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14th September 1944

My Dear Boys and Girls,
If you are thinking of entering for the Berlin medal, as set out in last week's issue, please keep that copy on you so that you will be able to get it signed. Next week I will send you a similar certificate on a post-card so that you can keep it in your pocket. Also I forgot to mention that if two or more tie for the honour I will give a medal to each lad if an Officer duly signs the certificate. It will be a souvenir, which will be well worth keeping after the war.
Being of an inquisitive turn of mind, I like to ask a few questions, especially concerning my trade - a fisher of men. What do you think will be the attitude of the average man who returns from the war towards the spiritual issues of life? Will he be hostile, critical, apathetic or appreciative? Will he regard the spiritual values of life as of less worth than the material values?
Friendly discussions on such points in one's billet can pass a very pleasant, and instructive, hour or two, And I, myself, would appreciate knowing the conclusions arrived at. One can never learn too much about one's trade, be it what it may. With my love, my blessing, and my most sincere prayers,
Ever you affectionate friend and fellow-worker,
L N Forse

Sub-Lieut Jacky Hague was married on Saturday in Tarleton Parish Church to Margaret (Peggy) Taylor, of Bannister Farm, Gorse Lane. The Rector took the service, which was fully choral with the choir in attendance. Quite a Naval occasion. A Sub-Lieut of Jacky's ship was best man; another of his ship's company, a Sub-Lieut was an Usher, as was AB William Ball RN (Scoot), Mr Harold Webster at the organ. Reception and wedding breakfast in the schools, over 50 guests. Honeymoon at Morecambe. Marine Harry Iddon (Hesketh Lane) who married an ATS girl, from Cheadle, Cheshire, had a little girl last week. Robert Edmondson (Hesketh Lane) joins the Army on Tuesday. Mr James Lowe, Moss Lane, died on Tuesday and was buried at Tarleton on Saturday. He was 89 years of age. Dan Southworth Blackgate Lane was married on Monday at Croston Parish Church, to Alice Dalton of Croston. Honeymoon in the Isle of Man. He has bought a house in Moss Lane, where he will reside. Billy and Jimmy Harrison of Kearsley Avenue are in Units very close to each other in France and have many opportunities of seeing each other.
A man stole a motor lorry containing some thousand pounds' worth of goods at Stoke-on-Trent, ran it up to Penwortham where he was caught. A speed-cop took him in his two-seater to Penwortham Police Station, and while he was getting out one side, the thief sprang out the other side and bolted. The Police cordoned all the roads, stopped every passing car, including the Rector's and eventually re-arrested the thief. That was last Wednesday. On Thursday a man driving an Austin 8, with a woman and child as passengers collided at Rufford with a heavy lorry. The Austin was smashed to pieces; the man; woman and child were taken to Hospital at Liverpool. Police making enquiries found the car had been stolen.

Harry Woosey; Frank McKeen; Will Riding; John Ball; Harry Taylor; Jimmy Southern; Eddie Farrell; Jacky Hague; William Ball (Scoot); Frank Taylor (HB); John Jackson (HB); Ralph Iddon (HB) Hugh Wilson (Twilly), Bretherton; Dick Blundell; George Farrington; Robert Johnson.
The Rector took the Choir Boys to Blackpool on Tuesday, the usual routine well known to all old Choir Boys. Rufford Harvest Thanksgiving last Sunday afternoon, the Rector preached there in the afternoon. The new Rector of Rufford is the Rev Edgar Smithies. He is middle-aged, shorter than the Rector of Tarleton, and might reasonably be called "High Church" He is very pleasant and agreeable. Miss Hilda Williams, who is on the Staff of the "Ormskirk Advertiser", and who is well known in Tarleton, has taken an important position on the "Salisbury Chronicle", and will leave shortly for Wiltshire. She was entirely responsible for the Women's Page in the Advertiser. Richard Haythornthwaite of Little Hoole was married on Saturday at Hoole Parish Church to Margaret Blackburn of Norden, Rochdale. Reception and Breakfast at Café beside Smithy Inn.

