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No: 242
November 23rd 1944

My Dear Boys and Girls,
This week, as you will notice, I have mainly given extracts from the letters to me of those lads who, while not actually born in Tarleton have become almost part and parcel of the village either because they mate with Tarleton lads, or, as you will also notice, because they have married Tarleton girls.
This has meant holding over a great number of letters from actual Tarleton lads, but as I hope to issue a 'more than double' number next week, I shall be able, I hope to give extracts from them all.
But I thought that you would like to hear from these very close friends of Tarleton, many of whom intend, when they get back home, to live in Tarleton.
Well, here's the very best of good wishes to all of you, and let none of us forget in our prayers those of our comrades who are bearing the burden and heat of the day in the front lines of battle in the many theatres of war in which they are to be found.
With my love, my prayers and my blessing for all, Ever your sincere friend, L N FORSE

Home Front News
Mr John Blundell, Johnson's Lane, off Gorse Lane, father of Dick, died very suddenly after breakfast on Saturday morning. He was 57 years of age. Dick, who was at a Gunnery School in the South of England came straight home. Funeral on Tuesday in Tarleton old Church,
Peggy Oban, of Tarleton Lock Houses, was married on Saturday at the RC Church in Hesketh Lane, to Jack Duckworth (who was brought up at
Gilbert Gregson's Bretherton). They are going to live at Prescott' old house at Sollom Lock.
Mr & Mrs Sergeant, and the Staff of Garlick's Café held a Dance in the Conservative Hall on Tuesday evening in aid of the NL Fund. The room was packed to suffocation. A cake (guessing what was in it) made £4.15s. On Wednesday Mr & Mrs Sergeant on behalf of themselves and their Staff handed the Rector £50, for the NL Fund, as the proceeds of the Dance. The Rector thanked all concerned on his own behalf and on that of all the boys and girls in the Forces.
Mrs Sutton whose son was reported 'missing' in last week's issue, has now received official notification that there is just the remote possibility that he may still be alive.
The Officers of the 13th Battn. Home Guard, to which our Tarleton Platoon belongs, are giving a Dinner at Rainford's Café, Preston to the CO Lt Colonel Wright, DSO, MC on December 15th, and are making him a presentation during the evening.
Evening Classes for mixed classes of boys and girls are being held in Tarleton Church Schools with Mr J Hilton as the teacher.
Mrs Esther Ball, widow of the late James Ball, New House Nurseries, Moss Lane, died on Thursday last, and was buried on Monday at Hesketh Bank Churchyard. She was, we think, 53 years of age.
Mrs Ernest Steinly, wife of the new Rector of Bretherton, has presented her husband with a son.
Mrs Jones, wife of Colonel Jones, MBE of Bank Hall, is now at the head of the Tarleton Guild of Players, in the place of Mrs Peters.

Harry Alty; Arthur Worth; Dick Blundell and Len Ball, both on compassionate leave for funerals; Hubert Thompson, Marshside; Maurice Sutton (Chapel Road, Hesketh Bank); Harry Woosey; Jack Hodge; Tom Spencer;
Frank Taylor, (Boundary Lane); Peter Dawson (Moss Lane);
The infant son of Mr & Mrs William West was christened on Sunday at Tarleton Parish Church with the name of Keith.
Mrs James Riding (nee Connie Tindsley, Hesketh Lane) has presented her husband with a baby girl.
Gwen Davis and Sheila Devitt arranged a sale of work on behalf of the NL Fund, and have handed 25/- to the Rector as a result of their effort. We thank them very much for their gift.

