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April 27th 1944
No. 212 - Issued weekly since May 1940

My dear Boys and Girls,
Just a short letter to-day because I want to get in as many 'Extracts' as possible. Next week I am taking Harry Price's suggestion and am asking (1) Mr. Robert Latham, and (2) the oldest inhabitant, but I shall be much surprised if it does not turn out to be Mr. Latham himself. He is certainly 80 and may easily be more.
Well, all the best, and let us hope, and pray, that the job you have got in hand will soon be over and you all home again. And that will be a lovely day.
With my love, and all my prayers,
Ever your affectionate friend and brother,

On Saturday afternoon Winifred Pendlebury was married in Tarleton Parish Church to Jack Stazicker. The rector took the Service. Wedding reception and Breakfast in school. After Bride and Bridegroom, and Bridesmaids had been toasted, the rector proposed the health and swift return of the three members of the two families away on Active Service - Gerry and Nellie Pendlebury the former in India - and Dan Stazicker who is in the C.M.F. Mrs Stazicker also wishes us to state that we remember all the local boys and girls away in the Services.
Ellen Iddon, who lived as a girl with Mr. and Mrs. Tom Parkinson in Carr Lane, was married on Saturday in Croston Parish Church, to Henry Kearton, of Croston.
Mrs. Wilson (nee Rene Rigby) of Moss Lane has presented her husband with a son.
The A.T.C. under the command of Flight Officer Hilton, went to a nearby aerodrome on Sunday for practical instruction.
The rector went down to London on Wednesday, and married his Nephew, Sergt-Instructor George Hardcastle, to Dorothy Pass, W.A.A.F., of Broadstairs. The wedding took place in Staines Parish Church. Reception and Breakfast at Bridegroom's house, as the Bride's home is in the prohibited area. The rector afterwards went on to Bournemouth to see his brother who is still very ill. He returned on Friday.
Jack Parker, Liverpool has written to the Liverpool Echo a letter extolling the excellence of the Tarleton News Letter.
Mrs. Caunce's Girls' Bible Class gave a Young People's Dance in the Schools on Friday evening,
Mrs. Mary Iddon, wife of Sam Iddon, the Brow, H.B. died on Wednesday aged 79.

On Leave:- Will Ball (Moss Lane); Will Ball (Newarth Lane); Jack Hodge; Sandy Laing.
Alf Rowland has returned to England from Canada.

