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No: 243
November 30th 1944

My Dear Boys and Girls,
I had intended to write my second double Christmas Number this week, but circumstances have been against me. Such a huge amount of work has come in that I am snowed under; so I shall try again next week. After all, I am only one man and therefore, although I work to full capacity, I can only do one man's work.
Things seem to be going very well indeed just at the moment,. And it really does look as though, even yet, the war in the west might be over before Christmas.
I have already received quite a lot of very nice Christmas cards from those away, chiefly from India and CMF, although a few have come from BLA. I am placing them all in the Lady Chapel with the photographs so that all may see, and admire them. Also I intend to acknowledge them all in a NL nearer Christmas.
Well, I am writing this after a very hard day's work and am very tired, so I think it is time to say 'Good-night'.
With my love, my prayers and my blessing,
Ever your affectionate friend,

John Giddon, Blackgate Lane, has been chosen to represent E.Company (Tarleton, HB and Hoole) at the Ceremonial March Past in Hyde Park, London, on December 3rd, when HM the King will take the Salute.
Mrs Albert Barker (nee Phyllis Whittle, Hesketh Lane) gave birth to a still-born child (a girl) on Friday last. Phyllis is in good health.
Hubert Tindsley has now returned to his Unit; Frank Foster has gone to the Military Hospital at Winwick pending his medical board.
Jimmy Taylor (next Chip Shop, Church Rd) has gone to the Training School for miners.
Dick Blundell has got a week's extension of his Compassionate Leave in order to settle up his late father's affairs.
The Preston area Home Guard are holding their final Parade in the covered Market at Preston on December 3rd. After inspection they will march to the War Memorial outside the Post Office and be dismissed for the last time.
William Ball, who bought Hague's house next the Water Tower in
Hesketh Lane, has now moved back to Moss Lane to his late mother's house.
Bill Guy has moved into the house in Hesketh Lane.
Mrs William Cookson (Hesketh Bank) has been successfully operated upon in Preston Infirmary and is doing well.
Jeffrey Pickup (Moss Lane) while cycling to his work in the mines at Burnley, on a tandem, had tyre burst and was thrown off. He sustained fracture of collar bone and is off work for a month.
Vincent Marsden took immediate advantage of the Government permission to make ice-cream. Last Sunday there were long queues waiting to get a lick.
The infant daughter of Mr and Mrs John Anderson Vickers was christened at the Parish Church on Sunday last with the name Marguerite. Mrs Vickers before her marriage was Maggie Sherrington Stazicker.
Tom Dandy has been shipwrecked in the Channel, but was saved on a raft and is now quite recovered and back on duty.
As the 10 o'clock last Green bus from Southport was coming to Tarleton on Saturday night a front wheel came off somewhere between Banks and Crossens. The passengers were brought home by relief bus.
The Officers of the 13th Battalion, Home Guard which contains the Longton Company, are entertaining the CO Colonel Wright DSO, MC, to a dinner at Rainford's Café, Preston, on December 15th, when they will present him with a silver salver as a farewell gift.

