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No: 246
December 21st 1944

My Dear Boys and Girls,
I wonder how many times I have wished you all a Happy Christmas and a Good New Year? I started in the middle of November when I sent you the first Christmas double number chiefly to reach those in the very far east. Then also in my second Christmas and New Year issue I had, of course, to send the same good wishes once again, for that issue, I hope, will reach CMF and BLA lads just in time for Christmas. And now once again for those of you who are lucky enough to be stationed in Home Camps and billets, I send the same salutations. But then you know that you are always in my thoughts and in my prayers, and I pray most sincerely that before another Christmas comes round I shall be able to give you the expression of my good wishes in person.
Ups and downs we are bound to have, for that is the way of all life, but taken on the whole things are going very well and there is every prospect of a reasonable speedy end to hostilities on all fronts including the Far East.
With my love, my Blessing, and every Good Wish,
Ever your affectionate Old Friend.

Home Front News
Mrs George Spencer (Curacy House) has presented her husband with a baby girl.
Tom Wright (Kearsley Avenue) is seriously ill in Preston Infirmary with appendicitis.
Young Ronnie Townsley (son of Amos) is attending Preston Infirmary with an ingrown toe-nail which has taken bad ways.
The Rector thanks the following lads for the beautiful Christmas cards they have sent: - Dick MacKean; Stanley Baldwin; Bert Price; Jack Parker; Sidney Smith; (brother of Aubrey); John Caunce; Jack Clemmy; Nick Taylor; (Gorse Lane);Hubert Thompson; Albert Becconsall; Tom Alty (Croston, married Kathleen Marsden); Ted Barnish; Henry Moss (Mere Brow); Fred Forshaw; Bill Harrison; David Clark (St Anne's); Charles Martin; Ronnie Melling; Mr John Hornby; Col Jones and Officers at Bank Hall; Peter Guy; Eric Hind; Dick Townsley; Frank MacKean; Sam Iddon; H Hindley (Moss Lane); John Iddon; Harry Woosey; George Burns; Arthur Harrison; Kenneth Ogden; Aubrey Smith (from POW Camp in Germany); Harley MacKean.
Hilda Wickham, daughter of Dr and Mrs Bruce, who is in the Wrens has gone abroad.
The Officers of the 13th Bn, Home Guard gave a dinner at Rainford's Café, Preston, on Friday night to the Colonel (Lt.Col P L Wright DSO MC) when they presented him with a silver salver. The ATC are taking over the Home Guard Headquarters at the rectory.
Tom Price (Kearsley Avenue) is in Preston Infirmary suffering from a hernia.
Old George Sutton, Ashcroft's Farm, Holmes, died on Friday and was buried in the family grave at Rufford, on Monday last. He was 79 years old.
Mrs Will Taylor, Blackgate Lane, has presented her husband with a baby girl.
Four Hesketh Bank men had their bicycles stolen from the Becc and the station last week. They were Bob Baybutt (Carr Lane); Tommy Woodcock (Shore Road); A Whiteside from Dunkirk Farm HB, and one other HB man, name unknown.

Mostly for 48 hours: Hugh Melling; Maurice Haskell; Harry Alty;
Edwin Hodson. Jimmy Swift, husband of Agnes Rigby; has already started home on leave from East Africa, where he has been stationed for over two years.