Gunner Dan Stazicker airgraphs from C.M.F., "The N.L. arrives so very regularly and contains so much news that I have just introduced it to a Scots Minister telling him how we from Tarleton are kept in touch with home by the N.L. and also with the whereabouts of our follow citizens, On Sunday I made my Communion. The Service was held in an old barn. But I regret to say that it is only the second time I have had the opportunity of making my Communion since I came to Italy. Remember me through the N.L. to all the boys and girls in H.M. Forces especially my brother-in-law Nick Taylor."
O/Tel John Webster writes from his Ship, "Back in Port again after a succssful trip. This morning we have been inspected by the Captain, then went to a Church Service on board a bigger ship, after which I stayed for the Communion Service. I am now back again. Might I suggest that Mr. Robert Latham writes a letter on the font page of the N.L?"
Dvr. John Caunce air mails from C.M.F. "I see in your N.L. of August 19th that Sid Ball says that I am being twisted by paying sixpence for one egg. Well, tell him I may have been, but I am now in Sicily and we still have to pay the same, but it is not quite so bad here as you do not got so many chickens with them. I should like to be remembered to him and send him my best wishes. A chap who is on guard with me would like to get in touch with Mrs. Iddon (nee Miss. Hall). He thinks they live at Titmouse Brow, H.B."
Sapper Eric Edmondson airmails from C.M.F. "I hope you received the photograph I sent. I am writing this letter from the billets and have just had a shower bath and feel quite refreshed. Please thank the organisations that have sent me gifts. One of the other Sappers was telling me that he worked on a job at Tarleton, and it did me good to hear him mention familiar places. I am finishing this letter by candle-light."
T.R. Hubert Thompson R.N., writes from his Ship "We sleep in bunks here. I have not been ashore since I came on board this ship. On Sunday mornings we go to Divisions. Please remember me to Robert Howard, Ken Dandy, Jack Twist, and all the other Tarleton lads in the Forces; I shall have to close now as it is supper time.
Sergt Ernie Ball writes "As you will see I am now on a course, but like every other course they try and teach too much in too short a time. My wife came up to spend Easter with me, and on the Saturday night when we got back to the hotel where we were staying I found a note telling me to report to ---- on the Sunday for this course. So we started ringing every hotel amd everything that went in the name of an hotel there and at just turned 11o'clock we managed to fix everything up. She went back last Tuesday, the second anniversary of our wedding day, and I sincerely hope that when the next anniversary comes round I shall be in civvy street."
Gunner Harry Harrison says "I have had the misfortune of meeting with a slight injury to my foot which has resulted in my being sent to this Convalescent Home. It is situated on the banks of a well-known river and is very much like Bank Hall, so I feel quite at home here. I went to Evensong at a quaint little Church which you may have seen if you have been around this lovely part of England. Remember me to all my brothers-in-law, Dick (M.E.F.) Allan (in hospital) also Billy, and all my cousins, and I hope that Bert Price is still keeping up the Corinthian's spirit."
LAC Robert Johnson (Hesketh Lane) writes "The job I am now on takes me to different R.A.F. Stations, so I get quite a lot of travelling about the country. I should have been home for Easter, and had actually got my leave pass signed, and was nearly away, when word came through that all leave was cancelled indefinitely. Just my luck."
Gunner Harold Aspey says "I was so pleased to see Mrs. Tindsley's letter for all of us in the N.L., quite good; I must say, I too, get that feeling of joy when I see the old village Church in view, and I am looking forward to the day when all of us will have it in view for good. Remember me to Arthur Harrison, Nick Forshaw, Ronnie Iddon, John Rowland, and all my pals whom I miss so very much these days."
Pte Jack Parker airgraphs from India "My new abode is a small town on the Bramputra. I don't suppose that I shall be able to go to Church as much here as the Parish Church is 200 miles away, although the Mission Church is only 140 miles distant. I would much prefer to take my strolls on the banks of the Mersey than on those of the Bramaputra."
Dvr. Fred Bentham writes "We've been here almost a fortnight now and the sooner we leave the better. Its the worst camp I've been to yet, but I'm expecting seeing worse before I've finished. Remember me to Ron Iddon (Chunky), David Hanson, Bill and Jimmy Harrison, and all my pals in the Forces."
L/Cpl Harry Price writes "Believe me services in England is a 'snip' compared with services overseas. To all serving abroad I send my best and hearty greetings. The weather is perfect here, billets, food, and the whole vicinity good, so I fail to see where I can put in a grouse. I wonder if you could get the oldest inhabitant in Tarleton to write a few words in the N.L.? By the way who is the oldest person in our village? for the life of me I can't think."
Pte. Tom Harrison R.A.V.C. writes "I want you to know that I enjoy reading the N.Ls just as much to-day as I did when you first started to send them. I've been on special work here for almost a year. I can't explain here what it is, as it is too complicated, but when I have the pleasure of meeting you again I will be able to tell you some of the very interesting things about my work. I would like you to remember me to my brother-in-law and sister-in-law Henry and Margaret Moss, my three nephews, Dan Stazicker, Walter Ascroft, and Bill Harrison, also Stan Johnson and Dan Johnson, and all in the Forces."
LACW Elsie Winstanley (Mere Brow) writes "I was classified LACW from the 1st of last month, which means an end to my swotting. All that I have to undergo now is a course or two on CIK/GD procedure - which I can assure you is no picnic. There is only one thing I shall miss when this war is over and that is the very welcome N.L., which seems to contain more news than all the local newspapers combined."

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