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March 16th 1944
No 206. Issued weekly since May 1940.

Dobson's Farm, Gorse Lane.

Dear Friend,
I was glad when the Rector asked me, on behalf of the Methodist Comforts Fund, to write a few lines for the News Letter, because this enables me to feel that I am writing to each one of you individually; my thanks are to the rector for this unlooked-for oppertunity.
At 2.15 every Sunday afternoon the Methodist Young Ladies' Class form a prayer circle for loved ones now far distant, and we would like you to try and join us in spirit at that fellowship, believing as we all do that;
"There is a spot where spirits blend
And friend holds fellowship with friend,
Though sundered far, by faith we meet
Around one common mercy seat."
Our prayers are that you may be encouraged and strengthened in the many duties you may be called upon to carry out, living and working, as you say in your cheery, welcome letters, for the joyful days of peace and goodwill when we at home may give you a very warm welcome back to Tarleton, providing the old saying that
"Whether we travel East or West
Home, Sweet Home, remains the Best."
Yours very sincerely,
(Mrs.) Richard Melling.

The Sacrament of Confirmation was admistered by the Bishop of Blackburn in Tarlaton Parish Church on Saturday afternoon. Hesketh Bank, Hoole and Rufford all brought candidates; Tarleton had 35 candidates. Church full; the Bishop gave a very good address, singing excellent and the Bishop thanked the Choir afterwards, in the vestry. Tea and bun for all after as usual, at which the Bishop was present.
The Rev. J.B. Goodall, rector of Bretherton, is leaving there to become the Vicar of Singleton, in the Fylde.
William Harrison, Coe House Farm, has been called up to the Navy. Went last Monday. Ken Baxendale, H.B. joins the Army on Monday, and goes to the same training camp as Aurthur Worth, and John Caunce. Arthur Barron is still at this place.
Hutton G.S. boys will be interested to learn that Major Batty one of the Masters has won the M.C.; Another master, Flying Officer Clemo, has won the D.F.C. as nightfighter navigation officer, while a third, Lieut. Gammon, was killed in action while serving with H.M.S. AJAX.
Mr. Walmsley , the father of Mrs. James Forshaw, is very seriously ill.
The rector has been appointed Hon. Chaplain to the local Flight A.T.C.
Mrs. Johnson, Carr Lane has received some very kind letters from the Matron and the Chaplain of 92 General Hospital, C.M.F . telling her of Dick's last hours on earth.

On Leave: Robert Barron (Hesketh Lane); Harry Alty; John Webster; David Hanson; Ken Ogden; Leslie Tiffen; Fred Tiffen; Tom Smith; Jack Robinson; Peter Dawson (H.B.) Rosie Twist.
Mrs. George Tiffen has a little girl; Mrs. Dick Ball (Florrie Wills) of Fermor Road, has a little boy.

