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No: 258
March 15th 1945

Buckingham Palace
March 5th, 1945

The Lady-in-Waiting is commanded by the Queen to thank the Rev. L N Forse for the copies of the News Letter which he has sent out every week for the past five years to the Tarleton men and women in the Forces of the King.
The Queen has read the News Letter with great interest, and feels that it must indeed carry a precious breath of home life to his parishioners who receive it. The Lady-in-Waiting is to send Her Majesty's very good wishes to Mr Forse and his people.

The Rev L N Forse.

The above is a copy of the letter received by the Rector on Wednesday morning from Her Most Gracious Majesty The Queen.

Of course the great news this week is of the visit of THE KING AND QUEEN to Tarleton. They were visiting West Lancashire and on the way from Ormskirk to Preston slowed down outside the Old Church. Four Flag Poles, each 30ft high were erected outside the Church gates, flying 6ft flags, the children of all the Tarleton and Mere Brow Schools lined up outside with some hundreds of small flags. Mr Waterhouse with a red flag slowed down the Royal Procession just about Dandy's (Oak Cottage), on the brow, Mr Corless, the new Headmaster of our Church Schools, with a green flag gave the signal to the royal chauffeur to put his foot on the accelerator at the bottom of the brow. All Tarleton turned out to see their Majesties. The British Legion, Men's Branch and Women's Section came with their Standards. The Queen waved and the King smiled as they passed the children who cheered frantically. The Rector spent two hefty days making preparations and getting things ready. The Royal Party lunched at the County Offices in Fishergate.
The newly formed Youth Fellowship in connection with our Church organisation held its first meeting in the Schools on Friday evening. Tarleton lads played Bretherton at Football on Saturday and lost 1 - 5.
Mr Barron's house (Old Post Office), and cottage attached, at corner of Church Road and Gorse Lane, was sold by auction on Saturday, and was bought by Jack Mee, Butcher for £1,730.
Mrs David Rimmer (nee Betty Abram), the Old Smithy, has presented her husband with their first child - a girl.
Harry Crabtree sold his greenhouses and land in Blackgate Lane by auction last Saturday afternoon. They fetched £950.
The Rector christened the following babies last Sunday: -
John Clive Ashton, Hesketh Lane, grandson of the Ashtons of New Road.
Ronald Stephen Clayton, of Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester, son of
Mary Margaret (nee Mary Iddon of Carr Lane) and Dennis Clayton.
Thompson's Dutch Barn, Dandy's Farm opposite Webster's, Church Road, caught fire on Saturday night, but the local NFS, under command of Company Commander Harry Hodge, put it out before it had done any considerable damage.
John Spencer, a Bevin Boy had his hand damaged in the mine and is at home on sick leave.

William Harrison (Holmes); Harry Woosey, Robert Edmondson, (Embarkation); Hugh Melling (Embarkation); Dick Blundell; Alan Jay.
Mrs Spencer Wright, (nee Nellie Rimmer), Moss Side, Mere Brow, has presented her husband with their first child.
Mrs Mullarkey (nee Betty Taylor), Mere Brow, has presented her husband with their second child, a second son.

Sgt Fred Forshaw, RE. writes from, India. "I am playing cricket again very regularly, and on Sunday morning I make my second debut on the Viceregal grounds against the Viceregal Staff. The Viceroy and the Auk are quite familiar to me now, and Lady Wavell, who does a lot for the troops here in Delhi, especially those coming down from the front. A fortnight tomorrow we have the Delhi Point to Point races, and you can guess where I shall be on that day. Last Sunday we had an unusual rugger match - the Airborne versus the Chairborne. The visitors arrived by parachute all ready to kick off. They dropped from a Troop Carrier at a height of 350ft; it looked dead easy. Tell any local lads who find themselves out here that I call at Irwin Stadium, my billet, will always find me".
AB Ken Dandy airmails from his ship, "In the NL I notice that Tom Dickinson has been fairly close to me at Piraeus, in Greece. Has he said there was a gradely fight, but no skylark. I may bump into him one of these days, and there is nothing I would like better than to meet my old pal. My kind regards to all my friends in the Forces, and at home, and return good wishes to Tom Dickinson, and greetings to my brother Tom, and my brother-in-law Bill Bridge".
Sapper Abraham Wright writes from BLA, "Until I came into this campaign I hardly realised that a modern war could be so contrary to common sense or to the natural law of mankind. I have not met any of my own particular pals from our district, but I can honestly say that when one is in the Army 90% of the men can be real friends, and when the time comes for me to return to civvy street I shall not forget them. Please convey, through the NL, my greetings to the men and women in the Forces, and to all the folks at home".
L/S Jimmy Latham writes from his ship, "I cannot tell you of my activities, for one thing there is a censor, for another I have a very strict code of security which I think must be kept up. The other day I had an NL dated Lent 1943. It must have chased me round my own country and one or two more by the addresses it had on it".
Dvr John Caunce airmails from CMF, "I have had a letter from Billy Harrison and he tells me that he followed our convoy route for ten miles but he could not get to see me. I wish I could have seen him for then we could have had a good talk about old times and the good days we used to have at the Rectory, and I hope to spend many more of them when I get back. My kind regards to all, not forgetting John Spencer".
CMS Edgar Wait writes from BLA, "My pals are amazed at the bond of friendship between Tarletonians serving in all spheres of operations, which is brought about by the extracts from letters published in the NL, so that all can share each other's news and views. My brother George is still serving with me and has asked me to send you his kind regards. Please give my kind regards to all the boys and girls in the Forces, especially to my Brother Joe".
L/Cpl Ken Robshaw airmails from India, "I am kept very busy these days. As perhaps you already know I am RQMS's clerk and Dispatcher, which is a very important post to hold out here. I ran the big football match last week, England versus Scotland, at Delhi Station. Scotland won by two goals to nil. The NL and Parish Magazine have reached me in ten days, which is good going".
Cpl William Bridge writes from BL, "Everything over here is going OK, and the weather itself is getting more like Spring every day. Leave is the main topic of conversation at the moment, and everyone, including myself, is looking forward to it. Give my kind regards to my brothers-in-law Tom and Ken Dandy, and please notice my new address. I see in the NL that my old pal Dick Sephton is on his way home. Please give him my very kind regards and wish him a good and speedy voyage".
Sapper George Barker writes from BLA, "I have started this letter and now I don't know what to write about. Please, through the NL pass on my congratulations to Frank Hewitson on his recent marriage. Norman Barron was saying that he saw a truck go by the other day with 'Tarleton' written on it, but he had no chance of attracting the Driver's attention. We managed to turn out a football team on Sunday, and beat the nearby town 4 - 2".
LAC Freddy Coupe writes from the West Indies, "Since I last wrote I've been very active/ I've seen quite a few cricket matches, mostly Test Trials, and at the moment we play Barbados. I've seen quite a few of the West Indies 1939 Test Team. Yesterday I spent on the beach, swimming etc., and had quite a good time".
Dvr Sam Iddon airmails from CMF, "I wish to send, through the NLs my best wishes to the following: - Vernon and Ken Ogden, also to Cpl Jimmy Burns, the Tindsleys, my last cricket pals, and Abel Bickerstaffe, hoping that we may all meet again soon. I am receiving the NLs very regularly, and thank you for them".
Dvr Tom Alty writes from BLA, "I am now inside Germany, in a district where there has been some heavy fighting, but we have to expect that. The weather is very bitter and it keeps on trying to snow. But I think that the worst weather is over now. Please note my new address.

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