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January 6th 1944
No. 196 - Published weekly since May 1940

My dear boys and girls,
I write this on the Feast of the Epiphany, the day on which the three Wise Men sought out the Light of the world - and found Him.
From that day to this the wise men of the world have ever been on the same quest, and, seeking, they have always found . Found Him who will guide and direct our feet into the paths of righteousness and truth and Peace. He is not hard to find, although the evil forces of the world fight hard to obscure His Light and distort it. But it still shines brightly for those who sincerely seek it. For the Light of the world is Christ the King, and all good Christian men must pray earnestly that the day may soon dawn when the kingdoms of the world will become THE KINGDOM of God our Saviour, the Prince of Peace. Then, and then only, will wars cease and the children of God live as one complete loving family, all members of the same Family, all children of the same Father, all, as loving children should, serving the family and thus serving each other.
All my love, my Blessing, and all my prayers.
Ever your loving brother,

In Tuesday's Daily Dispatch there appeared a photograph of Jimmy Burns, Lindon Tyrer, of Croston, and Frank Iddon. Underneath was printed "James Burns, of Tarleton, Preston: Linden Tyrer, of Croston, Chorley, and Frank Iddon of Tarleton, Preston, at ---- yesterday." It was their first day down the mines, and the photo was taken just before they went down.
The A.R.P. gave a Dance and Whist Drive for the News Letter Fund, and Mr. Gilbert Marsden, who is the head, Warden, brought the rector £7.10. 0 as the proceeds, for which we all owe the A.R.P. our thanks.
The Rector's Bible. and Confirmation Classes had a combined Social evening in the Schools on Wednesday.
Congratulations to Tom Walsh, Airborne Troops, upon being promoted a Corporal in the Unit. He is home on leave, after some thrilling adventures in the Mediterranean.
Postcards have been received by the wives or mothers of the Tarleton lads taken prisoners at Singapore, or the Malay peninsula.
These include, Dick Harrison, who says he is working; John Tindsley, and Jack Bourne from Rufford, also Harry Monk who also says that he is working.
New Year Dance in Schools, as usual last Friday. Schools simply packed. £35 was taken at the door. At midnight, the Rector, for the twentieth year in succession, wished his parishioners a "happy New Year", and he did not forget to say that he hopes that on next New Year's Eve all our boys and girls will be back, and wearing Victory medals.
Sunday School Tea Party and Prize Giving last Saturday. Children brought their own food, and tons of it. Games after tea.
Lester Stazicker joins Jimmy Burns and Frank Iddon down the mines on Tuesday.
Congratulations to Dvr. Jack Robinson upon becoming engaged to Annie Dandy, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Dandy, Hesketh Lane. He came home on 48 hrs leave to ''pop the question" and goes back a happy and a lucky lad.
On Leave: Will Bridge, Bert Price, Walter Ascroft, Will Lowe,Tom Southworth, Ambrose Howard, John Rowland, Harry Taylor.
Tom Swales, Ashcroft's Farm, Carr Lane, has become engaged to Mary Spencer, younger daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Spencer, Carr Lane. We congratulate the happy couple.
The baby son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Forshaw, Johnson's Lane, was christened in Tarleton Parish Church on Sunday with the name of Sydney.
At Christmas Rfm. Charlie Wright (Chuck), Mere Brow, married a Scotch girl who works at Euxton. They were married in Scotland, but while he is away in the Army she has come to live with Charlie's sister, Mrs. Sephton, at Mere Brow.

