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No: 255
February 22nd 1945

My Dear Boys and Girls,
Sergeant George Hardcastle in a letter to the Rector makes a very useful suggestion. "Why not", he says, "make a feature in the NL of a new section at the end - Your Queries answered. In it any part of the demob. scheme, gratuities, etc could be explained or perhaps, questions about the village answered".
A very good suggestion which I will put in hand at once. So will any lad, or girl, who wants any question cleared up send a query along and I will obtain an answer from some expert source. Next week I shall have to blossom out into another double number because I have still a good number of letters from which I have not given extracts. As you will have noticed I always give extracts from overseas letters first. I think that this is the fairest way. And I have only a limited amount of space allowed me each week. However, look out next week for the 'Double'".
With my love and my Blessing, Ever your affectionate friend,

The usual Shrove Tuesday dance took place in the Schools. Quite a good number of the devotees of the terpsichorean art were present, but the general attendance was not up to the usual.
The infant child of William and Doris Pickervance, Carr Lane, was christened on Sunday with the name of Muriel.
Arnold Cookson (Shore Road) and Ken Brandwood, both of HB have been called up into the Army.
Mrs Ted Topping (Mary Agnes), is in Ormskirk Infirmary,
Mr James Spencer, Church Road, near Windgate is seriously ill.
Jimmy Taylor, opposite Church, is now in a mine at Coppull as a Bevin Boy.
Frank Foster received his final discharge from the Army last week on medical grounds.

David Hanson; George Farrington (compassionate); Will Riding; Bill Bridge (Rufford); Arthur Worth.
Two Chorley lads out shooting wild duck on Hesketh Marsh on Sunday afternoon; one swung round with his gun and shot the other dead. Further details next week.
A very beautiful mural plaque has been given to the RC Church of Our Lady in Hesketh Lane, by Mr and Mrs Ball, Newarth Lane, HB, in memory of their son Austin, who was drowned while on Active Service with Coastal Command. The British Legion was represented at the Blessing of the Memorial.

Dvr Dick Sephton airmails from MEF, "Please discontinue sending the NL to me as I am on my way home. They might go astray and I should hate that to happen. I hope to visit you in person in the near future. I am hoping to spend next Christmas with my family, where we all long to be at such a time".
LAC Sydney Cookson airmails from India, "Your NLs still follow me up wherever I may go, and are very welcome, for in these hard days we all need that refreshing native air. In many ways the people of India are very backward, and very stubborn, and have no desire to learn. We have no Padre here but still manage to run a little Church, and we hope to have the Bishop of Calcutta soon. Best wishes to all HB and Tarleton boys and girls in the Forces".
AB Ken Dandy writes from his ship, "Do you remember me telling you about the turkey we chased through the cactus? Well, we have at last caught it. After we had finished cooking, frying and boiling it, it was just like wood, it was that tough. We are smashing cooks, but I think something went wrong there. Anyway, we had a good laugh over it!!!
Fusilier Arthur Barron (Hesketh Lane) writes from BLA, " I have just spent 48 hours in Brussels, and, believe me, it is a place worth seeing. Remember me in the NL to my brother Bob, cousins Bert and Ann Barron, and also Jack Hodge whom I have not heard much about lately, maybe he will be at sea. I am now in Holland where I have been mostly, but I have also seen a bit of Belgium".
Petty Officer Arthur Proctor airmails from his ship in the very far east, "I have just come out of hospital after another attack of malaria, that is the second lot in less than three months. Here's a bit of news which I am glad to say was brought about through the intermediary of the NL. The other day I had a letter from Stoker Will Hudson (Mere Brow). He saw an extract from one of my letters in the NL and knew I was out here. He asked one of the mechanics on his base if they knew me there, and as it happens I have a number of friends on that base. I wrote a reply straight away, and I am endeavouring to arrange a meeting. He is only about a day's journey from here. All my regards to all in the Forces, especially Jack Watson and Jack Hodge whom I thank for his letter".
L/Cpl Ken Robshaw writes from India, "I am at present just scribbling this short note before I go out to the pictures, that is if the rain keeps off because our cinema has no roof on it, and so if it rains, well, there you are. I will send you another photo graph shortly, that is if I can find time to have one taken. Please let me know how many lads there are now in the Forces from Tarleton
Dvr John Caunce airmails from CMF,"I have asked Mother to send me some of the latest songs in music. I am always wanting to play the piano, that is when we get the chance to see one. We had a five mile cross country run two days ago. This is the second one we have had in a week. In the first on I only came in seventh, in 38 minutes; but this time I came in first in 34 minutes which is not so bad".
Pte William Parkinson writes from BLA, "I am now getting settled down after my leave. It was certainly very good to see Tarleton once again, and also to be present at the 8 o'clock Communion with my wife. The weather here is not too good, but better than when I was home on leave. Being so recently back there is not very much to write about".
Trooper Harry Latham airgraphs from SEAC "I am now at the front again and the writing material out here is very scarce. As the NL never fails to reach me, for which I thank you. I am still in the best of health and am going on alright. Please remember me to all my friends, those at home and also those in the Forces".
L/Cpl Harley McKean airgraphs from MEF, "Some good news - I am now in the same company as Dick Gabbott. I arrived here three weeks ago and we have discussed Tarleton thoroughly. We have also been in contact with Dick's brother-in-law, Abel Bickerstaffe. He has just arrived out here. He used to work with me in the Co-op at Croston".
LAC Tom Southworth writes from BLA, "I have now been out here just over three weeks. For the first two weeks I was in Belgium. I am now in Holland. It seems strange to be in places so recently in German occupation. The people seem anxious to do everything they can for us and I am quite comfortable in every way. The food is good, we get plenty of cigarettes, but there is nothing to be had in the shops, so it is almost impossible to spend money here. Also the local beer is not worth buying - if obtainable".
Tel. John Webster RN writes, "I have now moved to another ship and am training for submarine crew. At the last place I was at I was aboard a sub and the first person I met was Bill Ball (Newarth Lane, HB); it was one of the last places I should have expected to meet a Tarleton lad. We saw quite a lot of each other for a few weeks. It was grand to be at your 12th Night Party, and as I looked at the pho0tograph of the Servers on you big bookcase I thought 'I wonder where the rest of the group is'? I bet they would have given something to be at the party that night. I hope that next year will see them all sitting round the big cake".
Pte Jack Parker airmails from SEAC, "Here is a perfectly true story: - A soldier out here went into an Indian barber's stall for a haircut. There was an Indian squatted there, so the lad told him to get cracking on his hair. The Indian refused and gave a voluble explanation in Hindu, which language the lad did not understand. But the lad refused to take 'No' for and answer, and gave the Indian a piece of his mind. To save the lad's threats materializing the Indian started the hair cut. In the course of time another Indian came in. He was the real barber, and the other fellow was only a customer".
Cpl Ken Nicholson writes from his ship HMS Colossus, "Please tell any local lads if ever they see my ship in harbour to come aboard and ask for me. They will always be most welcome. Remember me to Jack Moss, Dick Gabbott, Rowland Bros., Burns Family, Norman Barron and the rest of the lads. Tell Jack Moss I would like a letter from him, its quite alright to give him my address".
Pte Ronnie Sergeant writes from BLA "We are taking our rest in a town we liberated a while since. We only had the opportunity of staying here one night after the liberation so we did not have the opportunity of receiving all the gratitude the people wished to bestow on us. However, the population has not forgotten, and are making up now for all they wished to do for us then. It is making life more comfortable".

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