Dvr Billy Parkinson writes from BLA "So far I have not had the luck to meet anyone from Tarleton out here yet, although I understand that there are quite a few here. There is very little to write about, although I had many experiences prior to joining this company".
LAC Charlie Wright RAF (Tabby Nook) airmails from India "I am glad to say the NL's come through fine; they never fail. Since I last wrote I have been on leave in the hills, and had a good time, but it ended too soon. I heard to day that there is a lad from Croston near me, about ten miles away. It was through the NL that I found out. One of my mates from my billet went to the place where he is, and he must have been displaying one of my NL's. My mate said that he had seen one before, and remembered that I got them. So he got his home address, which is "Wireless Shop" 31 Station Road, Croston, and his name is Hough. I don't think I know him, but it would be grand to meet him. I hear from Bill Hudson (Navy) who is in Ceylon, very often. Remember me through the NL to my old pals Bob Bond, Chuck Wright, Dick Taylor and all the other Boys and Girls".
LAC Roger Watson RAF airgraphs from India "During the past week I have received no fewer than five NL's - five reminders that it is time I wrote to someone other than just my parents and my fiancée. The NL's bring me news I am unable to obtain from anyone else. Last time I wrote I told you that I was stationed less than a mile from my one and only cousin. He is in the Army. Needless to say we made the most of our good fortune. Remember me to Dick Rymer, Malcolm Parkinson, Freddy Coupe, and all my friends".
Leading Seaman James Latham, RN writes from his ship "My wife has been choking me off for not writing to you, so to get in yours and her good nooks I thought I had better be starting. I can say from personal experience that if Jerry could have seen what was coming to him on D Day morning he would, without any doubt have trembled in his shoes. Remember me to all the chaps from the works who are in the Fighting Forces and to all whom I know, and may God bless them all".
Sapper Eric Edmondson air mails from CMF "The weather here is still warm and sunny with the flies as big a nuisance as ever. We have good bathing facilities. Our billets are situated in a Square where lots of Italian children play, and where the local people get their water from the fountain. Joe Lewis was giving an exhibition fight not far from here the other night, but I am sorry to say I could not see it on account of transport difficulties. Remember me to my brother-in-law Ronnie Sergeant, cousin Nick Forshaw and all in France".
Dvr John Caunce airmails from CMF "I have not come across Sid Ball yet, but I am hoping to do so soon, I forgot to tell you that I go out fishing quite a lot now. We have a rowing boat to go in. I think that I could now do with a new suit, but not a khaki one. I have just posted two photographs taken at a rest camp where I spent seven very nice days. You say that nearly all the Tarleton lads are in France; well, I hop it is not long before I get there".
L/Cpl Mary Coulton ATS writes "I am stationed two miles from the nearest village and nine miles from the nearest town. Still it is not too bad. Remember me to my cousins Tom, Harry and Bill, through the NL and say I wish them all a safe and speedy return".
AC2 Alan Jay writes: "My billet is very good and I think I am going to enjoy this course. I am afraid that this letter is going to be very short as I am pressed for time. I am looking forward to reading the NL next week. And please note my new address".
Drv William Whittle writes, "I have hit the cream of the Army, my job here is driving Brass Hats about the Docks and Town. Unfortunately my stay here is limited, but as you will know from your own experience, moving in the Army is only routine, and very often a hurried one. I am just about bursting with health, and in about another fortnight I get my seven days' leave and then its dear old Tarleton for me. Wish all the folk, and most of all the lads and lassies in the Forces the best of Luck".
Sapper Dan Johnson writes from CNF "The Nls are still coming through regularly without decreasing in their interesting features. I wonder many times how some people can string letters together one after another. It is Sunday afternoon and the 1pm News has just been broadcast, very good news indeed, but not quite good enough. We are all waiting for the final bulletin, but we must control our impatience and endure a little longer and then I and many others including the Rector will hear a message very pleasant for all of us".

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