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No: 248
January 4th 1945

My Dear Boys and Girls,
Here comes the first NL for 1945. So I must wish you all the best for the year upon which we have now entered. In common, I suppose, with you all, I had hoped that before now I might have wound up the NL and said goodbye to it for ever. Well, let us hope that it will come to a satisfactory end before this year is out. Not that, for one moment I am tired of writing it each week - it is indeed a labour of great joy to me - but when I write my last NL it will mean that you are all safely home once more, and that will, indeed, be a cause of great rejoicing.
The great thing needed is Faith; faith in our Cause, faith in ourselves and faith in God, for without that faith the others will be of no effect.
So once again wishing you all the best fore the New Year, and with many prayers for your safety and speedy return,
And every Blessing I am able to bestow,
Ever your affectionate friend,

On Saturday last Alice Burns was married at the RC Church of Our Lady, Hesketh Lane, to CQMS Butler, of Ship's Staff
Church Sunday School Tea Party on Saturday. Plenty to eat, a good concert and then the usual games, spinning the tray etc.
Miss Chapman, who fell on Christmas Day and broke a bone in her thigh, is now in a private ward in Preston Infirmary.
Tom Wright has now left Preston Infirmary for the Willows Convalescent Home.
Mere Brow Church Tea Party last Friday. After a good feed there was dancing till midnight.
Jimmy Taylor (Church Road) has gone to a mine in Cumberland, and John Spencer has gone to Haydock Colliery.
The earthquake tremor, reported on the wireless on Saturday morning, was distinctly felt in Tarleton. The Rector was wakened at 2.35 am by all the bottles on his bedside table rattling violently.

Alan Jay; Fred Burns; Frank Taylor; Jimmy West (from Mines); Edgar Wait; Sandy Laing; Robert Edmondson; Arthur Woosey; Jack Culshaw (New Road); Will Ball (Newarth Lane); Harry Crook.
Mrs Albert Coxhead, wife of the Bretherton barber, has presented her husband with a son.
Mrs Billy Banks, of Bretherton has presented her husband with a son.

Dvr Sid Ball writes from CMF. "I am pleased to be able to tell you that I have had another chance to see Dan Stazicker, but it was only for a few minutes, as he was going to pull out for a month's rest at Rome, lucky blighter! I have received a Christmas airgraph from you, for which many thanks. Remember me to all the boys and girls through the NL and don't forget Jack Marsden".
Dvr Will Ellison airgraphs from CMF, "We have had plenty of rain and knee deep in mud, but no snow yet, but we are expecting it as the Ities say it usually gets four feet deep. We have got a pig and six cock-chickens for our Christmas Dinner, so we shall not be so badly off. We have also got a good crowd for entertainment, better than the people they send us from England in Ensa, so we should have quite a good time. The people round here have come back and there are just a few shops opening. Remember me to all in the Forces, especially Philip Rigby".
Gunner Philip Rigby airgraphs from India, Thanks for the NLs I have received lately. I have been having it rather easy lately, and I am now working in the cook-house. I shall not be able to send you any mail for some time to come, but we have been informed that we shall receive the mail from home, so I shall still get the good old NL. Remember me through the NL to my old workmate Bill Ellison, and say I hope he is in different surroundings to what I am. There is very little to write about in the jungle, so here's wishing you the best of everything".
Cpl Fred Forshaw airgraphs from India "Things are working up here for Christmas, the usual concerts, and of course, Christmas pudding and beer. Perhaps I should define the word 'beer' as applied to the stuff we get. It should not be held near a naked light, and may be used to clean a rifle or fuel a cycle lamp. Nothing exciting has happened since I wrote last, at least, not that I can say anything about, Louis wouldn't like it".
Capt Arthur Croft airgraphs from SEAC, "The NLs continue to arrive safely, as do the Parish Magazines. We have passed through some lovely scenery lately and except for occasional detonations, it is very hard to realise that there is a war on I met my brother Herbert ten days ago. He is very fit and has a big job to do. I appear to have just missed Roger Watson on leave. I wish all Peace in 1945".
Dvr John Caunce airgraphs from CMF, "I have not had any mail from home for sixteen days and I do not know what has happened to it. Please remember me to Billy Harrison, I have not heard from him for a long time; also to John Spencer. Also to all the boys and girls in the Forces, wishing them all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. You will have seen in the papers that rioting has broken out here, but tell Mother and all at home not to worry as it has more or less stopped now".
Trooper Tom Rigby writes from SEAF, "At the time of writing I am sitting under a home made tent way out in the jungle. We are quite lucky in one way for the river runs right alongside our camp, which allows us to take a bath every day, and believe me, we need it. I have made contact with Mrs Blakemore's sister. She is only 40 miles away. Will you tell Mrs Blakemore? Remember me to Walter Rawsthorne and Robert Barron, also to all the boys and girls of Tarleton. The NL never fails to arrive for which I thank you from the bottom of my heart".
Dvr Dick Taylor (Mere Brow) writes from BLA,"I am sorry that my New Year card is in a foreign language but I know you will get the meaning of it all. We are having a Service here on Christmas Day, but I don't know how many of us will be able to attend. The weather is mending up here so it looks as though we might have a nice Christmas. Well! Here's hoping that this will be the last Christmas we shall spend at war. Wishing everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year".
Dvr Tom Coulton writes, "I don't know if you have been to Woodstock, or not. But it is a place of note, as Mr Churchill was born there. I was pleased to read the extract from Dan Johnson's letter in the NL this week. Dan and I joined up together and went to the same place. Tell Dan that I remember
Teddy Ashton who used to play football in the same team, No.4 NTTDRE. Tell Dan to keep a sharp lookout as I might bump into him".
LAC Robert Johnson (Hesketh Lane), writes, "I belong to a fitting party, and our job is to go to the different 'dromes' around the country, fitting special equipment to the aircraft. We are always on the move our usual stay at one Station is not more than 3 or 4 weeks. I must close up now as tomorrow is inspection day and I must get my bed etc. in order".
Dvr Fred Burns writes "I am fed up with this place, as there is nothing to do only go to the pictures, and they are all very old ones. I've seen most of them at the good old Queens. Remember me to our Tom, Jimmy, Dick and George, also to my pals Fred Bentham and Ronnie Iddon (Chunky)".
Gunner Tom Fazackerley writes, "I was hoping to get home for Christmas, but we have been sent on an 8 weeks' course instead. However, no doubt we shall have a good do, we always have had so far. I want to thank you for looking in at Grannie's golden wedding. They are a marvellous couple, and still happy and full of fun. Wishing you and every person in Tarleton a happy New Year; also the boys and girls at home and abroad".
Pte Frank Foulds writes, "I am now in my fifth week here and we might come back to England. While I was at Carlisle I saw Fred Burns. It was my last night there and he saw me off. I have also met one of the boys that I used to work with in Preston. He came here last Thursday, so I have someone to pal with. Remember me to all the boys and girls of Tarleton".

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