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August 3rd 1944
No. 226 - Issued weekly since May 1940

My dear Boys and Girls.
I m sorry that I could not arrange a double number this week, but so much additional work came in that really had to be done that I have had no time to spare. I really am up to the neck in work. My door bell is red hot with people calling asking me to do this and that. All this means hundreds of letters to be written, many telephone calls, and very often journeys to Preston, or even farther. But, as you all know, I like it, and really should be like a duck out of water if I had nothing to do.
Here is a tip for you, especially when you get home. I am now in my 63rd year and over 40 years ago, I dedicated myself to be the servant of all, and I can assure you that, looking back, I would not, for one moment, have had it othewise. I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of these 40 years. Well, here is the tip. Give yourself a clear six months when you never think of self, but always of others, how you can cheer them, help them, encourage them, bear their burdens and bind up their wounds. You will get no thanks, no praise, many kicks and much ingratitude, but I feel sure that at the end of those six months you will find yourself much happier and very much more contented. Take the advice of an old man who has tried it. Next week I will assuredly promise you the double number.
My love, my prayers and my Blessing are all yours,
ever your affectionate friend and fellow-worker,

On Friday last the Church Day Schools held their first Sports Day. It was held on James Howard's field, next to the rector's Glebe field.
On Saturday last Bank Hall held a Gymkhana. 400 guests were invited and the Sports were very good and most enjoyable.
On Monday an American jeep driven by a coloured soldier ran into Bank Bridge, knocked down the concrete cylinders which were in the path against the wall, knocked cylinders and wall into the canal, then the driver got down, wrenched off the crumpled front mudguard and hurled it after the wall and cylinders. He then got back into the Jeep, and calmly drove off without leaving name or address. Some Jeep - and some Driver!
Invalids:- Mrs. Hugh Cross doing very well. Mr. Samuel Harrison is slowly recovering: Mr. Rawlinson is doing as well as can be expected, but is still very ill.
Sid Ball has met Jack Stazicker in Italy and they had a pleasant time together. They are now separated again.

On Leave: Yorrie Davies, who is staying with his wife at John Mellings; Alan Jay; Bert Price; Jimmy Latham; Edwin Hodson; Jimmy West (from the Mines in Northumberland); Bert Miller, (H.B.)
Norman Wright (Hundred End Lane, Tarleton Moss) has been called up to the Army.
Jack Ball's wife (Tarleton Moss) has presented him with a baby girl.
Sale of Work in the British Legion Cub on Saturday afternoon in aid of the R.C. Church Funds in Hesketh Lane, made £107.
The infant son of Mr. & Mrs. (nee Alice Fazackerley) Richard Iddon (Dick Buck) of Blackgate Lane, has been christened by the rector with the name of Hugh.
Mrs. Richard Baldwin (nee Ruth Howard) has presented her husband with a daughter. Ruth is still very poorly.
A private car ran into the back of an H.M.S. bus at Bretherton on Saturday night. No one was injured but the car had to be left behind.
Mere Brow and Holmes are having a Horticultural Show on their own. It is to be held in the Mere Brow C.E. Schools and field adjoining, on Saturday August 19th. The Secretary is Mr. James Taylor, Marshes Lane. It has been arranged by the Civil Defence Services and the proceeds will go to the Red Cross.
This week's Ormskirk Advertiser contains the following notice "The engagement is announced between Henry Smith, Gunner I.G., P.O.W. in Germany, son of John Smith of Burscough, and Elsie Dandy daughter of Mrs. and the late Mr. Nicholas Dandy, Green Lane, Tarleton."
Mrs. Tom Tindsley has received a very re-assuring letter from her son John who is a P.O.W. in Talwan, Formosa, in Japanese hands.
Mrs. Jackson of Longton, who is a sister of Mrs. Robinson, Jack's mother, and Mrs. Wilcock, has received a letter from her two sons, aged 24 and 21, who are serving in Italy, to say that they have met in Rome.

