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February 17th 1944
No. 202 - Published weekly since May 1940

My dear boys and girls,
There is so much to squeeze into this letter that I have no room for a real letter. However, just a line to wish you all the best.
With my love and my Blessing,
ever your affectionate friend,

A cablegram has been received from the C.M.F. to say that Edwin Crabtree has been granted compassionate leave on account of the very serious illness of his wife who was Marion Hunter.
Mrs. Ward, wife of John Ward, market gardener, Midge Hall, was killed by a motor lorry at Rufford on Tuesday evening. She was Mary Molyneux, sister of Doris Molyneux who was our village Queen some years ago. She had been home to see her parents who live at Boundary Farm, Holmeswood. She was 27 and had been married for two years. Inquest verdict - Accidental death.
Mr. Smith, of Longton, has a taxi with a licence for 15 miles radius. If any lad is stranded at night on Preston Station if they will ring Mr. Smith up - telephone, Longton 122 - he will bring them home at a reasonable charge. Put the telephone number in your Note Book.
Preston Grammar School beat Bank Hall at Football on Saturday, 5 - 3. The match was played at Preston.
William Ball, New House Nurseries, Moss Lane, was married in Tarleton Parish Church on Saturday morning to Alice Johnson, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs, Johnson, Jubilee House, Hesketh Lane. Honeymoon in Blackpool.
Mrs. Edgar Wait (Joyce Brockley) has presented her husband, Sergt. E Wait, with a baby girl.
Much fun at the Methodist Schoolroom last Thursday when there was a 'Mock Marriage' and everyone brought wedding presents which were sold in the room. Over £56 was made for the Forces Welfare Fund.
Irene Hodge and Sheila Gibbons, both of Hesketh Lane, had a Tea Party in the chicken house in Mawdesley's field behind the Mission Room on Saturday afternoon, and combined it with a Bran Tub Dip. They made 30/- which they gave to the rector for the N.L.Fund. We thank them, and their young friends very much indeed.
In last Saturday's Daily Dispatch there was a long account of the good work being done in Italy by Stanley Baldwin's Regiment R.A.; and Stanley was actually mentioned by name as was also Major Dennis Seddon-Brown.
At Chorley Rabbit Show on Saturday last Edward Ascroft won 7 firsts, 2 Specials, and 2 large Silver Cups with a Dutch Rabbit which is credited with being best in Lancashire. He also won two seconds with a Sable.
Mrs. Harry Rawcliffe (Nellie Cookson) has presented her husband with a baby girl.
Richard Baldwin (married Ruth Howard) is in the Infirmary with appendicitis.

On Leave: John Wright (Blackgate Lane) convalescent; Billy Lowe; Robert Howard; Harry Cookson; Ronnie Iddon; and his brother Harry; Edwin Crabtree (compassionate) Robert Johnson(48 hrs. for his sister's wedding); Stanley Holden.
Moses Moss, Longditch Farm, Mere Brow, is in Southport Infirmary.

