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No: 249
January 11th 1945

My Dear Boys and Girls,
This week I want your co-operation. Can you suggest any way in which I can brighten up the News Letter during the coming year. You must remember that my space is very limited indeed, except when I blossom out into double numbers, so that any other feature will have to take from those already included. All I want is to give you what you like, and personally I do not mind what is included. The next few weeks will be those of mixed feelings for most of you, for quite a number of our lads are expecting leave from abroad, and you will see the names of the lucky ones in the NL, Well, don't worry if your name does not come out of the lucky bag at the first dip; it will surely come, and we shall most surely give you a good welcome when you arrive in the old village.
With all my love, my prayers and my Blessing,
Ever your sincere friend and pastor,

Mrs Dick Johnson, Jubilee House, Hesketh Lane, has presented her husband with a baby boy.
Mr Moore Johnson is selling some of his land in Boundary Lane.
Mr Arthur Jones, Smith's Avenue, Hesketh Lane, is in the Infirmary suffering from hernia.
A Pool Petrol tank skidded just outside Smithy Houses, Sollom, turned over three times, and broke open. 500 gallons of petrol poured out. It contains 1500. The driver crawled out and ran to the houses telling the occupiers to douche their fires with water. All Sollom rushed to the scene with tins and pails and got quite a good haul of petrol. Preston Fire Brigade came on the scene 'in case', and the Police cordoned off the area with big notices 'No Smoking'. All the Smithy Houses were without fires all day, and washed all the remaining petrol off. The driver was taken in a private car to the Infirmary.
The local ATC had a Hot-Pot supper in the Schools on Friday evening, followed by an entertainment with Conjuror and comic artist.
Mr Tom Smith, who lodged at Dandy's Farm, opposite Webster's, died suddenly in his sleep on Wednesday and was buried with his first wife at Tarleton on Saturday. He was 69.
Tuesday's Daily Post contained the following announcement under the heading 'Engagement'. Blundell - Fazackerley; the engagement is announced between John, eldest son of Mr and Mrs R Blundell, grandson of Mr and Mrs Ball, Hodson's Farm, Hesketh Bank, and Nellie, second daughter of Mrs and the late Mr J Fazackerley, Gatcliffe Farm, Tarleton.
The Annual New Years Ball took place on Monday evening. The Schools were packed to suffocation, but everyone enjoyed it all.
'Olde Lang Syne' was sung at midnight and dancing, if one could call it such, went on till nearly one o'clock. The Rector wished everyone a Happy New Year.
Bert Melling, who arrived home on Christmas Day, may get his discharge on medical grounds.
Mrs Sephton, the wife of Flying Officer T H Sephton, who, when he joined up was Headmaster of Bretherton Schools, and who was taken prisoner-of-war at Singapore, has written to the Rector saying that she has heard from him that he is quite well, and has with him in his camp William Sutton who wishes to be remembered to the Rector. Billy Sutton is keeping well.
Harry Devitt has arrived home on five weeks leave after about four years' service in India. He looks very fit and well, much browned, but also much thinner.

David Hanson; Robert Edmondson' Hubert Tindsley; Stanley Holden; Tom Spencer; Eddie Farrell.

