's leave at home. I am hoping to get along to his unit and have a real good talk to him. Glad to hear that all those who were P-o-Ws have returned safely and are looking well. Here's hoping the day is not far distant when we can all meet together again. Please remember me, via the NL., to all in the Services, and so cheerio for now; keep smiling."
L/Cpl. Ken Roberts airmails from India Command "I am trying to write with my pen but it is not easy going. My hands seem to be very slow in getting better, but these things take a lot longer to set in this district. I am getting plenty of NLs. Did I tell you that I have had a chat with L/Cpl Waters of HB? We had quite a splash for VE Day, everywhere was floodlit and the canteens were serving free meals and beer in plenty. To finish off we had the March Past with the Acting Viceroy taking the salute. Our Unit took part looking very smart as usual. My kind regards to all in the Forces, not forgetting my brother Wesley."
AB Walter Ascroft writes from his ship HMS Siluria "At present we are in Taranto (Italy). I saw in the NL that Ken Dandy was at Trieste. We were there on VE Day plus 1, but only in the harbour. We came from Greece three months ago to the Adriatic where we have been mine-sweeping ever since. We have been in quite a few ports in Italy, and were in Ancona when the German E Boats and other craft surrendered. Please remember me to my uncle Tom Harrison, any my cousin William Harrison, also to Tommy Sutton and the other boys and girls in the Forces."
Dvr. Fred Carr writes from BLA "this part of Germany is very nice and the country is looking lovely now that the weather is so fine. They have some good crops as well and their standard of farming is the nearest to our own that I have seen. All the farmers are busy haymaking and at times I feel like going to give them a hand, but memories of the past and non-fraternization prevent me. I am stationed at a small place names Greven about 8 miles from Munster. If you mention it in the NL I might get a few visitors. Remember me to Ronnie Whiteside, Tom Brewer, Leslie Bramwell, and especially my best pal Bert Miller, and tell him I am looking forward to a few more days leave with him."
Cfn. T.Mayson (Brick Kiln Lane, Rufford) writes from BLA "I would like very much to thank you for the way in which you responded to my call on the 28th of last month, when I found myself stranded on Preston station on my BLA leave from Germany. I am now returned to my Unit but, unfortunately, I have had to go into hospital in Brussels, flown down here by air for a minor operation on my ears. I myself know what it feels like to be awakened very early in the morning and told "It's your turn on now."
Sgt. T. Tindsley writes "I have been thinking that you have provided us with much food for thought in those little introductions of yours on the front page of the NL. These have been an inspiration to many of us throughout the long years of war. I have managed to win my way into a local cricket team and am, so far, managing to keep up the name which the Northerners have for loving cricket."
Sgt. Arthur Molyneux (Irish Guards) writes "I have been in hospital again, this time for quinsy, and believe me I thought I was dying; I couldn't eat, drink, and I found it difficult to breathe. Anyhow I am now back in the convalescent depot again. Please remember me to my cousin Dan Johnson, CMF., Chuck Wright, BLA, and all the local boys and girls.
Gunner Tom Fazackerley writes "I had my first aeroplane trip today and I quite enjoyed it. We are sleeping on the ground at night as we have to sleep the best we can and I have found that Mother Nature does not give us the bed we have been used to. I am now on Heavy AA mobile guns and they always manage to find us some wild place to stay the night."

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