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November 2nd 1944

My Dear Boys and Girls,
I hope that you all enjoyed reading the Special Christmas number and found it interesting. But there is one thing I know that you all thought as you read it. It was 'I hope that I shall never have to read another Special Christmas number of the NL'. Well, we all hope that, although, perhaps, with the war over next Spring, and all of you home once again, I may issue a kind of 'Swan Song' number to entertain you and those you love round your own home fires on Christmas evening. With a good roaring fire, a comfortable armchair, a pipe and a pair of slippers, you would feel more inclined to tackle the 'Brain Twister'.
Do you realise that since the NL first began I have given extracts from over 5,000 letters from, Tarleton boys and girls away from home. Not bad going that!
If you have not filled in the 'questionnaire' please do so even if you think that the questions do not apply to you. You never know when they may.
In my Christmas number I quite forgot to remind you to make your Communion on Christmas Day. It is a day of obligation when all confirmed Christians are expected to go to Holy Communion. Of course you will expect me to give you this reminder, for, when all is said and done, my primary job is to look after your souls; that is what I was ordained for.
With my Love and my Blessing,
Ever your sincere comrade,

Joyce Hickson, Hesketh Lane, was married on Wednesday at Tarleton Parish Church to John Howard, of Blackpool. Reception and Wedding Breakfast at the Becconsall Hotel. Honeymoon at Morecambe. The bridegroom is a Bombardier in the RA.
Frank Foster arrived back in England from India on Wednesday, and was sent to the Floral Hall, Southport, Convalescent Hospital. He is to be discharged from the Army.
Hubert Tindsley also arrived home very suddenly on Wednesday from Italy on a months leave. No one knew he was coming.
Ralph Whitehead and his wife (nee Mary Edmondson, Moss \lane) are going to live in the house at the corner of Hesketh Lane and Moss Lane, at present occupied by the Liverpool firm of McFayden.
The Mothers' Union held a dance in the Schools on Friday evening in aid of their Comforts Fund to send Christmas presents to the troops.
Mrs Holgate is not after all leaving the Becconsall Hotel, so the 60 applicants for the job will be disappointed.
NFS girls now have their uniforms. Amongst them are: -Annie Bibby, Norah Bibby, Mary Ascroft, Hazel Barlow, Elsie Harrison, Marjory and Mary Hurst, Doris Edmondson (HB), Gladys Hodson.
On Leave
Robert Edmondson; Jeffrey Wignall; Maurice Haskell (48 hrs); Alf Rowland; Hubert Tindsley; Edgar Wait; Edwin Hodson; William Harrison (Holmes).
Mrs Tom Barker (nee Dorothy Hignett, near Windmill) has presented her husband with a daughter. Her husband is in the Army.
John Spencer has been informed that his name was drawn out of the Ballot to go down the mines and he will be sent for in due course.
Mrs Melling (Windgate, mother of Ronnie and Harold), was taken in an ambulance to Preston Infirmary on Monday last. She will probably have to undergo an operation.
Robert Parkinson has two months release from the Army.

