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April 20th 1944
No. 211 - Issued weekly since May 1940

My dear boys and girls,
This week the premier London newspaper "THE TIMES" has sent me a copy of the News Letter sent to all their employees now in the Forces. It is very much like our own N.L. although it is printed. In the letter at the beginning I find these words "Looking through our files we find some of you have not, apart from acknowledging cards, ever written to us. Really, this is too bad."
I wonder if there are any Tarleton lads who have received a letter from me each week who have never yet written a line in return? They could certainly be counted on the fingers of one hand but really there should be none. Well, here is wishing you all the best and let us pray that this terrible war will soon be over and that you all come back safe and sound to be a comfort to us all in our old age.
With love, best wishes, and every Blessing,
from your old friend and pastor,

On Monday afternoon (Bank holiday), a large van carrying 500 live hens stopped at Dandy's Bank Bridge Garage to fill up and immediately burst into flames. Mrs. Cross, passing, ran to the
rectory, the rector telephoned to Company Commander Hodge, N.F.S. and in a few minutes the Tarleton N.F.S. Fire Engine was on the scene drawing water from the Canal at Ball's coal wharf. 35 hens were saved, the others were roasted alive in the van. They were crated so could not get out. Van completely burned. Driver severely burned. He was in cab, broke the screen, and got out that way. Dr. Croft away at Banks, so the rector sent Tom Rutter in his car to take driver to Dr. Ashton at Croston, as he refused to go to Infirmary.
Tom Pickup, Moss Lane was married on Monday at Maghull Parish Church to Margery Russell, Maghull. His brother Jefffey Pickup went to the mines at West Hartlepool on Tuesday.
At big Easter Horse Show at Preston on Bank Holiday Will Rimmer, Tarleton, won 1st Prize for 5 year old. It was afterwards sold for 162 guineas.
George Sutton, junr. Holmes, won 1st prize in the vanner class, and his horse was sold for 145 guineas. R. Cropper H.B., was 4th in this class and sold his vanner for 100 guineas.
AC1. Dick McKean has sent the rector a present of a large leather writing case. It is made of Egyptian calf skin (Dick is stationed in Egypt) , and is embossed with Egyptian figures, it is beautifully fitted up inside. The rector thanks Dick very much indeed for this beautiful and most acceptable gift, which he will treasure.
On Sunday afternoon the rector christened the infant daughter of Sergt. Edgar amd Mrs. Wait (nee Joyce Brockley) with the names of Margaret Joyce. The Young People's Fellowship at Mere Brow, run by Mr. J.R.
Billington, held a dance on Friday evening in aid of the N .L. Fund. Betty Melling and Polly Johnson (nee Polly Hunter) were the principal organisers. They made £15, for which gift we all thank them.
Mrs. Knight held a Whist Drive in the Tarleton C.E. Schools on behalf of the N.L. Fund on Thursday afternoon. The room was crowded. Excellent prizes and a substantial tea. Mrs. Knight was able to give £28 to the rector for the N. L. Fund, for which all owe her our thanks.
Mrs. Peter Wright, living at house behind Barron's Post Office (nee Lizzie Ball, of Holmes) has presented her husband with a little girl. (Sheila).
Croston "Salute the Soldier" week begins next Saturday. Ours begins the following Saturday, (April 29th.)
Cpl. William Roberts, who married Olive Dobson, has had his discharge from the R.A.F. and is now back at his old job at the mines.

Cpl, Fred Forshaw, R.E., writes from India. "For my leave I travelled down to Octacamund (Octy to the locals) and spent a very pleasant fortnight as the private guest of a quite wealthy coffee planter. Two Tamil servants ministered unto me so well that I found their attention most embarrassing. I spent an hour before breakfast each day on the race-course round which this Utopia is built. My horse was supplied by mine host who accompanied me on all occasions. My best time for four furlongs was 32 1/2 miles per hour, timed on the electrical apparatus on the course. A party of us spent three days on safari, well into the jungle. Panthers out here are as common as rabbits in England."
Gunner Philip Rigby airmails from the Jungle (India), "I have been travelling for weeks, covered a couple of thousand miles, and ended up in action with the 14th Army. So you see I have been well occupied, We are keeping fine out here and the sun has given everyone a nice tan. Remember me to Bill Ellison through the N.L., also to all in the Services at home or abroad from Tarleton."
Sapper Ronnie Melling airmails from C.M.F. "I have now been in Italy a few days and so far it is worse than Sicily, I spent over 8 months in Sicily and one night in each week the senior Padre came from Catania and we had a Church Service in the Mess Room. The last two weeks he was unable to come so he sent one of his padres along instead. His name was Aspin, and after the Service I showed him one of the N.Ls. As soon as he saw your name he said "L.N.Forse, rector of Tarleton". He said you knew his father well and he asked me to remember him to you."
Dvr. John Caunce airmails from C.M.F. "I have just received 8 N.Ls and one airmail from you, for which I thank you very much. In the N.L. I see that Tom Spencer wishes to be remembered to me and I thank him very much and return the same. I see that quite a few of the boys I used to go about with are still writing to you, but I never see that they ask to be remembered to me. I hope you
will just give them a tip. Remember me to Billy Harrison, Sid Ball and John Spencer. I see that you had your Feast of Epiphany Party, I wish I could have been there with all the old Servers."
Gdsn. Aubrey Smith postcards from his Kriegsgefangenenlager "Once again I have the opportunity to write to you a few lines, and I trust they find you in the best of health, as they leave me,
A.1. We still have the snow with us. I expect you have had your share in Lancs. Give my kind regards to all through the N.L. I've received no mail yet." (Aubrey's postcard was dated 12.4.44.)
Pte. Ken Robshaw writes from India saying "Your welcome N.Ls seem to get better each one I receive. I was on a V.C. Parade and Presentation by Lord Wavell, and was also present at the big football match, England v Scotland on New Year's Day. Scotland won. I have had a few days in the jungle, sleeping under the stars, and not sweating, believe me, I could have done with some blankets, not forgetting the greatcoat, and even then I should have been starved. I hope to have some photos taken shortly so you will not be forgotten."
Marine Jim Wright writes fron his ship "Am just back from a trip which lasted longer than we expected. My wife tells me that my brother Bill is on leave. I wish I could get leave to see him. Remember me to all the lads, and lets hope and pray that it will not be long before we are all at home with our
loved ones."
Fus. Billy Lowe airmails from India "I have arrived safely in India and it is very nice. I have not had any mail since I came, but I suppose it is on the way. How is good old Tarleton getting on? Please remember me to all the Home Guard, and to all the boys and girls in the forces. I am, myself, O.K. and keeping well."
AC1 Dick McKean airgraphs from Egypt "One of my pals on another Unit asks me if I still receive the N.Ls. He used to look forward so much to reading them and he tells me he misses them very much. I have had the pleasure of meeting one of my work mates recently. You can guess we had quite a lot to talk about. I am still hoping to meet someone from the dear old village."
Dvr. Billy Harrison (Kearsley Avenue) airgraphs from B.N.A.F. "I have never had a Ietter from John Caunce or Sidney Ball for quite a while, so I would like to tell them in your N,L. that I am still alive. Also I would like to be remembered to my brother Tom, in India, and my pal George Farrington. Before I forget I received one of your N.Ls in five days, not bad, What do you think?"
Stoker William Melling (H.B.) airgraphs from his ship "Well I have finished my commission but I cannot get home until my relief arrives, the sooner the better, I have got a bundle of local newspapers from home, but there is nothing like as much news in them as there is in the N.L."

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