Extracts from letters
Ldg/MN Arthur Proctor, Hesketh Lane, writes from his ship, "I would have written sooner, but I have had a few days in hospital with malaria, but I am almost OK once again. This is a very nice hospital, with equally nice nurses, and we get very will taken care of. I have not been lucky enough to meet any Tarleton lads here in Ceylon, but Joe heard of one coming here".
Gunner Ronnie Whiteside (HB) writes from CMF "Here I am again writing to you after our Unit has pierced the Gothic Line, and seen Jerry to the other end. Whilst in the line we had a spell of bad weather, and I must say it was amusing to see the lads fishing in their sleeping trenches for the kit that was under water. Anyhow I don't think we are much the worse for our adventures and except for a few colds and running noses are still full of fight".
Cfn Kenneth Ogden writes from BLA "The NL seems to get bigger and better every year. So far I have not met anyone I know but I think that there are quite a lot in Holland, and I would certainly like to see someone from home. I hope that you will soon be able to say "Well this one is to be the last NL".
Pte Arthur Barron (Wesley Cottages) writes from the south "We have had a fairly pleasant trip, not rough weather. The patients seem fairly cheerful considering what they have gone through. I am very pleased to hear that Hubert Tindsley and Frank Foster are now home, and I hope that Frank will make a speedy recovery. Give my best wishes to all in the Forces, and trust we will, with God's help, soon all be home".
Gunner Harry Harrison writes, "I have been in hospital, and on my return have been busy getting all my kit up to the standard, and also sewing on flashes, signs and Badges etc. Please remember me to my cousins and my brothers-in-law Dick and Billy, and say 'Good luck, Dick, and also to the other Corinthians".
Mr John Hornby, BEM RN writes "I feel rather out of it now I am on my shore based job, and every day I pray that the men who are fighting for me may be shielded from danger. We are very quiet here and I am actually enjoying my stay on land after being so long afloat. My best wishes to all your flock, and the friends I know".
Pte Abel Bickerstaffe writes, "It is quite a few weeks since I last wrote to you; I think the last time was when I was down south on the invasion job. However, I am pretty content here; That is as far as one can be in the Army, although I realise that I am more fortunate than the lads at the fighting fronts".
Dvr Tom Alty (form Croston, married Kathleen Marsden), writes "I have been kept very busy travelling about three countries, France, Belgium and Holland. It is awful weather at present, but just the kind to suit the Dutch millers, and the old windmills are turning all day long. Please remember me to Sid Ball".
Bombardier John Howard (married Joyce Hickson), writes, "There are so many things we are not allowed to write about up here it makes it very hard to write a long letter. You will be pleased to know that I am not stealing one of your girls away from the village as we intend to make our home in Tarleton; so instead of losing someone, you have gained another parishioner. With being new to Tarleton I am afraid that I do not know many of the people you write about in the NL, but if it is at all possible I would like you to send them as it would be a big help in getting to know a great number of people who live in Tarleton".
Sign Edward Harrison (Fermor Road) writes from BLA "I have not much to say this time; only that we are in Holland, and are getting plenty of rain. I believe Bill Barker is in this country too, so will you tell him through the NL that I am keeping my eyes open for him. We are all confident that the war will be over in the Spring, so that next Christmas we should all be in good old Tarleton. So here's best wishes to all in the Forces both abroad and at home".
Pte George Farrington writes "I had quite a thrilling experience on my way back from leave. You may have heard about the train I was travelling by to Glasgow having a slight mishap outside Preston Station. A few of the rear coaches were derailed, but no one was hurt. On the hills round here you can see nothing but snow; it is very different to Tarleton".
Pte Eric Booth writes, "Maybe I am placed on your 'Book of Non-writers'; well, if so, scratch my name out, for here is a start. I am now at a huge ordnance Depot. Life in camp is not any too sweet, but I enjoy the work. I often see a l/cpl Darnall, of the ATS She was Margaret Ball of Hoole till she got married. Please pass on, through the NL this my little thought. "May God bless all the boys and girls away from home, our thoughts are especially with those in BLA and the Far East, and may the day soon come when we can all shake hands as never before! Remember me to Harry Latham, Kearsley Avenue, now Far East, Harry Woosey and George Farrington".
Aubrey Smith (Longridge) writes from a Prisoner-of-war Camp in Germany "Sorry to say I have received no mail from home or from Tarleton. However, all is going well, so we can't grumble. We have just had a Padre attached to our Lager. I am in the best of health".

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