Commander John Caunce, R.N., writes from overseas saying "On the way out we managed to arrange a few concerts and brains trusts. We were fortunate in having a Dr. Short D.D., and a Dr. of Psycology on board who functioned well in the Brains Trust. First impressions of this place are very favourable, blue skies, sunshine and fruit, all of which we missed in England."
Pte. Ken Robshaw sends two letters dated 25/9/43 and 26/10/43. Both arrived by the same post. He says I am still in the wilds of the jungle amongst the insects. The main problem here is keeping oneself fit and clean. We have a Church Service here every Sunday. C. of E. of course, and I have been every Sunday so far, but it is not like being in Tarleton Church. I am keeping fairly fit , but my chest is giving me rather a lot of trouble. It has not been right since I had my operation. Best Wishes to all the lads in the Forces, especially Jack Walsh and Tom Rigby."
Stoker Will Melling (H.B.) writes from his ship saying "It is a good tonic to read the N.L. out here. Please remember me to Joe Power through the N.L. This country has ruined my health, but I am quite well at present. Let's hope that all this trouble will soon be over and that we will all be back home."
Tpr. Harry Devitt writes from India saying "I have heard from Mother that Austin Bartin has been invalided home. I should be grateful if you would remember me to him and my wishes for a speedy and complete recovery. Please acknowledge Ronnie Pilkington's kind enquiry of me through the N.L. and say if he happens to be around here just to drop in and he will be very welcome. We see many water snakes, and I think cobras must like an occasional swim. They do not dive when a stone is thrown at them so we have first hand evidence as to how fast they can swim and it appears to take them about two seconds for twenty yards; they can swim.
A.B. Bill Ball, R.N. (Scoot) writes from his ship to say "By the way I notice that Ted Barnish has asked you if anyone can beat him. Well, I received 152 letters in two days when we were in South America, and have been to twelve different countries, and last but not least we have had Jerry, Italians, and French attacking us, and number four is coming."
Dvr. John Caunce sends two airgraphs this week saying "I have just come off a 24 hour guard and feel just about all in. I have just received a letter from S.S.M.B. Filmar, and I think that you will agree that it is very kind of him to write. I was very surprised to hear that Robert Bond is back in England, but I think that the lads who went through the desert deserve to have rest. I know that you will be looking forward to the end when all the boys of the village get back home again."
AC2. Alan Jay writes "Thanks for the N.L. I was very pleased to read the gossip of the old village once again. We have a very nice Padre here in our Squadron. He is Church of Scotland, and the Service is something similar to Tarleton Church. We are being posted to an I.T.W. next Thursday."
Bdr. Dick Blundell sends an always welcome and cheerful letter saying "I would like to add my suggestion; it is for the Secretary of the Bowling Club to write a few lines to the lads on the Club's behalf, as apart from yourself and the other parsons and Committees they have always remembered the lads and lassies, especially at Christmas time. I would like to add with a little pride that our Regiment is one of Monty's Happy Band, and we pack a 'Joe Lewis' punch which when given the chance will help to put Jerry down for the K.O. Remember me to Jack Twist, Stan Quinlan, the Rowland Bros. and also to Bert Fawke, an old H.G. pal."
Gdsn. Harry Crook writes "I was glad to hear that Arthur Molyneux had written to you. We have many talks about Tarleton as he and I are the only Tarletonians in the camp at present. I was playing football at --- last week, but could not find Mick Melling, despite the fact that I searched his camp. Please remember me to all in H.M. Forces especially Bert, Hugh and Mick Melling, Ted Barnish, Hubert Tindsley, Bill Sutton, John Moss and Jimmy Burns."
Pte. George Farrington says "The weather is fairly bad, for we have had nothing but rain and snow for the last 14 days. I cannot tell you exactly what I am doing for a lot of our work is censored, but I am still driving and doing a bit of mechanics. I hope some day we shall be able to repay you the good work you have done and are doing for us while we are away from home. Kindly send my regards to all my friends in the Forces."
W/M Hubert Thompson R.M. writes from his ship saying "My job here is Wardroom Galley and we have short hours; but I don't think that I shall be here much longer as all the lads who came here when I did have gone; but I always seem to be able to make good friends and good ones too. I think that the N.Ls are wonderful things to keep those in the Forces in touch with one another. I wish to be remembered to Robert Howard, Kenneth Dandy and Jack Twist."
Sgt. Jack Edmondson R.A.F. says "This Christmas was the first I have spent away from the TarIeton district since I came there to earn my livelihood. I have now met my pilot, a Welshman, and from now on we fly together, for I am destined for a two-seater aircraft."
Cpl. Billy Benjamin writes "I have been away from Tarleton for these last three and a half years and I can honestly say that I feel that due to the N.L. I haven't been away at all, for whatever has happened of local interest has always appeared. I have yet to see anything that can compare with, or even come near the N.L."
Cpl. Bert Price writes "As you will see by my address I am still in the "Suicide Squad" and attached to the famous Royal Armoured Corps. I often wish that all the Tarleton lads had been formed into one Unit, for then I am sure that Montgomary and Co, would have called on us to finish Hitler off, and believe me, we would have done it very quickly. Don't you think so? We shouId have MADE you our special Padre and you could have been with us to guide and keep us under God's care and protection. We had another cross-country run at which I was proud to be second. My best wishes to Harry, Jimmy Burns, Jim Leacy and all.

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