Fus. Tom Hurst, who was badly wounded in the fighting in Italy writes from B. Ward, No. 2. General Hospital, C.M.F. saying "Just a line to let you know where I am and to thank you for your N. Ls. I was out on patrol on the night of Feb. 4th, and we were rather badly shot up. I got a broken leg and two bullets in the same leg; But I am now doing very well. Please remember me to all the boys and girls from Tarleton and H. B."
Lieut. Eric Hind writes from India saying "I have been pretty unfit medically since making my escape from Singapore, and have been in and out of hospital regularly; due to the wounds I received there. I have at last been regraded up to category A.3. You probably know that Frank Foster is billeted quite near me, and as soon as the N.Ls arrive we put our heads together and gossip about them."
LAC Harry Rigby airgraphs from C.M.F. saying "Since I last wrote you I have been lucky enough to see some of the stars of the theatrical world who have been out to entertain us. I have seen George Formby (in Sicily) along with the Western Brothers, and Gracie Fields; and since landing in Italy have seen Tommy Trinder, so you will see that we get a little entertainment. I have got the award of the Africa Star and clasp to denote that I was serving in the Western Desert Air Force."
Sgt. Hubert Tindsley airgraphs from B.N.A.F. to say "I am a patient in a hospital - rather strange for a R.A.M.C. bloke to have to become a patient. During the course of a few soccer matches I tore a cartilage rather badly and it finished up that I could not walk. I am pleased to say I am going along fine, and am able to walk round the ward in double quick time. Please remember me to all the lads and lassies of the Tarleton family."
O/A Ronnie Iddon writes from his ship "I have moved again, so I am sending my new address so that I shall get the N.Ls. I am O.K. and would like to be remembered through the N.L. to my brother Harry, Fred Bentham, and all the boys and girls in H.M. Forces."
Stoker Tom Spencer, R.N. writes from his ship "I met Rosie Twist a few weeks ago and had quite a while with her. I ran into her near the American Red Cross Club, much to her surprise, as she was in civvies. I had a big week that week, I saw Dick Singleton and Dick Maxhan from Longton, and I did expect to see Bill Ball from Newarth Lane, H.B. but I did not know the number of his submarine. This is my report to you, sir, finished for to-night; so cheerio."
AC/2 Freddy Coupe writes from Nassau saying "It is starting to get hotter again; its been very nice for the last three months, but nowadays the heat is getting unbearable again. I went down to the beach a couple of days ago and stayed for four hours in the sea, it was grand. I got a terrific mail this week, 16 letters in all; so I've got a lot to answer."
Dvr. Robert Bond (Mere Brow) back from C.M.F. writes "The people around here are not like Lancs and Yorks. They are all for money, even the cinema. At all the dances we have to pay no less than 1/6; its too much, almost half a day's pay. We were thinking of writing to the DAILY MIRROR about it . Please remember me to Chuck , and the other Charlie Wright, Bill Hudson, Tom Sutton, and all in the Force I know."
Pte. Arthur Barron writes from his hospital saying "You will be glad to know that I am now on the improvement, but am still in bed. You will know that Arthur Worth was here but has now gone to a convalescent hospital. Please remember me to him through the N.L. Please remember me also to my brother Bob, also to my cousins Ann and Bert Barron, also to Jack Hodge. This place is alright and we get good treatment. The Padre comes to see us all a few times a week: he has a nice talk to us all and gives us cigarettes. I always look forward to the N.L."
LAC Tom Southworth R.A.F. writes "I am afraid that our operations are not very sensational even if I were permitted to write about them. However if I get postod overseas I shall, maybe, have something more interesting to tell you. I must thank you once again for the regular N.L.; it is interesting to read about the exploits of others and compare them with my nothing-ever-happens existence. Please convey through the N.L. my best wishes to all Tarletonians serving in the Forces, especially those overseas."
Sgt. Sydney Cookson, R.A.F. (Chapel Rd. H.B.) writes "At present I am on the move to a new address, so will you please forward the N.L. to my home address until I settle down at my new station. I am very thankful for your kindness in sending me the N.L. and enclose a small donation. I would convey my best wishes to all serving the cause of freedom and Godspeed." (Sydney enclosed a 10/- note. It was most good of him, but the rector of Tarleton wishes it to be known that he is always very willing to send N.Ls regularly to lads in other parishes who are his friends and also friends of his own Tarleton lads. However he cannot possibly accept anything from the lads themselves. They have enough to do with the small amount of pocket-money they have at their disposal Those at home who are making good money should be only to pleased to bear whatever cost there may be, and a great many of them thoroughly understand and appreciate this and subscribe in one way and another towards the N.L.Fund. But it was very kind and thoughtful of Sydney and we thank him very much.)
Dvr. Jack Robinson writes "We have been away for a week or so. I can't tell you where we have been or what we have been doing; you know how things are these days. I was in the car when a lad I was talking to saw the N.L. on the seat. He said "I know the picture on that letter". Before the war he was on long distance transport from London to Scotland and came through Tarleton, and you cannot beat it from what I see of these other places. Please remember me to all the boys and girls."
Stoker David Rimmer, R.N. writes from his ship "we are now in a port, but I cannot say where as the security authorities will not allow it. I received a N.L. this afternoon, and it was a grand surprise.

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