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April 26th 1945

My Dear Boys and Girls,
When those in authority announce that the war in Europe may be regarded as at an end, I am hoping to issue a real bumper issue to commemorate the event, for then you will have completed the major part of your task.
But you who are abroad will be quite aware that Peace cannot be restored to the distracted continent by merely pronouncing the fact that the war, as such, is over. As a matter of fact our hardest task will then confront us, and must be tackled at once, and very skilfully, if all your victories are not to be in vain. Never before in the history of the world has such chaos engulfed the whole world. To get back any stability we must anchor it to a rock, and that Rock must be Christ. But we ourselves must possess Christ before we can bring others to Him. The spiritual needs of the post-war world should be exercising our minds now, if we are to buy up the opportunity that will present itself to us immediately the war in the West is over.
With all my prayers, my love and my Blessing,
Ever your fellow-worker in Christ,
L N Forse.

Thomas Alan Swale, Hallsall's Farm, Carr Lane, was married on Saturday in Tarleton Parish Church, to Mary Spencer, younger daughter of Mr. & Mrs.George Spencer, Carr Lane. Reception and Wedding Breakfast at Garlick's. Honeymoon at Blackpool. Captain Ronnie Cook (married Nellie Cookson), has been mentioned in dispatches for good leadership of those under his command in the fighting in Germany. This entitles him to wear oak leaves on his medal ribbon. Harry Cookson has been slightly wounded while fighting in Germany. His wagon struck a mine. The Sergeant was killed and Harry wounded and burned in the arm. Nick Taylor, Gorse Lane (married Tolsey Stazicker), has been wounded while fighting in Germany, and is in a military hospital abroad. Mr Sergeant, the Café, has bought, by auction, Stansfield's house, Laund, in Hesketh Lane. He gave £6,650 for it. It will be remembered that he also bought, a few weeks ago, the large house near the station. Mr Herbert Parkinson, JP. broadcast last week, in the Transatlantic News, a message of sympathy with the American people on the death of President Roosevelt, from the people of Lancashire. Mrs Elizabeth Coulton, Elsinore, Hesketh Lane, died on Tuesday and was buried at Tarleton on Friday. She was 79. Lieut. Frank Croft, has been told by Bill Bowes, the famous Yorkshire cricketer, who was a prisoner of war in Oflag 79, with Captain Fred Croft, but who has now got back to England, that he saw and spoke to Fred Croft after the Americans had captured the POW camp. Capt. Fred Croft was quite well, and the Dr. and Mrs Croft are expecting him home within a few days. Special Musical Service at the Methodist Chapel last Sunday in aid of their Organ Fund. An old minister, the Rev. Fred Taylor preached, solos and anthems by local singers. Several local weddings in the offing, more details next week.

Harley McKean; Edward Harrison (Fermor Rd); Frank Timperley; Alf Rowland; Ken Baxendale; David Hanson (48 hrs); Albert Blackburn; Bob Johnson (48 hrs); Bill Ball (Moss Lane); Bill Bridge; Jack Hodge. Mrs Arthur Johnson (nee Hannah Bamber, Kearsley Ave), has presented her husband with their first child - a boy. The infant daughter (first child) of Mrs David Rimmer (nee Betty Abram) was christened on Sunday last in Tarleton Parish Church with the names of Margaret Frances. Congratulations to L/Sergt Tom Tindsley upon being awarded Field Marshall's Certificate of merit for conspicuous gallantry on the field of Battle. Rather late in the day to offer them, but we have only just heard of the honour conferred upon him. Ruth Ainsworth, Fermor Road, was married last Wednesday at the Methodist Chapel, Hesketh Lane, to Fred Taylor, Moss Lane. Nick Taylor (married Tolsey Stazicker) has been slightly wounded in BLA and is doing very nicely. The Rector went to London on Business last Monday, but will be back at the week-end in time to write next week's NL.

