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February 3rd 1944
No. 200 - Published weekly since May 1940

My dear Boys and Girls,
As you will see there is not much doing on the 'Home Front', except that quite a number of lads are on leave this week, and that quite a lot of excitement has been caused over the huge prices that are being given for empty houses.
This week I am going to Bournmouth to see my brother who is still very ill, but I shall be back again in Tarleton within a few days.
Well! Who is going to suggest another notable Tarletonian to write a letter to you on this page? It will give a bit of variety to the N.L. and will be a change for me .
Once again I am going to suggest that you all get to know your Chaplains. They want to know you, and I do know that they would like your help in their work. So volunteer to give it to them.
With my love, my Blessing and all my prayers,
Ever your affectionate Friend and Padre,

Mr. and Mrs. Walmsley of Gorse Lane, parents of Mrs. James Forshaw, celebrated their golden wedding on Saturday. They were married fifty years ago at St. Bartholomew's, Great Harrwood. Special golden wedding party at Mr. and Mrs. James Forshaw's house, with a real wedding cake. Four generations were present. Mr. and Mrs. Walmesley's two sons and two daughters were present with their wives, husbands and children, and grandchild.
Mr. Joe Hague's house, Isle-o-moor, next to the Water Tower, Hesketh Lane, and his greenhouses, were sold by auction on Saturday to Bill Ball (Bumps) of Moss Lane for £2960. He is marrying Alice Johnson, of Jubilee Houses, Hesketh Lane.

On Leave:
George Wait: Harry Cookson: William Lowe (embarkation): David Hanson: Billy Harrison (Kearsley Ave.): Ronnie Johnson: Jack Edmondson: Stanley Holden: H.B. Fred Bentham: Tom Dickinson: Matt Sutton. (Compassionate leave from C.M.F. on account of his wife's illness): Harold Pilkington.
Banns called out for first time on Sunday at Tarleton Parish Church between Arthur Adlington Fleet, of Woolston, Warrington, and Marie (May) Cookson, of Hesketh Lane - the Tuck Shop.
Arnold Bailey has been accepted for the Fleet Air Arm subject to his getting release from his present work.
Banns to be called on Sunday next between Ronnie Knight, Hesketh Lane, and Freda Elizabeth Gill, of Hoole.

