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December 7th 1944

My dear Boys and Girls,
After three days wandering I am now back again in the old haunts. I had a lot of business to do in London, then I went on to Bournemouth to wind up my late brother's affairs. And all in three days. I am missing the Home Guard at the rectory which seems very quiet without them. The N.F.S. is still going on. I would like to ask all those who are more or less 'safe' positions to remember in their prayers those many of our village lads who are bearing the burden in the front line on the many battle fronts. We have many of our lads actually in the battle front in Holland, Germany, Italy, the Balkans, Burma and India. Then, too, there are very many of our lads in the Navy. These, also, should have our constant prayers. In this way we can help each other. Well, my Journey south this week, mostly on business for the lads, has prevented me once again writing a double number, but next week I think I can promise you one. Again with my love, my prayers, and my Blessing,
ever your affectionate old friend,

The engagement is announced of Anne Monaghan, Hesketh Lane, to George Iddon, Gorse Lane. It was officially announced in the Lancashire Daily Post last Monday.
Mrs. Frank Timperley has presented her husband with a second daughter. Mrs. James Hague (Coe Lane, nee Annie Kershaw) has also presented her husband with a second daughter. Mrs. Tom Smith, Hesketh Lane, is a patient in Southport Infirmary.
Jinmy Monaghan has been called up to the Army and goes next Tuesday.
A Hot Pot Supper in the Methodist School room on Thursday evening made £25 for the Methodists' Comforts Fund. The rector went to London on business on Tuesday and returned to Tarleton on Thursday. While in the south he rushed down to Bournemouth to wind up his late brother's affairs. While in Bournemouth a Sergt. in the R.A.F. jumped off his bicycle and saluted him. He was one of the rector's lads when he was a curate at St. Anne's 25 years ago. They had not seen each other for 21 years. His name is Sergt. Norman Teasdale. Mr. and Mrs. Fazackerly, Blackgate Lane, celebrated their Golden Wedding on Saturday. They had a small party comprised mostly of their childhood friends. The rector looked in to offer his congratulations.
Miss Caunce's Bible Class held their annual Christmas Sale of the work they have made, on Saturday afternoon. Crowds came to purchase. The Sale was opened by Mrs. Fred Webster. Amount taken came to £115. 10s, which was divided equally between the N.L. Fund and the Welcome Home Fund. We all thank Miss Caunce and the members of her Class for their generosity, When the rector was in Bournemouth on Wednesday last he took the opportunity of calling on Maurice Haskell's people who live there.
Mrs. John Ashton, Hesketh Lane, has presented her husband with a second child, a daughter. Big Home Guard Stand Down Parade at Preston last Sunday.
Ribble Bus took our contingent. Over 2,000 on Parade. General Waterhouse, G.O.C., N.W.Region took salute at Town Hall.

ON LEAVE: Will Wright; Pam Fairey; Cecil Cookson (H.B.); Bert Price; Tom Smith (compassionate); Tom Walsh; David Rimmer; Muriel Hind; Stacy Gautry.
John Spencer went to a Miners' Training School last Monday. Jimmy Taylor is already at the same Miners' School.

Will Wright joined the Marines in 1940, saw Active Service on the Indian Coast for two years, was then transferred to the Fusiliers, and has now joined the Parachute Brigade. Mrs. Arthur Fleet (nee May Gookson, of the Shop, Heaketh Lane) has presented her husband with a daughter.

Gunner John Coulton airgraphs from B.L.A. "I am somewhere in Holland. I used to think that it never rained in foreign countries, like it rains in Lancashire, but, my word, we are like ducks here. I saw Jack Robinson in Brussels a few weeks back. We had breakfast together, and I can assure you that he looks very well. Remember me to all the boys and girls in the Forces, and wish them all a Happy Christmas and a happy New Year, and above all a Victorious New Year."
AB Frank McKean, R.N. writes from his Battleship "My ship has now become the Flag Ship of the Home Fleet, so once again I am under the highest Flag in Home Waters. This is the third Admiral I have served under, and only once under a Vice-Admiral. The day I passed for Leading Torpedo Operator brought plenty of work for me. My N.Ls are right up to date when we are in Harbour, and always waiting when we come in after a spell of 'ploughing the drink'. Remember me to my brothers Richard, Harley and Bill, and best wishes to all at home or away."
The rector takes this this opportunity to thank Frank's brother, Harley McKean, for the airmail Christmas Card which he sent him from the Middle East. Thank you, again, Harley.
Dvr. Dick Sephton airgraphs from M.E.F. "I have had some very interesting trips to different towns in this country, and all the towns are very historical. There are many scattered ruins near most of the towns. My kind regards to all the local lads in the Forces, including Will Bridge and Ernie Ball and his mother. I joined up with them and now we are so far apart. Thanking you for your kindness, not as an individual, but to all in my room,"
Dvr. Joe Wait airmails from C.M.F. "I am still keeping well and enjoying myself, and hoping to see you again soon. The N.Ls arrive very regularly and I enjoy reading them. I enclose replies to your questionnaire which I received two days ago."
Dvr, Dan Johnson airmails from C.M.F. "I've had quite an interesting experience this week, I joined up in Dec. 1940 at Blundellsands, and left for Scotland with four others in the following April. Last Sunday four of the same bunch of chaps including myself, were sent with four lorries on detachment to another company, and with us was Teddy Ashton. Probably some of the Tarleton lads will remember him. He had two years with Sheffield United and seven years with Barnsley as a footballer."
Gunner Philip Rigby sends a very interesting Christmas Greeting airmail from S.E.A.C. It depicts a soldier bathing in far eastern waters in company with lizards, mosquitos, dragon flies and fish etc. and above a picture of his thoughts - a bath room at home. He says "The war seems to be going fine at present, even out here things are moving. I am in the best of health. I hope you will all have a merry Christmas, and that we are all home again by the time the next one comes round."
Pte Jack Parker also airmails from S.E.A.C. "Today I received the Parish Magazine. I was interested in the Bishop's letter (Sept,1944). He writes about Church Services. I think that he is right in what he says. What do you think? Let us have good cheerful music, certainly, but monotonous sing-song is - in my opinion - boring. Also some of the tunes and words of hymns have to be watched."
Gunner Arthur Harrison writes from B.L.A. "I often have a good look at our Church at the top of the N.L. It seems to bring me nearer home. It is awful out here, and we are over our boots in mud; and its starvation, we have each got a leather jerkin and rubber boots, and they do help a lot. Last night we were put in houses with people. It was grand to listen to the wireless and play with the kiddies, but how long it will last I can't say. It won't last long, I bet. I believe Harry Cookson is out here. Tell him to keep a look out for me, and I will for him."
L.A.C. Tom Bolton, who was a Co-op assistant at Tarleton, but lives at Longton, writes "This last month I've been to five different stations, so its been impossible to do much letter writing. To-day the N.Ls caught up with me, so I've just spent a pleasant half hour reading all the Tarleton news. I see that Longton has taken up your idea, and I receive a N.L. from there too. No doubt other villages will do the same. We are kept very busy in Bomber Command these days. Kindly remember me to Mr. Baily and Staff; also to Tom Dickinson. I don't suppose he has forgotten the good old times we used to have weighing flour. It will raise a smile, I know, if you mention that to him."
Sgt. Doris Hynam (nee Doris Molyneux) writes "I have not managed to get a posting to my husband yet, but we are still hoping to bring it about, We are very busy here, as I suppose everyone is in these days. Will you, please, thank the Tarleton Subscription Bowling Club for me for their recent gifts. I don't know who is the present secretary. They sent it to me as "D. Molyneux" so presumably they don't know my married name."

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