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April 6th 1944
No. 209 - Issued weekly since May 1940

My dear Comrades,
Our Rector has asked me to let you know how we are progressing at the British Legion Club. I am pleased to be able to inform you that we have had a very successful winter season. The three billiard tables have been well occupied, and to increase the interest we have had three handicaps for billiards and also three for snooker. As you will see from the names of the winners the young members are well on top:
The First Prize winners for Billiards are:- Richard Tindsley; Dan. McLeod; and Frank Foulds.
For Snooker they are:- James Taylor; Jim Burns; and Dan. McLeod.
There were over 50 entries in each handicap. Snooker seems to be the most popular at present. The tables are not in good condition but we are hoping to improve one or two shortly. What we want more than anything else is to get you all back home with your great task completed.
My message to all the boys and girls from Tarleton is - Trust in God, and do the right thing.
Your Comrade,

NOTE. As most of the lads will know, Mr Sewell is a Vice-President of the British Legion, Tarleton Branch, and the Chairman of the Sports and Entertainment Committee of the Club. He is a most indefatigable worker for the welfare of all the members of the B.L., and as every lad who joins H.M. Forces becomes, ipso facto, Member of the B.L., that means that he is working for you all the time.

Mrs. John Baybutt, School Houses, Sollom, has presented her husband with a baby girl.
Corporal Harry Price R.A.S.C., and Margaret Tindsley (Blackgate Lane) have become engaged to be married.
William Whittle (son of Big Will, Hesketh Lane) has passed his medical A1.
Bob Iddon (worked at Jack Mee's) has met his brother in Italy.
Tom Cank, of Croston died this week. It will be remembered that he was a persistant Cinema-goer, and was so big that the Management of Croston Cinema took away the arm of one seat so that he could occupy two, and thus see the pictures in comfort. This double seat he always occupied.
Bert Fawke's grandfather died at Plox Brow on Wed. and was buried at Liverpool on Saturday.
Last Sunday (Palm Sunday) the Church Day School children, as usual conducted the whole Service in Church. An innovation was that the Choir was composed of schoolgirls in cassocks and surplices. John Marsh and Bryan Baron read the Lessons, Robert Davies read the prayers, and Roy Taylor carried the processional Cross.
Mr. Harry Norris (Bretherton) has been officially informed that his son in the R.A.F. is missing after a recent raid over Germany.

On Leave: William Wright, Leslie Hodson, Fred Tiffen (H.B.,) Bill Ball, (Chogger) H.B., Harry Price, Peter Dawson, Edwin Crabtree (48 hrs. ) Jack Twist.
The men of Mere Brow are giving their Saturday afternoons to laying a Bowling Green on the land they have bought behind the institute.
Flying Officer J. Hilton, of Bretherton, who was the Headmaster of Bretherton Schools, and is now Headmaster of Wesham Schools, but still lives at Bretherton, is now commanding the 1998 Flight (Tarleton and District) A.T.C.
Josephine Keane who has joined the N.A.A.F.I. has been drafted to the Regimental Canteen Association.

A Memorial Gift. When Muriel Iddon, Sutton Lane, was in health and when she was lying in bed dangerously ill, she found very great pleasure in reading the News Letter each week. It was sent to her by David Hanson who is a Sergeant in the R.A.F. When alas! she passed away her mother, father and sister, thought that they could give no better memorial of her than a subscription to the N.L. Fund. They have given the Rector £5 to put to the Fund in Memory of Muriel, and we are sure that all the boys and girls away, equally with the Rector, will wish to extend their sympathy to Mr. and Mrs. John Iddon, and to thank them for their generous gift.
Frank Taylor, Boundary Lane, has passed his medical A1.
Jeffrey Pickup, H.B., has gone to the mines.
Some weeks ago Mr. Stanley Barron, Withy Tree Farm, at the Windgate, was digging when he came across a peculiar shaped stone. Young John took it to school and showed it to Mrs. Airey, his teacher; she took it to the Curator of the Museum at Preston, and it has been found to be a stone axe dating some hundreds of years B.C.
Mr. Sydney Corless, the new headmaster of our Church Schools took over the charge of the school on Monday morning.

