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12th April 1945

My dear Boys and Girls,
This week has been a very hefty one for me. It was the Men's Effort for the Welcome Home Fund, and we had over 80 men on the Committee, and every one was dead keen. We canvassed every householder in Tarleton to give us something to auction. We had very, very few refusals. I did Tarleton Moss and did not get a single refusal. As you will see overleaf we raised in the one afternoon the huge sum of £550, with still more to come in. Well, you will want it, and you certainly deserve it. We are watching your swift progress towards complete Victory and Home with the keenest interest and, needless to say, with many prayers for your continued success. We are wondering how, and when, to give you the great reception we have in store for you. You will not all be home by the same boat, so we shall have to wait until some convenient date when the large majority will have landed home safely, and then have a really big "Welcome Home". We are thinking of having preliminary "Welcomes" in the way of Dances once a month at which those who are demobbed during that month will be the Guests of Honour. Then will come the great 'omnibus' Reception which really will be a big affair. In the meantime you can rely upon us to watch your interests in every matter that closely concerns you, especially if you write and tell me what you want. With all my love, and all my prayers for you, ever your affectionate friend, L.N.FORSE.

Very big Auction Sale in schools on Saturday in aid of Welcome Home Fund. It was the men's effort with over 80 men on Committee. Everybody sent something ranging from a motorbike, a Wye calf, and a brand new bicycle, to sacks of spuds, hens, and boxes of matches. The schools were packed tight with buyers. Whist Drive in the evening. Total takings came to well over £550. Mr. James Melling opened the Auction and got £5.10s. for a set of table linen. The men continue their effort this week with a Dance and a concert. Mr. Robert Latham, J.P., has been taken to Preston Infirmary by ambulance after being taken ill suddenly at home. Mr. And Mrs. John Barron (old Post Office) left Tarleton on Tuesday for their new permanent home at Clacton-on-Sea, Essex.

Bert Price; Edwin Crabtree; Harold Pilkington (embarkation); Leslie Hodson; Richard Rymer; Philip Rigby (from Burma);Thomas Measham (H.B.); William Ashcroft (H.B.), from B.L.A.; George West; Albert Becconsall; William Harrison (Holmes); Hubert Tindsley; Will Wright (Parachute Regt.).
We regret to announce that Arthur Barron (Hesketh Lane) has been wounded in the arm, and is in hospital in B.L. The infant daughter of Mr. And Mrs. John Coulton (Coe Lane) was christened on Sunday in Tarleton Parish Church by the names of Marian Ann. The infant daughter of Mr. And Mrs. Jack Mee was christened on Sunday in Tarleton Parish Church by the name of Joyce. Hugh Melling, R.A.F., has embarked for foreign service.
At the Vestry meeting last Wednesday both Mr. Bailey and Mr. Arthur Dandy were unanimously elected to continue in office as Churchwardens.
Tom Forshaw went for medical last Thursday and passed A1. He was accepted for the Navy.Leslie Hodson became engaged on Sunday to Hilda Clews, Kearsley Ave. The Tarleton Junior Football club played Croston,at Croston,on Saturday and lost 2-3. The Tarleton Church Youth Fellowship had a cycle outing to Southport. Last Monday, April 9th, was the 27th anniversary of the day on which the rector was taken prisoner-of-war by the Germans at Givenchy. He was interned at different times at the following Offlags - Radstatt; Karlsruhe; Pforzheim; Clausthall; Heidelberg; Aachen; all of which, with the exception of Clausthall, in the Hartz mountains, have been captured by the Allies. During the past few weeks quite a large number of NLs have been returned after being all over B.L.A. Will all those who do not receive their NLs regularly please write at once to the rector stating clearly their right address. It will save him no end of trouble.

Dvr. William Whittle writes from B.L.A. He heads his letter "Somewhere in Germany", and says "Having the King and Queen through our village is something of an honour. I wish I could have been there to see them, but I think that to see you again will satisfy me. Just at the moment while I am writing I am munching a "Woffla". A "Woffla" is a Belgian biscuit about 4ins. long by 2ins. wide, and it goes well with our routine evening tea. I think my next billet will be a hole in the ground, a 'bivi' as it is called. At present I have a wooden hut in a barn. The cows kick up an awful row sometimes. The best of luck to all our lads and lassies in the "Forces."
Dvr. John Caunce writes from C.M.F. "I have not been getting much mail lately, only the good old NL. I only wish I could be back with you for Easter Sunday, but I shall remember you all on that day. I do not think it will be long now before we are all back, and then I am looking forward to helping you on all these busy times. I get quite a few games of football now with the coy, and have become one of the regular team. My best wishes to all my old companions."
Gunner Arthur Harrison writes from B.L. "It is Palm Sunday and we have just had a service which I enjoyed very much, although we had a job to hear because of the noise of the guns. I wish I could have told you what has been happening these last few days but no doubt you have already heard the good news. Everything out here is going very well. To all at home I say keep smiling and may God bless you all."
Gunner Ronald Brain writes "I have been getting the NLs alright although as you will see, I have changed my address. We are working very hard, but the food is good which, after all, is the chief thing. Please give my best wishes to my brother-in-law Jimmy Southern through the NL which I enjoy reading."
Pte. John Smith (late of Sollom) writes "I am stationed in Edinburgh for the duration owing to the fact that I am no longer fit for overseas. I hear from Bob and Hugh Bridge (also late of Sollom). Bob is in India and Hugh B.L.A. Both are receiving the NL regularly, and they ask me to thank you very sincerely for them, if you have not already received their letters. I hope that you and all in Tarleton are keeping in the best of health, and pray that in the very near future God will bring back all our loved ones to their homes to stay."
Pte. John Ball writes from a C.M.P. depot "I finish my twelve weeks' course next Friday when I have my final examinations. Then I hope to be on leave by April 12th. Yesterday, Easter Day, we had a Service in the depot, the first one we have had since I came here. Please remember me to all in the Forces, trusting that it will not be long now before we are all together again."
Bombardier Dick Blundell writes "While on the subject there is one thing I would like to ask you. It is, after the war is finished on the Continent and most of the early Demob groups are back in Civvies, will the NL still come out to us who are going out a bit late in the Campaign? I have little time to write as things are moving. You will know what I mean by that. So please remember me in the NL to Vernon Ogden, John Iddon, Stan Quinlan and all the other boys and girls away from the village.
Gunner Tom Fazackerley, just returned from leave, writes "I am enjoying this course much more than the last one though there's much more work attached to this; and talk about making us eat, we could do with double rations. When I saw you about a fortnight ago you asked me if I lived in Rufford or Tarleton. As you know I wasn't sure, so on going home I made a few enquiries and find that I am still within the boundaries of Tarleton. All the best to the Tarleton lads and lasses both at home and abroad."
A.C.1. John Harris writes "The work you are doing in providing the necessary transport from Preston for those who are unfortunately stranded there when they arrive in the early hours of the morning are appreciated by all concerned, and we all thank you very much for your kindness. I would like to convey my best wishes to all who are serving with the Colours whether they be at home or abroad."
Dvr. Fred Taylor (Hesketh Lane) writes from C.M.F. "We are having some very nice weather out here, just like summer, and I hope it continues. I am writing this letter while on leave with some Italian friends I have made. They have a son who is a prisoner-of-war in Germany and they treat me like a son. I think that I shall be back here in two weeks as I have to bring my Officer on his leave for a week and he stays about five miles from where I am. Remember me to all my mates from the Brick Works, also to Arthur Worth and all in the Forces."

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