Pte Tom Harrison (Holmes) writes, "I am in the Holy Land. I am still amongst the animals. I am cattle farming for the Army. We breed and supply the army with fresh meat. It is a job I am used to so it makes it interesting. We are right out in the country and have to rough it a bit, but I cannot grumble as having ewes here we can always get fresh milk and fresh eggs. Remember me to my sister- in-law Margaret Moss in the WAAFs, Harry Moss in Iceland, my nephew Walter Ashcroft, and all the Tarleton boys and girls".
Corpl Dick Townsley writes, from CMF "I have not yet met any one I know, the nearest I have got is an Euxton boy who is in my platoon. Imagine my surprise when he told me he had not even heard of Tarleton. I told him to knock about a bit when he got home, and he would find a real village. Remember me to Jack Robinson, the Rowland Brothers, the Carr Brother; and wish them a Happy Christmas from me".
Cpl Fred Forshaw airmails from India, "Since my last epistle I have done a trip to the Taj Mahal. The Fort there, which is one of the finest examples in India, is a mile and a half round its outer walls, and contains both Mosque and Hindu Temples the craftsmanship of which beggars description. After investigating the two deep moats and heavy portcullis, it seems incredible that Sir Robert Blake stormed this massive fort in 1600 odd. The lower walls still bear testimony to the whip behind British cannon balls".
Dvr John Caunce airmails from CMF, "I am looking forward to the day when I shall dash into the rectory and claim my seat next to the wireless, and be able to visit my old haunts again. Your double Christmas number has just arrived and I really do like the Christmas card".
Dvr Harley MacKean airmails from MEF, "I am at present at Base, waiting to be appointed to a Unit. I see my brother Richard very often as he is stationed near here. I have shown the Padre here the White Paper you sent relative to the efforts you are hoping to make on our behalf on our return to Civvy Street, and he has promised to write to you. I am still keeping very fit".
AC Dick Mckean, sends no letter, but in its place he sends a huge box of Turkish Delight from MEF for which the Rector thanks him most sincerely. His only words are those wishing the Rector a Happy Christmas, and the Rector returns the compliment from the bottom of his heart.
Leading Motor Mechanic RN Arthur Proctor writes from his shop somewhere in the Indian Ocean: "I have just arrived back from leave which I spent 'up country'. It is the first leave I have had for twelve months, and was very welcome. We used to go long walks to wile away the time. It was very nice up in the hills almost seven thousand feet above main sea level. And it was a very nice surprise to arrive back on board ship and find six NLs waiting for me. Remember me to Jack Hodge and also to Jack Waters, and the best of luck to all the boys and girls".
Sapper Eric Abram airmails from CEF; "The weather over here is not too good at present, it is always raining, but we cannot grumble after the summer we have had. I attended a Church Service last Sunday and it was very nice. Remember me to all the boys, especially Jack Twist and Robert Latham".
AC Malcolm Parkinson RAF writes from BLA, "Since the war started I have seen most of England, Canada, America and now France. Our life out here is much rougher and tougher than it was in England. We work hard, eat very heartily and sleep like logs. Some things are very scarce for the civilian population round here, and they offer most ridiculous prices for soap, cigarettes etc. Remember me to Roger Watson and Freddie Coupe, and to all whom I know".
Cpl J H Sutton writes from CMF, "I have been away for seven days' leave to Florence. We have been where we are now for some time and Jerry is not far away. The weather has been very bad with rain and snow, but, of course, we are well up in the world, and we certainly need all the clothes we have. I have nt had the opportunity of seeing my cousin Robert Howard again, but I hope to do so in the near future. Remember me, via the NL to Jack Moss, Guards Brigade including CSM Mackensie, Scots Guards. Best Xmas wishes to all the lads and lassies in the Forces".
W/M Hubert Thompson RN writes from his ship: "Last Sunday we had a Church Service on the -- dock, but no divisions, I don't know why. But it was the service we have had aboard this ship since we joined. Everyone in our Mess sat together, and I was next to a pal of mine whom I shall not see again for some time. I wish everyone in the Forces from Tarleton a Happy Christmas and a speedy return in the New Year".
Cpl Bert Price writes: "Our special prayers are for all our friends abroad, and that includes Prisoners of War, of whom at least four of my own 'gang' are included. My greetings to Brother Harry and the following lads of our once famous gang: - Jim Leacy, Harry Cookson, The Burns Brothers;
Tom and Hubert Tindsley, and all the old 'Corinthians' and 'Breezy Boys'. Enclosed you will find my Xmas greeting card, and with it goes my own very best wishes to all the lads and lassies of our proud and popular village of Tarleton".

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