Lieut Stanley Baldwin writes from CMF and incidentally sends the Rector some very fine photographs of Florence, a city the Rector knows very well indeed. Stanley says "I saw quite a lot of Florence, and thought it a beautiful place. It looks as though the war may end this year and the great movement of all the lads towards home will soon commence. I am perfectly fit, and very happy with the old Unit, I have constant good news of my wife and child, both of whom are quite well".
AC1 Dick McKean airgraphs from MEF "I don't think for one moment that I shall be able to compete for your Berlin medal, It certainly will be a souvenir for the lucky one who wins it. I should be very grateful if you would send me the Parish Magazine, if you are still sending them out. My kind regards to all". L/Cpl Tommy Burns airgraphs from CMF "I am keeping in the best of health and am having quite a nice time over here. I have not seen any more of Ken Watkinson whom I met in hospital, when we had quite a lot to talk about especially good old Tarleton. My best wishes to my brothers, Dick, RN, Jimmy and George, BLA, and Fred, serving in Scotland; also to my brothers-in-law Harry and George.
Dvr John Iddon airmails from MEF "We are very busy and do not have much time for writing. I see in the NL that a lot of the boys are getting about a lot; it looks as though we are stuck here till the end of the war. I think I have got 'unlucky' written on my name. My kind regards to my brother Harry, also to Dick Gabbot; Jack Moss, and P Dawson. And please note slight change in address".
Pt Ken Robshaw writes from India "I am now out of hospital and enjoying a few days' leave up in the hills, miles away from the terrible heat and insects. The climate up here is something like England with pine trees and spruce and wild strawberries. The other day we had a walk to the Golf Links 8 miles away, and, if you ask me, a good deal more. We had a nine hole game, which was great fun, and arrived back feeling little worse than when we started in the morning, so we thought we would finish the day off properly so we had a night at the pictures, as there happened to be a good film showing".
Cpl Jimmy Burns writes from BLA "You know how the RASC has had to work to get Jerry out of France. I am in Belgium now, but for how long I don't know. I was proud to see my mother placed with Dr and Mrs Croft as having the most sons in the Army from Tarleton, each having sent five boys. I think my mother has done her bit, with 4 lads on active service, 2 of them for the second time, that is Tom and I who have each been out abroad for 4 years. Remember me to my brothers Dick (out East); Tom (CNF); George (BLA); Fred (England); my brothers-in-law Harry (MEF); George (England); also Bert Melling (CMF); Hugh (RAF); Mick (BLA); and my old Middle East pal Dick Sephton (CMF)".
1/Sgt Tom Tindsley writes from BLA "I certainly think that the housing problem will present the biggest difficulty after the war, and some times I feel very uneasy about it, especially as the matter is of primary interest to myself. I cannot tell you much about what is happening, but I am allowed to say that I am in Holland, and that will convey enough to you. In my last letter I said that I wasn't in the running for your Berlin medal, but I think I stand as good a chance as anybody at the moment"!
AC1 Eric Bell writes from BLA "The last letter I wrote to you was from France. Since then I have been in Belgium and am now in Holland where I have been for a few weeks. As you will know the nature of the countryside here is very much like Tarleton in being flat. Did you know my pal Kenneth Baxendale is now in Belgium with BLA? (Thanks for telling me, Eric, I certainly did not know that Ken was out of England. As you know, he is as much my pal as yours, so I will find his address and send him the NL each week).
Sgt Lawrence Hunter (Hoole) airmails from MEF "As you know I am in Palestine quite near the sea. A little while ago I had a few days leave in Jerusalem, and made a tour of inspection of the old City. It is a very interesting place and the ways of life have changed very little since the olden days. I made a pilgrimage to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and received a certificate certifying it. I also visited Bethlehem, and the Church of the Nativity which is built on the site of the Inn and stable.
LAC Walter Rawsthorne writes from BLA "I am now stationed in Belgium and have visited Brussels on several occasions. I see that I have not sent you a photograph, so one will be along very soon. I have very little to report, but I felt I ought to write and thank you for the excellent idea you have planned for us after the war".
Sgt David Hanson writes, "We were kept in camp for a week while the Arnhem campaign was being planned, then we went over. Altogether I went there five times, with gliders, troops and supplies. After that we went to Italy and to Naples where we landed after taking a good look at Vesuvius. I didn't reckon much of Naples myself, because of the horrible smells, and the town and everyone in it were just filthy. (I know Naples well, David), and you could not have expressed my views about it more plainly had you known them. It stinks).
Dvr Fred Taylor writes from CMF "I have had a month off duty with a septic toe, but I was glad of one thing, I stopped with my Company and did not have to go in Dock, and I am pleased to say my toe is quite better again now. Last week I went for 4 days to a town called Sienna, a very nice place. I also went to Florence, but only for a day, and a day is not long enough".


1. 61

2. £4

3. (a) Metal, Erase, Taste, Aster, Leers.

(b) Weeks, Ellen, Elude, Kedge, Sneer.

4. Because you cannot have a 'loud noise' without it; while all the other vowels are in 'audible'.

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