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22nd March 1945

My dear Boys and Girls,
I am sorry that I have had to leave out so many extracts from letters received this week but I promise you a double number next week which should enable me to get them all in. This letter should reach most of you before Easter so I take the opportunity of reminding you that it is the bounden duty of every Christian to make his or her Communion on Easter Day, or failing that within Easter Week. Show this letter to your Chaplain and he will undoubtedly arrange a Service of Holy Communion at a time to suit most of you. As I am myself an old campaigner I know the difficulty of fulfilling all one's spiritual obligations on the battle-field; but it still remains true that nowhere is it more necessary, and often more difficult, for a man to take thought for the welfare of his eternal soul than on the battlefield. With my love, my prayers and my Blessing, ever your affectionate friend and pastor, L.N.FORSE.

Richmond House, the large red-brick house at the corner of Hesketh Lane and Moss Lane, belonging to Cook's the Solicitors, was sold by auction last Wednesday, and was bought by Mr. Sargeant, the Café, for £1,700.
Mrs. John Blundell, (Susie Dandy), and her daughter-in-law, young Mrs. Dick Blundell, are going to live in Jack Mee's present house (the old Smith, Church Road), when Jack Mee moves into Mr. John Barron's house, which Jack has bought.
The bungalow in Blackgate Lane, adjoining Douglas's where the late Mr. Connor lived, is to be put up for auction on April 15th.
Red Lees, Moss Lane, the bungalow where the late Mrs.Lord lived, was sold on Wednesday for £1,500. It was bought by Albert Foster who married May Wilson.
Tarleton lads played Croston lads at football on Saturday afternoon on the Council School playing field. Tarleton won 5-3.
Ronnie Knight organised a Concert in the Queen's cinema on Sunday night last, after Church hours, on behalf of the Red Cross.
Mr. David Smith, Hesketh Lane, father of Tom Smith the Schoolmaster, died rather suddenly on Sunday afternoon. He was 68 years of age.
Damage was done to decking and a shelter on Southport Pier last Friday by a fire believed to have been caused by a cigarette end.
Kenneth Baxendale (H.B.) has been reported wounded while fighting in Holland. No details so far. He has only been at the front a few weeks.
Lieut. Henry Fairbairn, a partner in Henry Alty's Ltd., has met in Holland Nick Taylor (H.B.,married Tolsey Stazicker) and also Jack Robinson.
There are seventy men on the Committee which is holding an Auction Sale in Tarleton Schools on behalf of the Welcome Home Fund.

ON LEAVE: Arthur Barron; Tom Fazackerley; Henry Fairbairn(H.B.); Fred Burns; Hubert Tindsley; Tom Smith (compassionate); Ernie Ball; Bert Price; John Rowland; Robert Bond (Mere Brow); from Germany.
Last week's Preston Guardian contained quite a good article about the Rector's News Letter. Dick Sephton, Rufford, who was badly wounded by a land mine while driving his truck in the desert during the fighting there, is now home and is looking very well indeed.
Miss Chapman, who broke her leg by a fall on Christmas Day returned home from Preston Infirmary on Wednesday.
Billy Winward (used to live in Granville Avenue, off Moss Lane, but is now married and lives at Longton) is home after two years in Basra, where he was doing bridgebuilding etc. as a civilian for the R.A.F. He is still doing R.A.F. constructional work and is still a civilian.

