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March 23rd 1944
No. 207 - Issued weekly since May 1940

Church Road, Tarleton.
March 23rd 1944.

Dear Boys and Girls,
The Rector has kindIy asked me to write a few lines to you on behalf of the British Legion Women's Section. I really feel thrilled at the thought of being able to write to so many of you, and I do thank him for this wonderful opportunity .
First let me send greetings to all, from the Women, and much love and many prayers. I do want to write something that will help and interest you while you are so far away from home and the village you all love.
My mind goes back to a day when I was returning home from Preston on the top of a Ribble bus. I happened to be sitting next to Sydney Ball who was coming on leave, As the bus turned the corner near Hoole Church, Sydney exclaimed "Ah! Tarleton Church, I have been looking for it all this day. It is grand to see it again." My thoughts then went out to my own two dear boys, and all you others, and I tried to imagine how you would all feel when you, too, turned that corner in Hoole, and were coming home to stay.
Somehow, that little incident on the bus always lives with me, and whenever I am coming home from Preston, I always think of Sidney and his great joy at coming home.
May I ask you one and all, when you see a Church Spire pointing upwards, that you will raise your thoughts and let this symbol influence your lives and inspire you to noble efforts while you are away, and also when you return home?
Your sincere friend,

Margaret Ball, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Ball, Hillcrest, LIttle Hoole was married on Tuesday at Hoole Methodist Chapel to Lieut. Peter Darnell, the Loyal Regt. only son of Mr. and Mrs. Darnell of Leyland. The Methodist Minister took the service assisted by the Rector of Hoole.
Mrs. Laing, mother of Sandy Laing, has bought Clee's house in Kearsley Avenue, and is going to live there.
Mr. Harry Southworth, Blackgate Lane, has bought Pinder's house also in Blackgate Lane. Pinders are going to East Lancashire.
Mrs. Brain (nee Maggie Southern) has presented her husband with a daughter.
Mrs, Riding (nee Bella Harrison) has presented her husband with a son.
Mrs. Foulds, Church Road, mother of Frank and Eva, was married last Saturday to a Mr. Thorpe of Bolton. They are living at Mrs. Foulds house in Tarleton.
Mr. Frank Proctor, Kearsley Avenue, has joined the Army.
Colin Stringfellow, one of the H.B. twins, has joined up.
Jimmy West, a Bevin boy, went to Durham minefield on Monday.
George Ratcliffe, Rufford, also a Bevin boy, went to the same mine on Monday.
Austin Barton, Moss Lane, after being severely wounded in C.M.F. has been discharged from the Army and is now back home.
Tom Tindsley, Royal Corps of Signals, has been promoted a Corporal.
Ronnie Cooke, husband of Nellie Cookson, has been promoted a Captain.
Richard Rymer, Hesketh Lane, who is a Flying Officer R.A.F. read both the Lessons at the Church Parade at his R.A.F. Station last Sunday.
Mrs. John Gibbons (Bessie Sephton) has closed her Ladies hair-dressing saloon in Hesketh Lane owing to ill health.
James Rimner, Liverpool Road, Rufford was killed and his father very severely injured on Wed., when an explosion occurred while they were sterilising their greenhouses.
The Church Schools were closed on Thursday afternoon in order that the teachers might take the children to the Hippodrome, Preston, to see the play 'Peter Pan' . Over 40 children went

On Leave : -- Edwin Barron, Vernon Ogden, Robert Howard, John Sutton, John Rowland, Sandy Laing, Ken Nicholson, Jim Coulton (H.B.), John Coulton (H.B.)
Alice Mayor, Tabby Nook, Mere Brow, is marrying Jack Lyons, of Burscough at Easter.
The engagement is announced of Miss Nannie Whittle, Coe Lane Corner, to Mr.Tom Holcroft, of Hesketh Lane. They hope to be married in the late summer.
The British Legion ladies held a jumble sale on Saturday in the Club on behalf of their Forces Comforts Fund and raised £45 odd in the afternoon.
Mr. James Southworth, Mere Brow, brother of Mr. Hugh Southworth, Hesketh Lane, died last week and was buried at Tarleton. He was 60 years of age.
Last Sunday being Mothering Sunday, there were 151 people present at the 8 o'clock service of Holy Communion.
In the afternoon a Memorial Service was held in the Parish Church for Pte. Jimmy Latham who died as a prisoner-of-war in Japanese hands and Sapper Dick Johnson who died in No. 92 General Hospital, C.M.F.,and who is buried in the Hospital Cemetery. Those near might care to visit his grave and write to his mother.
Corinthians played Southport Sea Cadets on Sat., Score 16 - 1, we dare not say which side got the 16.
Mr. William Walmsley, Gorse Lane, father of Mrs. James Forshaw, died on Saturday night, and was buried in Tarleton Churchyard on Wed. He was 71 years of age.