Pte Robert Edmondson writes from BLA "It is a very pleasant little town where we are stationed with a canal running through the centre of it. They have a very queer railway system here; there appears to be only one line and that runs alongside the road, and a stranger has a job to distinguish the trams from the trains. If you want to catch a train you just go to where the line crosses the road and hop on as it is travelling. There are no gates, the train simply slows down and crosses the road. Please thank Bill Whittle for his kind regards and return the compliment." Dvr Bill Whittle writes from BLA "Fred Bentham is doing it, isn't he? I bet you are proud to have one of your village lads winning such an honour. I bet Fred was pleased with himself when Monty presented him with the Certificate. I am now over the Rhine, and in my opinion some of these German folk will be very reluctant to start another war. From what I've already seen, I'm sure they will think twice." L/Cpl Dick Gabbott airmails from CMF "You will see that I have been getting a little promotion; it is a little late on in the war, but we must not let the old village down. I still get to see two of my old pals who are out here, Ronnie Pilkington and John Iddon; I also hear that Dick Burns is not far from here and I am hoping to get in touch with him before he leaves. So please tell him to keep his eyes open if he is still in Alex. I would like to be remembered to my brother Howard, my brother-in-law Abel Bickerstaffe, my cousin Norman and Jack Moss."
Capt Eric Hind airmails from India "Everything in India is much as usual. Just now the hot weather is beginning and the dust storms are blowing. The news in Europe is certainly grand, and we, out here, are following it very eagerly. The NL and Parish Magazine continue to arrive regularly, and are more than welcome, because apart from their news value, they are a first-class morale raiser." Cpl J H Sutton writes from CMF "We are only 57 miles from Berlin. I was fortunate a week or so ago when I was invited to spend day fishing with some Italian people I am friendly with. It was quite a large boat driven by a large four cylinder diesel engine. It was quite a good day and we returned to a good meal of fried fish, eggs, salad etc. Please convey via the NL, my best wishes to my cousin Robert Howard, Bert Barron, Jack Moss, and all Tarletonians in the Forces, and good luck and a speedy return." Dvr Robert Bond (Mere Brow) writes from BLA "Here I am as I promised, but not as soon as you expected? We had a very nice chat together when I came to the Rectory a few weeks ago. When you knew the places I mentioned it made it more interesting. Actually it isn't much use telling anyone if they haven't been themselves. I haven't much to say, all the news I get is from your NLs and letters from home. Give my best regards to my dearest pal Chuck Wright, also to Billy Hudson, and the other Charlie Wright (Tabby Nook), not forgetting all the local boys and girls in the Forces." Petty Officer Arthur Proctor, RN, writes from Ceylon, "I have something of interest to tell you. The other day I was walking round the Base when I saw a chap walk towards me. We both stopped and looked at each other for a few seconds, then he asked me who I was. It turned out to be Bill Hudson (Mere Brow) to whom I have been writing. It was very queer, but he came here in the course of duty, but it was nice to meet someone from the old village. As soon, as I met him I showed him by latest NL which he hadn't seen, as he had n0ot had any mail for quite a few days owing to the prevailing conditions. I am now corresponding with my old friend Jimmy Southern. I haven't heard from Jack Hodge for some weeks. I had an accident down in the workshops and broke my left thumb, but I think it will be OK in a few weeks. The best of luck to all the boys and girls in the Forces. L/Cpl Jim Waters airmails from India "At last I have managed to contact one of the local lads. On Tuesday evening I went off to find Fred Forshaw and quickly ran him to earth on a local sports ground playing his beloved cricket. I have a date with him for Monday evening when we shall probably see "Mr Winkle goes to War". Fred looked very fit and well tanned and tells me he met Herbert Croft twice in '43. Once he met him within a few hundred yards of my billet, all unknown to me!! I'm still in the trail of Ken Robshaw and Harry Devitt. My kind regards to all Tarletonians.

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