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No: 241
November 16th 1944

My Dear Boys and Girls,
Another 'Remembrance Day' has come and gone, and everything passed of just as usual. The only new feature was that 24 NFS girls, all local, marched in the procession.
In the sermon I preached I took as my text the rather peculiar one, considering it first came from the mouth of Cain, 'Am I my brothers' keeper"? You will say at once that of course we are all our brothers' keepers. But have you considered what that avowal entails? And another question arises. 'Can you really do your duty towards your neighbour unless you have done, first of all, your duty towards God'? This brings up the larger question 'Is man merely body and brain, or is he soul and body'? each working on the brain to produce its own impression in the mind of man?
Here are some good questions to hurl at your Chaplain in his 'Padre's Hour'.
With my love, my prayers and my Blessing,
Ever your sincere friend,

It is with very great regret that we have to report that Petty Officer Jimmy Sutton, RN, whose mother kept the shop in Hesketh Lane and has recently moved to Fermor Road, has been reported missing while on active service. He was just turned nineteen years of age, and had been in the Navy for two years.
We also regret to say that Mr Henry Parkinson, of Banks, who at the beginning of the war organised our local Ambulance Corps, has died in France. He was first cousin to Mr John Parkinson, of Church View.
Dan Stazicker has been wounded in Italy through an explosion taking place in a fire near his tent. All in the tent were wounded, Dan least of all.
Remembrance Day was held as usual in Tarleton. On the Saturday after Service of Holy Communion in Church, the congregation went to the Memorial when the school children sang a hymn. On the Sunday following the British Legion, men and women, and all the local National Services, went to Church at 3pm for the usual Service. Rufford Band in attendance.
Norah (Eleanor) Pearson, of the Chalet, Hesketh Lane, who is an Army Nurse, in India, was married on October 7th, at Barielly, India, to Major Alan Russell, of London.
Mrs Melling, Windgate, was operated upon last Saturday in Preston Infirmary and is now doing nicely.
The Rector thanks the following lads for Christmas Cards already received: - Ralph Whitehead for a beautiful card containing a picture of St Peter's Rome, where he is stationed; Dick Sephton, for airgraph Christmas Card, specially designed for members of HM Forces serving in MEF: Fred Taylor fore brightly coloured card depicting the Nativity, entitled 'Buon Natala' also sent from Italy; and a card from A Duckworth, whom, as far as he can say, the Rector does not know. His is a Regimental Christmas card of the 550 Company RASC. If
A Duckworth sees these lines perhaps he will write to the Rector and say who he is.
Frank Foulds joins up on Friday. He is going into the Army.
LOST. On the Rector's mailing list, as well as on the list of Tarleton serving men in Church is the name of 14321671 Richard Iddon, B.Troop,-/- Med.Regt RA, CMF. The Rector cannot recollect who he is, and no one in Tarleton seems to know him at all. Will he, please, write to the Rector at once and disclose his identity? Or will anyone else reading these lines, who knows him, send a line to the Rector. He may possibly be a Hesketh Bank, Hoole or Rufford lad who has got on our Tarleton list. Wherever he comes from he will still continue to receive the NL.

Lt Mick Melling writes from BLA "I am sorry to say that in spite of having travelled 200 miles across Europe, I have not yet met anyone from the village. I am still kept busy and there are yet plenty of Germans to occupy our attention. I have visited many places over here but I think that Brussels takes first place. My best wishes to all at Tarleton and in the Forces".
Arthur Harrison writes from BLA "Last week I got a day off and went to a well-known city. There I met two boys from home. The first was Jim Coulton from Hesketh Bank, and we had a chat for about ten minutes. Then we went into a shop for some ice cream and who should be slapping his lips with a big ice cream but Bill Barker who married Eadie Iddon. It was grand to see him and we stayed chatting for two hours. I had a letter from Jack Robinson the other day and he is keeping well. Remember me to my sister Vera, Nick Forshaw and all the boys and girls".

