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May 25th 1944
No. 215 - Issued weekly since May 1940

My dear Boys and Girls,
Here is a way in which you can help me, and, incidentally yourselves also.
The Bishop of Blackburn has asked me to be one of a small committee of five to consider ways and means of laying the foundations of the new world outlook to which we hope to welcome you all back. It is no easy task. What is your own individual idea of the world you yourself would like to come back to and pass on to your children, and how could you suggest that it might be achieved? I should greatly value your replies, for they will help me very considerably as a member of this Committee.
And remember, I should like your ideas on the material as well as on the spiritual aspects of this new and better world that you vision up for the future. What are your ideas, and how would you attain them?
Well, here really is something to think about, and to discuss with your pals. Dont be long in letting me have the results of your cogitations.
With my love, my prayers and my Blessing,
ever your affectionate companion,

We deeply regret to have to record that Mrs. Tom Parkinson, Carr Lane, has received word from the Air Ministry that her husband was killed by enemy action while serving in the C.M.F. Tom Parkinson, who had been in the R.A.F. spent a good deal of time in Palestine and the middle east and had only recently gone to C.M.F. He was a Sunday School teacher for many years and, as our readers know, wrote to the rector almost every week. A good husband, a good father, and a good citizen. The Rector will miss him greatly.
Roger Ward is in hospital in the Middle East suffering from internal hernia.
Tom Hurst, badly wounded in the thigh by machine gun bullets in C.M.F. is now in a Military hospital in North East England.
Major Dennis Seddon-Brown, youngest son of Sir Norman and Lady Seddon-Brown, has been killed in C.M.F. Capt. Stanley Baldwin was in the same R.A. Battery, but he appears to be safe.
Dick Whitehead's house in Fulwood Avenue, which, on his death was sold to a Mrs. Caswell, has been sold by her for £2,000 to a Mr. Taylor of Moss Lane.
Air Mechanic Vernon Ogden, R.N., Hoole, was married in Tarleton Parish. Church on Saturday, by the rector, to Emma Jane Dandy, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Dandy, Hesketh Lane. His brother Ken got 48 hours leave to attend the wedding. Reception and Wedding Breakfast at Garlicks.
Commander Stephen King-Hall, M.P. called in at the rectory on Saturday afternoon for a cup of tea with the rector, but as the rector was going to Emma and Vernon's wedding breakfast he took the Commander with him. The Commander made a delightful speech and thus added to the Naval aspect of the celebrations.
On Thursday Mrs Len Waddilove, Tarleton Moss, gave birth to a little son who only lived a few hours. The rector christened him, privately, by the name of Roy. He was buried in Tarleton Churchyard on Saturday.
Congratulations to Ronnie Cook, who married Nellie Cookson on his promotion to Captain; and Sandy Laing, Kearsley Avenue, on his promotion to Sergeant in the Royal Marines.
Many Tarleton friends of Bank Hall were invited to an excellent Concert given at the Hall by the Southport "Variety Vees" Concert Party on Saturday evening.

On Leave:- Ken Dandy, Bert Fawke, Vernon Ogden, Ken Ogden (both for the wedding), and Will Ball (Moss Lane) convalescent Edwin Hodson.
The engagement is announced of Norah Bibby, Hesketh Lane, to Jim Caunce of Croston.