Dvr Robert Bond (Mere Brow), writes from BLA, "A few weeks ago I met a Tarleton lad named Jack Robinson. He stayed at our place over night. Apparently he went out with his 'Gaffer' and we arranged to have a night out together. I have also met my fiancée's brother out here, and one lad I so want to see is Chuck Wright. I know where he is, but I have not been fortunate enough to go that way. Tell him, through the NL I shall be calling in to see him the first chance I get".
Pte Hugh Bridge (late of Sollom, went to Banbury), writes from BLA, "I am hoping to be home on the 27th of this month. I have been over here since D Day, so I am ready for home. I think a lot of my school days as a boy at Tarleton School. Remember me through the NL to all the boys and girls and tell them I wish them a speedy return".
Sapper Ronnie Melling (Wingate) airmails from CMF, "A few weeks ago I spent a week in Rome on leave, and I had a look round St Peter's as well as several other Churches, besides seeing the Pope in the Vatican. In a recent NL I saw John Caunce as 313. If he is a driver in the RE I was in his billets a few weeks ago.
Field Marshall Alexander paid a short visit to our Coy workshops, and he was much impressed with what he saw. The Bishop of Maidstone was here last week to open a new C/E Church. Please thank through the NL the various organisations for their Christmas gifts left at my home for me".
2nd Lt Mick Melling writes from BLA, "As you will see from the address I am now with another Unit. I was medically downgraded last month as a result of battle exhaustion and was posted here. I am now pleasantly situated in the centre of a large city and am responsible for a number of armoured cars, and am very happy at the job, which is right up my alley. I would very much like Jimmy Burn's address. Please remember me to all in Tarleton, especially Bert, Hugh, Harry Crook, the Burns Bros, and all my friends in the Forces".
L/Cpl Kenneth Robshaw airgraphs from India, "Excuse short note but I have quite a lot of mail to answer and no time to spare. You will notice that I have just got my promotion, which up to the present is going OK. Thanks for your Christmas Card which is the first I have received".
AB/LTO Frank McKean writes from his ship. "Once again the Rodney is calling and all at Tarleton a Happy New Year. The Chaplain of the ship knows you. He is the Rev. G C Taylor, and he was a Server at St. Luke's, Southport, fifteen years ago. He knows Mr.Turner very well. I showed him the NL and he said it was a great job you were doing. I had a busy but quiet Christmas, and my one great longing is to spend next Christmas with my wife and baby, and all the people of our fine village of Tarleton".
Dvr Dick Sephton airgraphs from MEF, "With a bit of luck early spring will see me back in the old country. I have had some very interesting trips to different towns in the country, and they are all historical. Winter is now setting in and there is snow on the mountains but n0t on the low land. Remember me to all the local lads in France, including Will Bridge and Ernie Ball, and his mother, as I joined up with Will and Ernie, and now we are far apart".
Sapper Jimmy Harrison (Kearsley Avenue) writes from BLA, "I notice that there are quite a few local lads in the BLA and one or two in Holland. That is where I am, and it is just like the picture books, plenty of wooden shoes and windmills. Our Bill is in Belgium now. I don't suppose that he writes much as it takes him all his time to send me a letter. The short story in the Christmas number was good, and I liked the large number of 'Extracts'. The card was also nice, and, incidentally, it was the quickest letter I have received from England".
Sign Edward Harrison (Fermor Road) writes from BLA<"We have not fared too badly this Christmas, considering we are in the line. I would like you to thank the Bowling Club, the MU, and the Women Conservatives through the NL for their Christmas Gifts. I am looking forward to the New Year and leave. Remember me to all at home and abroad".
AC/1 Freddy Coupe writes from the West Indies, "I've been in hospital with a septic throat, but I am quite OK once again, and I hope to have a spell of fitness for a change. Remember me to Roger Watson and all the boys in the Forces".
Gunner Ronnie Whiteside airmails from CMF, "We are now billeted in a big mill where until a few months ago they made woollen vests and blankets as well as stockings and shirts. The young ladies of Tarleton would sure like to be in one of the warehouses; it is stocked with all kind of fineries. In the last letter I received from you I was much surprised to see my name in the list of those on leave. Whoever passed the information on to you was misinformed, as I am a very long way from coming home, and if I had been on leave I should have been over to see you". (Sorry, Ronnie, I certainly was misinformed, and apologise for the mistake).
Gunner Arthur Harrison writes from BLA, "We drew out last week for the January leave, but I am sorry that I was not lucky this time. We had a lovely Christmas Service and I stayed to Communion. Thank Harold Aspey for enquiring after me. My best regards to my sister Vera, Bill Barker, and also
Nick Forshaw, and may the New Year bring us all peace and home once again"

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