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February 24th 1944
No. 203 - Published weekly since May 1940

Dear Boys and Girls,
I am writing these few lines through the suggestion of Pte. Harry Woosey.
First of all I wish you all the best of health and luck, and a safe return. I hope that the time is not far distant when we can have the pleasure of seeing you all home for good, and what a happy re-union that will be! Everybody in the Parish will be only too pleased to make a great reception for you, which you all greatly deserve.
In all our Prayers, our sympathy is with you for the hardships you have to endure; for we know that it is not all smooth going for you when you are away from your loved ones.
I wish to thank the rector, on behalf of you all, for the great work he is performing in the district for the assistance of all the boys and girls in the Forces. Nothing is too much for him however great it may be, and distance is no object to him either, and we all appreciate it.
I hope that you are all keeping in touch with him in your correspondence, and also sending him any photographs he is short of for the Lady Chapel so that he can make the series complete.
Yours faithfully,

We regret to have to report that Mrs. Ellen Johnson, Carr Lane, has received a letter from the R.E records stating that her son Sapper Dick Johnscn died in No. 92 General Hospital, Italy, on January 30th from StaphyIococcal Septicaemia.
Mr. Harry Hodge, Church Road, has received a Commission in the N.F.S., and is now a Company Officer in that orginisation .
The local Unit of the N.F.S., under the command of Company Officer N. Hodge, took part in a competition at Southport and won a Silver Cup for manipulating the major pump, and another cup for manipulating the extension ladder.
May Cookson, Hesketh Lane, was married on Sat. afternoon in Tarleton Parish Church to Arthur Adlington Fleet, of Woolston, Warrington.
Robert Hodge, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hodge, Church road, has been given an Advanced Course Exhibition, tenable at Hutton Grammar School, for two years. Only two Hutton Grammar School boys gained this Exhibition this year, of which Robert was one.
The wooden Cafe at the end of New road, corner of Blackgate Lane, belonging to Mr. Duckworth, was sold by auction on Sat. for £100 to Mr. Tom Sutton.
The managers of the Church Schools, Tarleton, have appointed Mr. Sydney Corless, at present 1st Assistant Master at Ashton-in Makerfield Central School, to be Headmaster of our Church Schools in the place of Mr. I.T. Peters who is going to Knutsford. Mr. Corless is 34 years of age, six foot high and married. There were 20 applications for the position.
Police Ball at Conservative Hall, last Wed. evening. Place packed to suffocation. Tickets 2/6d each. Bill Gregson's Band. Proceeds for Police Social and Welfare Fund.
Schools closed from Thursday last until Tues. for mid-term holiday.
The infant son of Mr and Mrs. Herbert Ball (nee Mary Houghton Fermor Road) was Christened on Sunday afternoon last in Tarleton Parish Church with the names of Robert Houghton.
Sgt., Rear Gunner Will Iddon, of Pace Corner, Banks, has been killed while flying over Germany. The Crew brought his body back and he was burried at Banks with a Military funeral.
As will be seen the rector has asked Mr. Jack Robinson senior to write the front page letter this week. We thank him for obliging us.