Cpl Tommy Burns airgraphs from C.M.F. "Am having quite a good time in this land of Italy. I saw Jack Moss a few weeks ago, but that was the first and last time I've seen him. I found and visited the grave of my old village pal, Dick Johnson, I can assure you that he is at rest and that his grave looks very nice. If any of the Tarleton lads go to hospital here tell them to let me know and I will look them up. My best wishes to all my brothers and to all readers of the N.L."
Gunner Dan Stazicker writes from C.M.F. "I was sorry not to be present at Holy Communion on Mothering Sunday, but I did manage both on Palm Sunday and also on Easter Sunday. I suppose you will have seen in the papers that it has been hard going here, but I am thankful to say that I am still in the best of health. The weather here is glorious, and everyone is stripped to the waist. There is a nightingale in the trees and it sings every night. The planes can come over, the A.A. burst all round, and the shells whizz overhead, but the nightingale continues with its sweet song. Remember me to all who receive the N.L. especially the wounded and prisoners-of-war."
Dvr. John Caunce airgraphs from C.M.F. "You will be pleased to know that I have received my first parcel of cigarettes. It has been following me round for months. Now that I have received this first one I expect that there will be many following. Tell John Spencer that I hope it is not long before I am able to spend a Saturday night with him as I used to do."
Marine Ken Nicholson writes from aboard his ship "I think that Tarleton has been well represented in all operations of this war, at least in all the major operations. Remember me to Jack Moss and the Rowland brothers and the rest of the gang wherever they may be. It will be a long time before we sit down together in the chip shop on a Saturday night as we used to do. I wish you and all in Tarleton the best of luck and hope to see you all again someday.
AC1 Dick McKean airgraphs from M.E.F. "I have just got back from leave which I spent in the Holy City. I have got snaps of all the places I visited and I must say it is really beautiful. One if my pals has asked me if you could possibly send him the N.L. weekly. He looked forward so much to reading it when we were together."
Dvr. Fred Carr airgraphs firom C.M.F. "There is little I can tell about myself except that I am fighting fit although a trifle stiff after two gruelling games of football played in terrific heat. My kind regards to all my friends in the Forces especially my old schoolboy football partner Ronnie Iddon (corner of Carr Lane) my sister Ruby, A.T.S., and Tom Brewer."
Dvr Robert Iddon airgraphs from C.M.F . "I suppose that you will have heard that I met my brother George out here, and I spent a very nice time with him. We get one or two film shows out here and they are a nice change. They are shewn in the open-air and the grounds gets very hard after a couple of hours. I hope that this letter finds you and all in Tarleton keeping well. For myself I am in the best of health and keeping fine."
Stoker Will Melling airgraphs from his ship "I hardly know what news to give you from this part of the world. The monsoons will be here in about three weeks' time. I am hoping to be on my way home very soon now. I have almost forgotten what the Lock and Tarleton look like by now, but it is the only place I am longing to see at present."
Dvr. Sid Ball sends a very cheerful letter saying ( amongst other things) "You will have noticed from the change of address that it is no longer the land of the Arabs, but the land if Ice Cream that I am in. The country is very lovely in some places, and I have seen a certain volcano which had recently blown its head off, and is still smoking. I am getting the N.L.s very regularly now, and when I have finished I give them to the boys to read. Remember me to my pal Jack in the Navy, and to all the other boys and girls in the Forces."
Dvr Fred Taylor (Hesketh Lane,) writes from C.M.F. to say "When I read about Tom Hurst being wounded, in one of the N.Ls, I went straight to my Officer and asked if I could go and see him in hospital. He said yes, if any of the waggons were going that way. Tom is about 40 miles from here. Well, the next day I heard that my mate was going to this very hospital so I rushed off to my Officer and told him, and he said "go with him". So I went, and believe me Tom was very glad to see me and we had a very nice chat. I was the first he had seen from Tarleton or H.B. Please remember me to Arthur Worth, Tom Rimmer, Jim Latham and John Hornby, and please ask Tom Rimmer to send me his address."
L/S Jim Latham writes from his ship "It seems a fair while since I was at Tarleton and H.B., but I am kept in close touch by my wife's letters and the N.L. I am looking forward to reading Robert Latham's letter in the next N.L. By the way I got two N.Ls last week, one dated July 23rd 1943, and the other August 1943, and they have caught me up in May 1944, so they have travelled a fair way."
O/S Ronnie Iddon writes from his ship "There is not much to write about this time except that we have had 'Monty' to visit us. I am receiving your N.Ls O.K. Please remember me to my brother Harry, Fred Bentham, Harold Pilkington, John Caunce and all the boys and girls in the Forces."

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