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28th September 1944

My Dear Boys and Girls,
One of the lads has written to ask what about Tokyo? Is there to be a special medal struck for the Tokyo issue of the NL? Well, I'm game. So here and now I offer a special medal to the lad carrying the first NL into the capital of Japan, and still another to the first Tarleton lad who lands at Singapore, when the fortress is once again ours, with a copy of the NL on him. This will give the lads out in the Far East a chance to win one of these medals. One day they will be of quite historic interest in Tarleton, for I intend to have them suitably inscribed stating the purpose for which it has been awarded. Here is another little subject for discussion. Which do you think are the dozen most popular hymns in the English language? And then, again, is it the words or the tunes that have made them popular? And please remember that I really do like to know the conclusions you come to in the subjects I suggest for discussion. With every prayer for you all, and my love and my Blessing, ever your affectionate comrade,

Harvest Thanksgiving Services at the Parish Church last Sunday. Good attendance at all Services. 103 Communicants. Preacher - morning, The Rector, afternoon: Mr Smithies the new Rector of Rufford; evening Mr Smithies, vicar of St Cuthbert's, Preston.
Nanny Whittle, Coe Lane End, was married on Saturday in Tarleton Parish Church, to Tom Holcroft, Little Manor, Hesketh Lane. John Whittle gave her away; Will Holcroft was best man, Wedding breakfast at Little Manor. Henry Whittle and his wife have come to live at the house at the end of Coe Lane.
Tom Forshaw (son of James Forshaw, Confectioner), who is a student at the school of Technology, Manchester University, has been awarded the Sutcliffe Scholarship of the value of £25.
Mrs Jimmy Wright (nee Bertha Dalton, Croston), has presented her husband, who is in the Royal Marines, with a son.
Frank Foulds coming from Longton on his bicycle with David Rimmer, ran into a Ford car and cracked his skull. He was taken to Preston Infirmary and is still very ill.
Little John Baldwin, daughter of Ruth Baldwin (nee Ruth Howard,Sollom) is in Southport Infirmary with gastritis.
Philip Barron's (junior) little daughter Brenda, broke her leg last Sunday through a rotten gate falling on her.
Shirley Barlow and Mavis Hogg, both of Hesketh Lane, had a sale at home last week, and made14/- for the NL Fund. The Rector and the lads thank them very much.
John Smith, Hoole, who used to live with the Bridges at White, Sollom, has been wounded in France. He is now back in England in a Military Hospital.

David Rimmer, John Rimmer, Eric Booth, Bert Miller (HB), Tom Miller (HB), Harry Crook, Bert Fawk, Arthur Worth (48 Hours), Ronnie Iddon (Hesketh Lane), Frank Proctor (Kearsley Ave), Muriel Hind (WRN), Pam Fairey (WAAF), Jimmy Parkinson.

Fus Tom Hurst, who was wounded in Italy and has been a long time in Hospital writes; "You will see by the address that I have now left the hospital and am now in a convalescent camp, waiting for special shoes owing to the fact that I have one leg longer than the other. I am working in the joiner's shop too, which helps to pass the time away".
Gunner Arthur Harrison writes from BLA "After travelling a few hundred miles chasing Jerry, we are now getting a chance to get our personal things done, such as washing clothes, hair cuts, baths, etc., and getting our letters away. If you don't hear from me, don't think I have forgotten you, but we shall be busy for a while getting to a place where you were a prisoner-of-war in the last war".
Gunner McGhee, a friend of Arthur Harrison, whom the Rector has never seen, writes from BLA "Well Rector, I wish to say how much we look forward to Arthur getting his NL which we all enjoy reading. Well, Rector this is one of Arthur's mates, a Scotsman who is married now and living at Bournemouth. Would you be good enough to send me a News Letter as a souvenir? I think that Arthur will be in the running for your Berlin medal". AC Freddy Coupe writes from Barbados "I have noticed that you are using a wrong address so I thought I had better write, also I must let you know how things are going on this side of the world, seeing there aren't many Tarletonians around this way. We had quite a good day on the beach this week; the water isn't as clear as at Nassau, but it makes a nice change. I have got an album full of snaps taken in Canada, the States, Nassau and here". AB Ken Dandy,RN writes from his ship; "The NLs have at long last caught up with me. I'm very glad too; it was good to read all the local news again. If you had to stop sending them out I don't now what I would do. I have just got back from a seven days leave spent at a Rest Camp in Italy, although it was not much of a rest as I was out everyday sightseeing. I got a front seat to see Joe Lewis give an exhibition fight, and I went up in a Liberator. When I looked down I felt ten times worse than when I was seasick, but I got over it. Remember me to all my pals in the Forces through the NL". Dvr Joe Wait airgraphs from CMF "Thanks for NLs which I receive very regularly. They are read by everyone in the office and there is always a toss up who reads it first, the Sergeant or myself. I see in the NL that Abraham Wright wishes to be remembered to me. Please return the compliment from me in your next NL. Walter Moss has asked me to say he also wishes to be remembered to him. My two brothers in France are in the best of health. My best wishes to all in Tarleton, and all in the Forces".
Dvr Harley McKean airgraphs from NEF "I have some news for you. I met Dick Gabbott out here the other day. It was good to see him after all this time. I believe Dick and I are the only chaps left out here (the NEF), from Tarleton. I have also met my brother Richard (RAF) several times in recent weeks. You can gather from my new address that I am about to go on relief work in the Balkans. I expect there will be plenty to do when we get there".
Corpl James H Sutton writes from CMF "It is 9pm and dark as I write this to you, but I am fortunate in having a workshop vehicle with electric light in it. I was very pleased to see in a recent Nl an extract from Jack Moss who wanted to know if I was with 81, instead of number 6. Tell him I am now with number 60. We also have a Brigade of Guards, but I am not with them, although my cousin Robert Howard is. I see that quite a few of my pals who went home from this theatre of war are now in France. Wish them all good luck and a speedy return".
DRM Dick Burns, RN writes from his famous ship "I was glad to find you are getting a few letters from the lads in France as I'm sure that it must be a great effort for them to find time to write as the pace of the war is certainly fast. I believe my brother Fred has joined the Colours this last week, so that means that my mother has no sons at home. The war has certainly made a difference to her life as she was more or less used to having a small army of her own around here". (Mrs Burns has five of her sons in one or other of the Forces)>
Pte Fred Burns writes his first letter to us after joining up, he says, "I am getting used to Army life, but it's still a bit strange. I went to my first Church Parade last Sunday. We have all been inoculated and are CB for 48 hours. We had a lecture last week by the Padre and it was very interesting. We have all to go and see him. One by one. This is very nice country round here, but very cold and always raining. Give us England before Scotland. I must close now as I have to go on Parade to hear the Brains Trust. Remember me to all my brothers and brothers-in-law".
Dvr Billy Whittle writes "Just at the moment I am sitting on a small island in the middle of one of Scotland's most beautiful lakes. The sun is shining from a cloudless sky. It's my day off duty and I can think of no better way of spending it. The hills surrounding this lake are covered with purple heather, and the pine forest on my left provides beautiful background. My pal is sitting by me and has just landed a marvellous trout. Please send my kind regards to the lads and lassies in the Forces and wish them for me a pleasant innings".
Corpl Harry Price writes "My warmest greetings are for my special friends, Bill Sutton, Herbert Nutter, Cliff Hambilton and John Tinsley, all of whom are in enemy hands, and may God give them strength and courage to keep smiling till they are back in good old Tarleton. I am billeted in one of the holiday camps here, and I would like you to say that I shall be pleased to spend a few hours with any friends who come this way".

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