Pte Bill Barker writes from BLA "I have just had the luck to meet Arthur Harrison, also a lad from Hoole, Harold Holt, who is in the RAF. Since I arrived on D plus 4, I have covered 3,000 miles and the only lad I have met, until this last week, that I knew was a lad from Mere Brow, and our main topic was the NL. There are lots of things I would like to tell you, but being a soldier yourself, you know I can't.
Sgt Jimmy Leacy in a long letter much too flattering to the Rector to be put in the NL finishes up with "I would like to conclude by wishing all my pals, through the NL the best of luck and a speedy return, especially Harry Cookson, Bert Price, and Dick and Jimmy Burns".
Dvr Fred Taylor writes from CMF "Our Medical Orderly went away the other day, so knowing that I had been in the Fire Service before joining up, they came to me and said, 'You know quite a bit about First Aid, don't you'? So now I am the Company Medical Orderly, and my name is Dvr Taylor. I am glad to say that I am getting on quite well with the job. Letters are now taking about six weeks to get home, so with this letter I am enclosing a Christmas Card for you, so it will about reach you in time".
LAC Hugh Melling writes "It's very cold and windy on 'these 'ere 'ills'. I've never known such a country as this. We're very busy at present. So busy in fact, that we're working late nearly every night, and don't get any time off. It's nine weeks since I had a day off. Still, when we see the boys going out to pay Jerry a visit, we know our labours have not been in vain. Remember me to Uncle Bert, cousins Nick and Harry, the Burns brothers, and all the Tarletonians".
Wren Muriel Hind writes "As it was All Souls' Day on Wednesday my friend and I went to Holy Communion at the Episcope; Church. The Padre who is the Rev Magee took the Service. On Thursday evening, as usual, we had a dance, but also a party combined celebrating All Hallows. It was very enjoyable. We played all sorts of weird games. In Scotland they have a sort of fancy dress ball".
LAC Clemmy writes from CMF "Just at the moment I'm in Italy and have been to Naples, Pompeii, and, of course, Vesuvius. It's nearly impossible to miss. By the way did I ever tell you about meeting Harry Rigby (I think that was his name) in the south of France. We had a good chat and found that we left England together on the same boat. The people here are always on the scrounge, and will do almost anything for a tin of corned beef. The best thing is laundry; the women do it very well indeed; the one and only thing though".
Stoker Tom Spencer writes "Why my questionnaire has not been returned before is because it has been to Ireland to see what Edith Roddie had to say about it. I got it back on Saturday saying I had to fill it up to suit myself. I was round Petty Coat Lane yesterday with many pal; what a place it is! I think you could get anything there from a pin to an elephant. Remember me to Joe Wait and Eva Foulds through the NL".
Pte Harry Woosey writes "I have landed at --- after all. And what a hot spot it is too. Our Ack Ack brought a doodle bug down about a quarter of a mile from our camp. As I am writing this letter the ack ack have just brought down another doodle bug near here and it didn't half shake this rest room, and I can hear another one coming over; so you see we are in a hot spot".
Pte Joe Power writes from BLA "At the time of writing I am 'somewhere in Holland', and am most certainly seeing the sights. (after a few pages of a private nature he adds) Kindly give my best wishes to all who are serving in the Forces, hoping by this time next year we will be in Civvie Street once again ".
AB Will Ball (Scoot) after several years spent abroad at foreign stations, now finds himself anchored at a land base. He writes, "I am on a course of gunnery at the moment. Most of us left the ship a few weeks ago and there are quite a few of us still together. We spend our evenings around a big fire, which is the best place. Hoping all are keeping well in Tarleton and that I am with you in the near future".
Cpl Harry Price after several years spent on the Iraq and Russian fronts, is now back in England. He writes, "I am now doing Dr work for this Coy HQ and have been to nearly every part of England, so you can see how busy this Ack Ack Command still is".

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