Dvr. Stan Johnson airmails from C.M.F. "Just to let you know that this old conscience of mine is working enough to make me write. We seem to have got rid of that knee deep mud and the sun is shining a reasonable amount. It is nearly 12 months now since I left Africa for this joint. I saw a football match yesterday, an English side versus a Polish eleven."
Gunner Arthur Harrison writes from B.L.A. "I can't tell you very much now but we are still busy keeping Jerry on the run, and we are not catching any harm as we get chickens, pigs, coal, milk and a few other things. These people here have evidently been doing well. Please thank the ladies from the Sunday School who gave my wife some money. My best wishes to my sister Vera, and Harold Aspey and tell him I am glad that he has got to a good place. I hope to be home about the 24th or 30th.
Dvr. George West writes from B.L.A. "We are stationed in a very large town somewhere in Belgium. "It is a lot better than France. The people are very friendly and most of them speak English. There are six cinemas and quite a few canteens, but for all that I prefer Tarleton. Remember me to Bob Johnson and all the local boys and girls in the Forces.
Cpl. Jimmy Burns writes from B.L.A. "I had quite a surprise today, I met my brother George. He has just come out of the line and tomorrow I am going to spend the afternoon with him. We met on the line between Holland and Germany and I was trying to tell him that I would beat him into Germany yet when he said "I was in Germany last September. You will remember the Amm Dvrs bringing the paratroopers out of the mess they were in. Well I was in that lot, " so I had to pipe down. So I think he will be the first of mother's five sons to enter Germany. I am glad to find that my old Middle East pal, Dick Sephton, is now home again."
Pte. Jack Parker airmails from S.E.A.C. "My brother's camp in Germany is one of those recaptured by the Russians, but up to the present we have not hear whether Syd is safe or not. You ask for suggestions for the N.L. What about putting 'Tarleton Rectory' above the date. At present there is nothing in the N.L. to tell any stranger who may pick one up where it comes from. We have no padre of our own, but one comes along and he is a very good chap. We also have a weekly Brains Trust."
LAC Dick McKean airgraphs from M.E.F. "Harley, my brother, is now with Dick Gabbott, and by all accounts they appear to be enjoying themselves. I am hoping to pay them a visit in the near future. I understand that my brother Frank and my brother-in-law Bill Abram are both on leave. I hope they don't forget to pay you a visit. Remember me to all the girls and boys in the Forces."
AB Jack Marsden, R.N. writes from his ship "We saw a smashing ENSA show about a week ago. It was on the R.N. football ground ashore, and the Stars of the show were George and Beryl Formby. It was a grand show, I liked it a lot, and judging by the crowd there I wasn't the only one. They had George singing till he was hoarse. I saw Bob Iddon as I was on the way to Cape Town, and I've an idea that Arthur Proctor and Bill Hudson are not far away. We get some quite good cinema shows aboard. My kind regards to all the boys and girls, especially my old pal Sid Ball, also Bob Hull, Bill Harrison and Eva Founds, W.A.A.F. I'm twenty years old today." (Many happy returns of the day, Jack, and may your next birthday be spent at Home, sweet Home.)
Petty Officer Arthur Proctor, R.N. airmails from Ceylon "I saw a reference to me in my last N.L. made by Jimmy Southern, a great pal of mine. I had thought that he had forgotten me, but seemingly he has not. I shall endeavour to obtain his address and write to him. I am still corresponding with Bill Hudson. He is about a day's journey from here. My best wishes to Jack Hodge, Jack Waters and Jimmy Southern."
AB Tom Dickinson, R.N. writes from Egypt. "While I was in Pireas a few weeks ago I saw a queer thing happen (that is to me). I saw a procession coming down to the water's edge with a priest carrying a Cross which he first poured water over and then threw into the sea. Then several people, fully clothed, went in after it. The rest I did not see. I have met Bob Iddon again up here while we were in harbour the other week, and we had a chin-wag together. Remember me to Bob Howard, Ken Dandy, Tom Bolton, and all the lads away from home."
L/Cpl Ken Robshaw writes from India Command "I am keeping in the best of health and am still very busy at my new job. I am very keen on my work and think that after all I really am doing some good. Remember me to all the boys and girls in the Forces."
L/Cpl Herbert Parkinson writes from B.L.A. "Will you, through the N.L. thank the British Legion, Women's Section, the Mothers' Union, the Bowling Club for the donations they sent on to me. Although not now actually a resident of Tarleton it will be a long time before I forget to call it home. Remember me through the N.L. to John Pickervance, David Hanson, Will Sutton (P.O.W.) and all the boys and girls in the Forces. Also George Burns whom I had the pleasure of coming home on leave with."

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