Ac Henry Moss writes a long letter from icy Iceland. He says "I cannot remember seeing in the NL that any Tarleton lad has been billeted in Iceland, so perhaps I am honoured by representing all of us in the North. This is a country of no trees, hedges or bushes, the sun hangs lower and lower at noon each day; soon it will no sooner have risen than it will begin to set again. Thin air, terrific winds, no flies and no vermin. I am quite happy in this small camp. There are more Lancashire lads here than I have met in all my previous travels. May I be remembered to my brothers-in-law, Tom Harrison, in the Middle East, also best wishes to my sister Margaret, from whom I have not heard lately, and warmest greetings (though from chilly surroundings) to all the boys and girls, especially those from Mere Brow".
RAF Harry Rigby airmails from CMF. "You wondered in one of the NLs if any Tarleton lads were in the landing in the South of France. It looks as if I was the only one in that campaign. I have at last met a Tarletonian, Ronnie ('Orace) Iddon. He is working in my 'drome. I go over to his place quite often for a chat and a drink of wine. During my service overseas I have visited 12 countries which I think you will agree is not bad for a 'Brylcream waller'. My best regards to all in the Forces, particularly the POWs, also to my brother-in-law Jeff Wignall, Nick Forshaw and Stanley Forshaw".
Dvr Jack Robinson writes from BLA, "I had a letter from Arthur Harrison the other day and he was telling me that he had met Bill Barker and Jimmy Coulton, both in BLA. I was in the big town here the other day and was just going into breakfast when I bumped into Jimmy Coulton (HB). It was great to meet him. Remember me to my cousin Vera and Arthur Harrison, and please say that I would like to hear from Vera".
Trooper Harry Latham airmails from SEAC "I have just received NL No: 232, which is most interesting. Nearly all my pals fight who is to read it first. I wish everyone, through the NL, a Happy Christmas and a speedy return home, especially my cousin Mary Coulton, Tom, Willie and Harry Harrison, not forgetting AC Alan Jay. I am now in the same troop as Tom Rigby from the Toll Bar and we have many a chat together. It is very nice when you have someone you know in your Unit".
L/Cpl Tom Harrison airgraphs from India Command, "You will see from my address that I have been on the move again. I like this place very much. I was able to go last Sunday morning to a very nice Church we have here. I am no longer in the RA; I am now a Red Cap. I get a letter now and again from my brother Bill. Remember me to all the boys and girls away from home, also my brother Bill (BNAF)". You're luckier than I am, Tom. Billy has apparently wiped me off his visiting list.
Leading Seaman Jimmy Latham (Moss Lane) "I am now having a rest in harbour after a rough trip across to --- Please forward on to all my former workmates, Fred Taylor, Teddie Farrell, Tom Rimmer, Harry Woosey, the two Nick Taylors and all the Tindsley boys my kind regards and chins up. Jerry is on the run".
Sgt Ernie Ball writes "Please note change of address, and please send me the Christmas NL. I think the one you sent must have been lost in APO. When I arrived back the Coy had moved from the 'wigwams' and at present we are billeted in ---- the former residence of the Earl of ---. It is a terrific size. I should say it is easily four times the size of Bank Hall, and we can sleep 400 in the top two floors, so that will give you some idea".
Pte Bill Lowe airgraphs from SEAC "The Padre came to our Company last week and we had some very nice services. We got some old boxes together and made a very nice Altar and had Holy Communion. It is the first time I have received it in the Field. We are fairly shaking the Japs up out here. All my thoughts are with you in Tarleton. I am in the very best of health and very happy".
Cpl Jimmy Burns writes from BLA."I have not had the luck to meet anyone out here since I last saw Bill Bridge. How does the good old place look? Much the same, I suppose, and believe me the boys are well ready for being back. Remember me to my brothers Dick (out East); Tom (CMF); George (BLA); Fred (training in England),and my brothers-in-law Harry Forrest (MEF) and George West, also the Melling Brothers. I am on Guard and the time is now 5.30 am, and I have been writing all night".
Dvr Tom Sutton (Holmeswood Hall Farm, Mere Brow) writes from BLA "I would like to know where some of my pals are. They are
Robert Bond, Charlie (Chuck) Wright, and please remember me to them in the NL. I am still in France, but I've been up to Brussels. It's the best place in this country I've seen, as for France, I don't think much of it. The people here are very friendly, but I must say my French is not too good. We are getting very good food, and billets are the best".
AC J Harris, who is an entire stranger to the Rector, writes "May I be included in your list for receiving the NL? You will no doubt recall the occasion, not very long ago, when I spoke to you regarding the same. I keep company with Miss Sutton of Church Road. I do not actually live in Tarleton, but I have spent a great deal of time there". AC J Harris has now been put on our mailing list, and the Rector apologises to him for having quite forgotten meeting him. Perhaps next time he is this way he will call at the rectory and we shall then be better acquainted.

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