Dvr. Fred Taylor writes from C.M.F. "Well, you have heard about Cassino; since then we have been on the move again, and while we have been in the district I did manage to get into Rome, and I saw the Vatican City, and went into St. Peter's and very glad I was to get in, for what a sight to see of all sights, and the town of Rome itself is well worth seeing. Remember me to Arthur Worth, Tom Rimmer, Tom Hurst, James Latham, John Hornby and Eddie Farrel."
Sapper Eric Abram writes from C.M.F. "I am now somewhere in Italy, and the weather is scorching hot and I am as brown as a berry. I am quite happy and so are the rest of the boys, I am eating plenty of fruit, it seems very nice to eat as many cherries and plums as I like. I will write to you as regularly as I can. Remember me to Robert Latham, and Jack Twist and the rest of the boys."
Dvr. John Caunce writes from C.M.F. "You ask for all the boys and girls to give their own ideas as to what should be done to make a better world when this bitter struggle is over. Well, I myself sat down and tried to think these things out, and when I had come to my conclusions I wrote them on a pad, and found that I had twelve pages full, so I am afraid that I shall have to put down some of the main points only, which I have picked from my essay, on the spiritual side."
Sub-lieut. Robert Iddon R.N.V.R., writes from his ship in the middle east "All my N.Ls have been re-directed from S. Africa and have just arrived here. I am still enjoying this life and am pleased to say that I have got my wish to be back at sea. I spent most of my time when ashore swimming at the Sporting Club at Alex."
Flt-Lieut. Harold Rawlinson, D.F.C. (Bretherton) writes from Palestine "As I read through the N.Ls I felt that although physically I was bathed in the perspiration of an out-of-the-season Khamseen, spiritually I was back where khamseen's are only read about! - back where grass really is green, where trees are really trees which give cool dark shade, and are not stunted sun-scorched thorn bushes. I have never met Maurice Hasksll but am very pleased to note that he has 'taken to the air' and wonder if my Flying Irstructor's handbooks would help him any."
AC/2 Freddy Coupe writes from Nassau "You remember the teaparty! Well, it is just a year ago since I met you on the recreation field and told you that I was going overseas. I was sorry to hear of the death of Major Batey. I well remember the days when he used to teach me physics. Let us hope that it will not be long before we are all back and able to fill the Church up for you once again.",
Marine Harry Iddon writes "Here I am again to say that I have been moved down south to sunny---, though it is not as sunny as it should be. I said that we were not doing much work when I was up north, but I was doing more than I am doing here. We just parade at 8 and do half an hour work, than go back to bed till dinner time. Excuse this short letter, I have to get ready for picket, which means sleeping fully dressed all night."
LAC Walter Rawsthorne writes "Let us hope that the day is now not far distant when we shall all be home again for good, and at the same time I extend a prayer to all the boys now engaged in the final struggle. I have seen something of Hitler's flying bomb, and have had one or two narrow escapes, but, believe me it won't alter the cause or the length of the war."
Pte. Robert Hull C.M.F. writes "I am keeping O.K. hoping this letter finds you exactly the same. Its my day off, so I thought it would be a good chance to write you a few lines to thank you for the N.Ls and also to congratulate Harry Woosey on his ideas on the post-war world. I very much agree with him. Remember me to my pals Jack Marsden, Bill Harrison, Jimmy Harrison, Bob Latham and Ken Dandy; and the best of luck to the Home Guard."
AC Leslie Clarkson (Bretherton) writes "Thanks for the N.Ls. I have every one saved away to re-read in years to come. Please remember me to Harley McKean; John Ball (Bretherton); Jimmy Jackson; Billy and Reggie Bretherton and all the lads and lassies at home and overseas who are in the Forces, and express the hope that we are all togather again very soon - and for good."
Gunner Harry Harrison, writes "At this moment my thoughts and my prayers are with those many of my pals who fought side by side with me in N. Africa and Sicily who are now fighting hard in Normandy. I don't make many requests in my letters to you, but I would like to make one in this letter. It is that you will remember these my pals in your prayers in Church next Sunday. My best wishes and good luck to my 2 brothers, and also my cousins. A very speedy return to all the boys and girls in the Forces."

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