Gdsn. Aubrey Smith writes from his Kriegsgefangenenlager (Prisoner-of-war Camp) to say "I trust by now you know that I am a p-o-w, as I have written to you before. My permanent address is on the other side of this p.c., I'm in the best of health. I've missed the N.Ls, However I shall soon be home now. We do a little work daily which helps to pass the time on, as well as being exercised. Write soon. Cherio and best wishes. Remember me to all through the N.L.
A.B. Tom Dickinson airgraphs from his ship "This is the first opportunity I have had to write to you since I sailed. Out here you can get whatever you want in the town - at a price. But we do a bit of bargaining with the natives and knock it down a bit. As the Fleet Club is here the time we spend ashore is alright. There you can get 'big eats' and plenty of fruit and ice cream. Please remember me to Bob Howard, Bert Fawke, Tom Bolton and all my friends."
A.C.1. Dick McKean airgraphs "I am sure you are glad to know that the N.Ls have such a wide circulation and are appreciated not only by the Tarleton boys and girls, but by all who read them. I am hoping to have the pleasure of meeting my brother Harley again. I have just paid a visit to two lads I worked with in civvy street. I would very much like to meet some of boys from Tarleton out here." (Note Dick is in the M.E.F.)
A.C.1 Tom Parkinson (Carr Lane) also airgraphs from M.E.F. "I hope that the Confirmation went off well and that you had a fine day. Its a good job we have the N.L. for it gives all the news of the affairs of the Church and Village, and keeps us in contact with our friends. I much appreciate the gifts from the S.S. Teachers and Scholars, so please give my regards to them; also to all the members of the Forces."
Trooper Alec Barnish (Hoole) airgraphs from C.M.F. "In my last letter from brother Ted he was telling me how busy they had been on manoevers, and that he was proceeding on a week's leave to Cairo on the strength of it. Last Sunday we held a very nice Service in one of our Mess tents, but I am looking forward to the day when we shall be able to have the Service in our own little Church. I would like to convey my best wishes to all serving in H.M. Forces, through the famous N.L. and also thank the various organisations at home for their good work in the way of comforts for us. I would like you to ask the Rev. T Watkins, rector of Hoole to write a few words to us through the N.L. I am sure he would be pleased to do so. Cheerio and best wishes."
O/S Ken Dandy R.N., writes "Since I came back off leave I haven't seen either Harry Alty or Ted Gardner, but if they are still in this town I'll find them. Now that this town is closed to the public we should have plenty of space for sun-bathing this summer. Please remember me to Bob Howard, Hubert Thompson,and Bob Hull (seen any good bands recently, Bob?) As you have probably noticed I am 'solid' when it comes to writing letters.
LAC Walter Rawsthorne says "It is about 10 days since I left --- , and in the meantime I have been on a short course somewhere in Scotland. Even now my address is only temporary as I understand that we are going to live under canvas about five miles away. I don't like this place, but I am hoping that it will turn out better than first impressions."
Cpl. Edwin Crabtree writes "The Hall in which I am billeted is a very beautiful building which was at one time occupied by royalty. The gardens and greenhouses are still kept in trim, but the surrounding grounds have been turned into a minature town. This morning I went to the Church Service. It was Free Church, and there weren't more than thirty of us in the congregation, not a good percentage of approximately 1,000."
George West who has now joined the Miners' Brigade writes "I have put in for a transfer to the same Colliery as James Burns."
Gunner E. Harrison (Fermor Road) writes "I have changed my address once again and have now gone back to my Unit. I am now in Scotland but shall only be here for another week or so. Remember me to Tom Hurst through the N.L. and tell him I am sorry to hear about his misfortune and hope that he will make a complete and quick recovery. Best regards to all in the Forces, especially those in action and overseas."

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