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May 11th 1944
No. 213 - Issued weekly since May 1940

Plox Brow.
May 11th, 1944.

Dear Boys and Girls,
The Rector has requested me to write a few lines for the News Letter and as he deserves all the support we can give him, therefore it is a pleasure for me to comply. All the boys and girls who have joined the Forces are specially in all our thoughts this week. Tarleton is celebrating "Salute the Soldier" week, this week. The Target has been fixed at £10,000, which we hope to surpass. The Parish as a whole is all alive with interest in your welfare. Not only temporally, but also spiritually are we remembering you in all our devotions and prayers. If, in the Providence of God, you are spared to return, and our prayer is that it may be soon, there awaits you a welcome reception to Home and Friends in the Parish.
Therefore let your faith be strong and your courage brave, proving that yours is a righteous cause for the maintenance of Freedom, goodwill and justice and may this homeland of ours never again be disturbed by war.
Always remembering you at the Mercy Seat,
Yours faithfully,

Freddy Pollard was married on Saturday last at Water Street Methodist Church Wilmslow, to Hilda Jackson, of Wilmslow, Cheshire.
The Banns of Marriage were called for the first time at Tarleton Parish Church of Robert Parkinson, Church View and Alice Edmondson, Carr Lane. They hope to be married at Whitsun.
The rector's dog was arrested on Sunday by the Southport Police and spent four days in Southport Jail. Every Sunday Alice takes him home to Mere Brow on a lead and her fathar gives him a good feed. Alice was delayed on Sunday and the dog slipped his collar and went to Mere Brow on his own. He must have missed the turning into the hamlet from the new road and gone straight on to Southport. There he was arrested and put in jug, and charged with being "a loose character without means of subsistence". After making enquiries for three days he was traced to the rector. The rector went to Southport Police Station, paid four bob for his keep and he was released with a caution.
The new large N.F.S. Station in Hesketh Lane, was formally opened on Tuesday evening. Hot Pot supper in the Schools followed by a dance in the Conservative Hall. Company Officer Harry Hodge in the Chair supported by the Area and Divisional Officers, with the rector present to say Grace. Quite a function.
Alan Barnes has been discharged from the Army through ill health, and Eric Edmondson has been discharged from the R.A.F. through eye trouble.
The rector's eldest, and only surviving brother, the Rev. E.J.G.Forse, M.A., F.R.G.S., for 25 years Vicar of Southbourne, Bournemouth, died on Sunday at a nursing home in Boscombe. He was 69 years of age.
The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Sydney Rutter Kearsley Ave., was christened on Sunday with the name of Kenneth.
The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bridge, Mount Pleasant, Sollom was also Christened on Sunday with the name of Alan. The rector took both christenings.
The grand totals for the "Salute the Soldier" week at Tarleton and Hesketh Bank will be announced in our next issue. At the time of writing the amounts were Tarleton £11,000; and Hesketh Bank £27,000.