L/Sgt. Harry Forrest airmails from M.E.F. saying "At the present moment I have two Tarleton Parish Magazines on my bed, and the reason for them being there, is that I have been reading them over and over and over again. When I get browned off, as they say in the Army, I read both the N.Ls and the Magazines as they bring back past but blessed memories. I have been watching the results of the local football team for some time now and they appear to be getting a tousing these days. I think they had better get the Burns brothers into action again. Please remember me to all, especially.Tommy, Jim, Dick, and George Burns and also George West."
Dvr. Dan. Johnson B.M.A.F. writes "I saw that account of the N.L. in the "Union Jack", which circulates in North Africa as well as in Italy. I sent a copy to my wife who is living at Ralph Wife's Lane, Banks. She will lend you it if you would care to see it. The most I can say of as much of N. Africa as I have seen is that in whatever country we may find ourselves next it cannot be worse than this. The scenery is beaten nowhere, not even in Scotland, but it needs a good clean up. I may say that I am in one of the best Companys in the British Army.
Dvr.John Caunce airmails from M.E.F. to say "I am on the move again, but where we are going I cannot tell. I may see Billy Harrison or Sid Ball judging from where they were not long ago. Anyhow, do not worry if you do not hear from me for a while. Remember me to John Spencer and Frank Foulds. I will write to you as soon as I get my new address!"
A/C2 Freddy Coupe writes from Nassau saying "I have been playing Badminton quite a lot lately, and I entered for a competition last week, and believe it or not my partner and I won it, which made us 3/- better off. The work gets very monotonous at times, I'm keeping as brown as ever although it is in the middle of winter now, but as far as I am concerned it is an English summer. Kindly remember me to Roger Watson through the N.L. and tell him to cheer up, before he and I are back in Moss Lane."
O/S Walter Ascrof't R.N. writes "I shall be at this camp until I get a ship; I am now waiting for one. The camp is not very big, but we have some nice huts to sleep in and the food is very good. I am at present working in the Dining Hall, which means that I have to be up very early in the morning; but I get off every afternoon. Talk about sunny Devon! I haven't seen much sun yet."
Dvr. Tom Alty says "This is a very quiet, but very nice, place. We are billeted in the Church vestry which is very convenient and handy for Sunday morning Holy Communion. Will you please thank the Mothers' Union for the excellent Christmas gift?"
Cpl. Sandy Laing, R.N.,reports "I met Cpl. Ken Nicholson about four weeks ago, whilst I was on a course at the same camp. It was grand to meet a lad from the village I have grown to call home. Please thank the Mothers' Union and the other organisations for their Christmas gifts. My best wishes to all in H.M.Forces."
LAC Harold Pilkington says "On receiving your letter my Officer recalled me back from a journey with my waggon. My Officer also told me to convey his thanks to you for your co-operation. You will notice that I have been promoted LAC. Please remember me to my brother Ronald, also to Dick Gabbot, via the N.L." (Ronnie's grandmother died at Burscough, and the rector wrote to his Officer to ask leave for Ronnie to attend the funeral, which was granted. Hence the first part of his letter.)
Gnr. Arthur Harrison writes "I am batman to the Captain now; he has been wanting me for a long time. To-night I am on duty in the Mess. I have a small room of my own in the same house as the Officers. There are no pictures here and we are not far from ----."
AC John Ball (Bretherton) writes from his Airport " I was very busy in the dance band at my last station. I have only been in this place three days, and so far it is very good. I heard from home that Matt Sutton is home. He is my cousin and Harry Monk who is a p-o-w in Japan is my uncle. Please remember me to my friends in the Forces when you have space."
Dvr. Robert Parkinson writes "As you will see I have moved again. I am very sorry that you had so much trouble to find me. We had a Church Parade to-day which was very nice; but I can honestly say that I have never yet seen a Church as nice as Tarleton."
Dvr. Tom Sutton says "I was glad to hear that the N.L. had reached the 8th army. I would like to send my best wishes to Walter Ascroft, Charlie Wright (Chuck), and Robert Bond; also to all serving in the Forces especially those in the R.E.M.E."
L/MM Harry AIty R.N. "As I see Ken Dandy told you, I first met him when I was out here on Christmas Day, and I have since seen him quite a lot at the concerts they hold in the Barracks where he is stationed. With me being on a different base I am not stationed at the same place, although it is quite near. But working with me here in the same workroom is Ted Gardner from Longton who seems to have followed me around. My best wishes to all N. L. readers especially those in action."
OS Ken Dandy R.N. writes "I have seen Harry Alty a few times this last week or so in the canteen. I sat between him and Ted Gardner at the Ensa Concert the other night, and we made arrangements to go to a dance, but unfortunately I was on watch that night. P.S. Ted Gardner is a Longton lad in case you don't know.''
AC2 Alan Jay asks "Will you please remember me in future N.Ls to Sgt. D. Hanson, Pte. Harry Woosey, Pte. Harry Lathom in India, and all the rest of the lads and lasses. Also to Mr. Peters and the boys in the A.T.C. I enclose my photograph."

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