AC Charlie Wright (Tabby Nook, Mere Brow) airgraphs from India saying "I had quite a good time at Christmas with dinner out of doors, goose and, all the rest of the Christmas fare. I am receiving the N.Ls quite regularly and have got all of them up to date. Please remanber me to Robert Bond, Chuck, Frank Cairns and all the other lads away from home, no space to mention them all."
AB Jack Marsden, R.N. airgraphs from his ship to say "I am feeling top of the world, and I will tell you why. We've just come into a port after being at sea over Christmas and the New Year, and the mail has just come aboard;- and amongst it are 8 N.Ls. They are certainly the goods even if they are five months old. I also have to thank you on behalf of my Mess-mates who look forward to the N. L. just as much as I do myself. As I said we spent Christmas and New Year at sea, but the Christmas Spirit was aboard. I had the first watch on Christmas Eve (8 till midnight) and we had a good sing-song round the gun in the forenoon. The Captain took the Service on Christnas Day, and we made our own Christmas pudding, cakes and trifles, and you can take my word for it they were the goods."
L/Cpl. Harry Price airgraphs from Paiforce saying "I am writing here on my bed in the tent; outside the rain is simply pouring down. It seems strange after 8 months without a drop of rain. The mail is coming through very badly, we've not had any for two months. We had a great time at Christmas. Please thank the M.U., B.L.: Conservatives etc. for their wonderful gifts. Kind regards and best wishes to you, Bert, Tindsleys, Geo. Almond, Frank Foster and EVERYONE".
Trooper Harry Latham writes on New Year's Day from India saying "The last N.L. I received from you was the Christmas extra, which I can assure you was lovely. I am writing this after tiffen on New Year's Day. Our Chaplain had a good conngregation on Christmas morning, and we sang some well-known carols. I have just had a letter from Hugh Rowland. He says he is quite well and we hope to meet soon. He is not very far from me. Remember me to all the girls and boys in the Forces."
L/Cpl. Harley McKean sends from M.E.F. saying "I received an enormous mail at Christmas, and as mail is all important out here, it was very acceptable. Here is the photograph I promised you. I imagine you must almost have despaired of ever getting one. This is "the wide open spaces" though, and photographers are few and far between. We hear that the end of the war is in sight. Let's hope that it is very soon. I'm more than ready for seeing old Tarleton again."
Dvr. Dan Johnson (Higher Lane, Holmes) writes from B.N.A.F. saying "I am writing this as I sit in the cab of my lorry. Not many weeks ago I used to sit in the same cab to keep out of the sun, today to keep out the wind it being the most winterly day we have had since landing here. I have the word 'Southport' printed large on my lorry. Well, one day my mate and I were not exactly racing but hurrying on when we came to a long narrow bridge with a blind corner at the far end. I didn't slow down and came face to face with a 15 cwt. lorry. We managed to stop less than a yard from each other. It was a Captain driving it himself. I thought ' Here goes a few days' pay'. He reversed and came alongside me, which strengthened those ideas. However, I was wrong. He said he had often seen my lorry and had tried to get a word with me, but I was always past before he had a chance. He was a Southport man, and I knew his house. He spent half an hour with me."
Pte. Jack Parker airgraphs from India to say "Not so good a Christmas as we used to have back home. However, we had plenty to eat and a little to drink. The mails are coming in very badly. I see in a newspaper that a lot of the Indian mail has been lost by enemy action, so that may account for it. No N.Ls for some tlme."
Officer Cadet Mick Melling writes from a Military College that the Rector knows extremely well, to say "I have now moved to the O.C.T.U. ---- where I expect to spend the next six months of my career. I live in a small room with a fellow cadet and we are very cosy. The food is excellent and we now eat like human beings - with a tablecloth. One feels that there is a great tradition in all that there is here, and I am proud to be here. Please remember me to all my old friends at Tarleton and in the Forces, especially Bert, Hugh, Harry Crook, Jimmy Burns and all his brothers and a host of others".
AC2 Maurice Haskell writes to say "Some of the lads here in camp have just passed out with three tapes and a ' brevy' and are being sent abroad to complete the final stage of operating. It is only another month before I get my board exam on the first stage of my course, and then, if luck is with me - a week's leave."
Malcolm Parkinson, R.A.F., writes "At the moment I am deep in work. I can now appreciate what goes on inside a radio set - but unfortunately there are about 1,000 too many. Please remember me to Roger Watson and Freddy Coupe".
Pte. Joe Power (H.B.) says "Once again I have returned to my old Unit after having spent 7 good weeks in ---- (a Lancashire City). I find a great difference in the people of ---- and these people here in the West, One does get a gradely welcome in the N. West. More hospitality is shown to members of H.M. Forces. I had endless free theatre and concert tickets given to me. If one is in uniform, only on rare occasions does the bus or tram conductor collect the fares. However, here I am back again working down the underground city where are miles and miles of conveyor belts."
Pte. Abel Bickerstaffe (Croston) writes "A few weeks ago I was transferred from the Infantry to the R.A.S.C., and needless to say I was glad to get out of the footsloggers. It is rather quiet here, rather like being stationed on Tarleton Moss. But I always think that I have not much to complain about compared with the lads abroad. Please give my kind regards to my brothers-in-law, Dick and Howard Gabbot".
Corpl. Doris Molyneux, W.A.A.F., writes "I got back yesterday from a three weeks' course by the sea. I enjoyed the change very much indeed. We have not heard the results yet, but we worked very hard, and can only keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best. All the best to the boys and girls in the Forces.
Stoker Jack Twist, R.N. writes from the bowels of his submarine to say " I was very pleased to hear that my sister had received news from her husband (Harry Monk) who is a prisoner of war in Japan. You will see that I have changed my address so please send the N.Ls. along here for I look forward to the news from the village. I can assure you that we will soon finish the war now. Remember me to Dick Blundell in the N.L. as I have not seen him for some time. Best regards to all the boys and girls on land, on sea, or in the sky."
Pte. Harry Woosey writes "I am glad to say that I have now left the convalescent house, and am now back at camp. All the boys were glad to see me. Some of them thought that I should get listed, but I came here on the 21st day, so I was lucky. Remember me to all the lads and lassies, with especial word for my brothers-in-law Eric Booth, Jimmy Latham and John Hornby."

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