Corpl. Fred Forshaw airmails from India, "For my next leave I hope to be able to fix up a real safari, lasting about 10 days, deep into the jungle. Whilst visiting a friend of mine in hospital yesterday I met a young fellow from Caton, Peter Knowsley, R.A.F. About a week ago I was the guest of a Lieut-Colonel of the Indian Police and the evening I spent with him will long stay in my memory;"
ERM Dick Burns, R.N. airgraphs from his ship "I had a letter yesterday from my brother-in-law Harry Forrest, and also from my brother Jim who seems to be enjoying himself now that he is once more in England. Remember me to all my brothers who are in the Forces, Jim, Tom and George, and also to my brother-in-law Harry Forrest and to my many friends especially to Hugh and Bert Melling and to Nick. Forshaw and say that I am glad to hear of him being in this part of the world."
Dvr. Dick Sephton airmails from M.E.F. "Well, Easter has come and gone. I was able to spend the day in a nearby town and also I attended Holy Communion on Easter Sunday. It was a very quiet time out here, but I suppose it was the same everywhere. The Padre, by the way, comes from Formby and is a very nice chap indeed. I see by the N.L. that Jimmy Burns is back in England. Please give my kind regards to him. My kind regards to all the boys and say I hope we shall all be home again soon with our families."
Dvr. John Caunce sends both an airgraph and an air mail this week. From both we extract "I have just started another cigarette so that leaves me five to see me through another day. You must get plenty in for when I get back and from what I can see that will not be long now. I am still driving the Officer round and also doing my old trade in between, and believe me I get plenty to do. I am looking forward to the time when I shall be able to go with the other boys to Church on a Sunday morning, and then have a nice Sunday afternoon walk, as we always did, round the carriage drive and on to the Toll Bar."
Fus. Tom Hurst airgraphs from a General Hospital in C.M.F. "I am still doing well. I am writing this letter on the balcony in the sunshine. I had a surprise this week when two boys came to see me, Fed Taylor, Hesketh Lane and Leslie Carr, Moss Lane. I was glad to see them, and I must say that they are doing well, and looking fine and very fit. We have just had General --- in to see us and he came and had a few words with me."
AB Jack Marsden R.N. airgraphs from his ship "I heard with deep regret of the death of Dick Johnson as he was an old friend of mine and we went to school together. After a year of Destroyer life I am again on the move, and am now on a ship with a real Lancashire name. There is a chap from Preston in the same Mess as myself. I have been in three oceans and four seas, East and West Africa, Arabia, Ceylon, India etc. Remember me to all in the Forces, especially my pal Sid Ball, and tell him I got his letter, also to Eva Foulds, W.A.A.F."
Dvr. Sam Iddon airgraphs from C.M.F. "I want to tell you of two uninvited guests claiming my bed on returning from an all night drive to my little tent that I had put up one night before. I had the pleasure of getting rid of two snakes 4ft long; but not without the help of some of the boys with picks, shafts and shovels. Once again I thank you for the N.Ls, carry on."
Dvr. Joe Wait airgraphs from B.N.A.F., "My parents often say they have not much news for me as I get it all from your N.L. You will notice that my address has changed so that will mean a few more alterations in your record of addresses. I am still keeping well and seeing plenty of sights. Please convey my best wishes to all the boys, and girls, especially Tom Spencer and Harry Iddon. Your N.Ls are coming through very well and certainly keep us in touch with all that goes on in the village."
Dvr. Fred Taylor writes from C.M.F. "We are somewhere in Italy, but that is all I am allowed to tell you, but you will understand why. We had a nice crossing, but it was a bit rough. It did not upset me a bit, but one of my pals was so sick I had to do his guard on the boat, so he had to do mine the next night.
Remember me to Arther Worth, Jim Latham, John Hornby, Tom Rimmer, Eddie Farrell ,and all at the Brick Works, also all in the Forces in your next N.L."
Gunner Ronnie Whiteside writes from C.M.F . "Hello! everybody of the N.L. or should I say 'Good morning' as I have been on Night Duty and it is now 3.30 a.m. and I hope that you will be sleeping peacefully back there in dear old Lancs. My kind regards to the Carr Brothers and to my old work mate Gery Pendlebury, and may the day soon come when we shall hear the last 'All Clear!'`
Sub-Lieut Bob Iddon R.N.V.R., airgraphs from South Africa, "I am pleased to say that I was successful in my examination. Soon I shall be posted to a ship and will send you my new address. I am still having a great time out here, but of course my life ashore will soon cease - I am afraid that is because there are still a few places I want to see."
Pte Jack Parker airgraphs from India "Seeing it is Easter week I won't let it pass without dropping you a line. The only outstanding thing that happened here on Easter Day was that I saw - and of course spoke to - an English woman. You can tell the N.L. readers that if any of them have the misfortune to come to Dhubri, they must look me up. There is only one Parker here and by now everyone knows me. Dhubri is my official address and there is no harm in mentioning it."

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