Gunner Tom Harrison airgraphs from India saying "I suppose you will know that I have been stationed near Eric Hind and Frank Foster. We had one or two evenings together. I get one or two letters from my brother Bill, he seems to be enjoying the best of health. I also get quite a few letters from my pal Gerry Pendlebury, who is not very far from me. I hope to be able to get to see him soon. The weather is just like a good old English summer. Remember me to all the boys and girls away from home ; my cousin Mary A.T.S. ; Harry Latham, Dick and Harry Harrison and Nellie Pendlebury, and tell her I am glad she likes the A.T.S."
ERM Dick Burns, R.N. airgraphs from his very famous ship to say "Thanks for the N.L. and Parish Magazine. I was talking to a lad the other day, and as he turned away I happened to see he had a letter something like our N.L. but it went under the heading of THE TIMES JOURNAL for the benefit of the men and women who were in the employment of "The Times." I wonder if you would like a copy if I could get one? (Yes, Dick, most interesting if you can send one along). Best remembrance to all my brothers and brothers-in-law in the Navy and the Army. I was sorry to hear from my mother that our Tom's very close pal, Dick Johnson, had passed away."
A.B. Frank McKean writes from his equally famous battleship saying "I have made my exams and have now become a Leading Torpedo Operator. You will also see that I have landed another big ship, and what a Ship! She is even better known than my last, as you will know. Give my brothers Dick, Harley and Stoker Bill my best wishes and a speedy return."
AC1 Dick McKean writes from M.E.F. "I am working in the cookhouse and really enjoying it, and I am getting along fine with arabic, due to working with the natives. I understand that my sister Joan has given you a photo of me, but I am sending you a few snaps. I am sending you a present which I hope will help towards the cost of the N.L."
Pte. Peter Guy writes from lndia as follows "I should hardly imagine that the place I am in at present is on the map. There are scores of monkeys as well as crocodiles in the nearby stream, but you can get used to anything nowadays. I saw Harry Devitt last year and Harry Latham. I will get something to eat and then look to my truck and give it some grease. The roads out here are very bad; you have always to be tightening your nuts and bolts."
Pte Jack Parker (Liverpool) postcards from India saying " Glad to be still hearing from you. Life out here is going on the same as ever and I am always looking for mail from home. Please send the Parish Magazine if it is at all possible to send it. All the best to all the Tarletonians at home and overseas."
Trooper Alec Barnish (Hoole) airgraphs from C.M.F. "I thought Lancashire was the county for rain, but this country can beat it. Its pouring down while I am writing this letter. I am lucky in having a good cover on my vehicle, but I do pity the poor infantrymen. At present we hold our Church services in a large tent. Have had a letter from my brother Ted saying that he had come into the limelight of soccer again as he has been promoted Divisional goalie. My best wishes to all the local members of H.M.Forces."
Dvr. Sam Iddon (Hoole) airgraphs from C.M.F. "We are a special G.T. Coy. now in Italy getting on with two very sticky jobs we have to do, but glad to say we are having things a little quieter at present, so I hope you will excuse me for not writing sooner. I know you will understand why. May God bless all who are away from home in these anxious hours. Will write again soon.
Cpl. J.H.Sutton airgraphs "I believe I wrote and told you about being in hospital, in fact in a few hospitals; and in one in N. Africa I met Jack Wright of Blackgate Lane. We had a long talk mostly about home as you can imagine.

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