Dvr. John Caunce, writes from a Convalescent Depot in M.E.F., to say, 'I have just been discharged from hospital and am feeling quite well again. I saw the padre in the last hospital and had a good chat with him. He asks me to send you his kind regards. Remember me to John Spencer and Frank Foulds. I do not think I shall go back to my Unit, so I will let you know my new address."
Gdsn. John G. Moss airmails from C.M.F. saying "Often out here one gets the impression that nobody cares for what's happening to one. It is when one receives the N.Ls that one realises that this is not the case. I can look back on many happier Christmasses than this, but never can I recall one that has brought the warmth of Home life, and the happiness of our own little community, than this Christmas number of the 1943 N.L. It shows that though all the world has undergone a mighty change my own Home parish is still the same. Please convey my kind regards to my Girl in the W.L.A. and my brother Walter, John Iddon, Norman Barron, Dick Gabbott and Ken. Nicholson."
Stoker Jack Twist RN. writes from his submarine saying "I had a pleasant surprise today, I met a lad from Hesketh Bank. I had just got inside a Submarine and he was the first chap I bumped into. He's a stoker in the submarine. His name is Malcolm Taylor. It must have been 4 years since I last saw him. We've had a good Christmas and a very lively time. We also had a very nice service on Christmas Day with lots of carols. Our Padre is a very nice chap and everybody's friend. I get the N.Ls regularly".
AC Dick McKean writes from M.E.F. to say "As I sit here writing, I have in front of me two N.Ls. Not only do they convey to us out here the news of home and the whereabouts of our friends, but they also convey that which we need so much, the need of prayer. With your permission I would like to send you an article from here which could be sold to help to pay for the N.L.s and also show my appreciation of same.
Dvr. John Iddon (Gorse Lane) airgraphs from M.E.F. saying "N.Ls are coming through quite regularly. I get them in 3 or 4 weeks. I was on leave last week and had a good time. My best regards to my brother Harry, also to Jack Moss, Dick Gabbott and all the boys and girls in the Forces."
Marine Harry Iddon writes from Colombo by airgraph to say "It seems funny to be so hot about Christmas. We are getting plenty of good swimming here. The sun curls your hair. We get a Church service once in a while, but there are not many padres in this place as they have so many camps to visit."
Corpl. Jimmy Swift, R.A.F. airgraphs from East Africa saying "We are expecting a very busy time this Christmas, but I shall try to get to the Cathedral for the service on Christmas morning, as I know Agnes will be at Church and it is a very beautiful thought that both of us will be joining in this very special service. May I ask you to pass on through the N.L. my best wishes for Christmas and the New Year to all serving at home and abroad."
Trooper AIec Barnish airgraphs from C.M.F. to say "Your Christmas edition of the N.L. was very interesting. What strikes me most is your own experience in 1915. At the present moment we are billeted round farm houses, so we may have the same experience. I have yet to come across a Tarleton lad although I daresay there are many near. My thoughts at Christmas and New Year will be with you at home, and I know your thoughts, and prayers, will be with us all out here."
O/S Ken Dandy writes "On Christmas Day I met Harry Alty down the street. Its grand to talk with a Tarleton lad after being with boys from everywhere but Lancashire. On Christias Eve I was on duty so that gave me a chance to go to Church on Christmas Day: It was a good service and the Church was absolutely packed. I hope you had a good Christmas. I certainly did and there wasn't much left of the turkey, only bones".
Gunner Driver operator Fred Bentham writes "We arrived here on Thursday night and found that it is not as bad a place as we expected. We had a very nice Christmas, so I've nothing to grumble about. Remember me through the N.Ls, to my pals David Hanson, Ronnie Iddon and Bill and Jimmy Harrison."
Gunner Tom Fazackerley says "We spend most of the day sawing wood, and we all sit round the fire at night, and burn it. We are doing quite well with our ferret. We have got about 16 rabbits during the last three weeks. We sell a few, and give a few away, and we eat a few. Please thank for me the M.U. The British Legion women and the Women's Conservative Club for their gifts."
Dvr. Robert Latham "I would like you to thank the Mothers' Union for the money I have received. Will you please remember me to my old pal Jack Twist, and also to Eric Abram, whom I haven't seen for some time. I hope they had as good a Christmas as I had; I ate so much for my dinner I nearly burst."
Dvr. Thomas Sutton (Holmeswood Hall, Mere Brow) writes "We had a very good Christmas at the Camp where I am stationed. I am now waiting to go overseas so I send all my best wishes to my friends at home, and may they have a very Happy New Year."
Pte. Arthur Barron, who is in the Rector's Regt., writes "The training here is very tough; we do P.T. every day and got a lot of route marches. The place where I am is very good, alright for food, with a N.A.A.F.I. and a Y.M.C.A. and is only about 2 miles out of town. We had turkey and so on for our Christmas dinner; the Officers were serving. They were alright and had a smile on their faces for a change. Please remember me through the N.L. to Bob Howard, Jack Hodge and my brother Bob."
Arthur Harrison writes "I am working in the Mess just now and as you know the hours are long. I go on at five in the morning, but I finish early in the afternoon. The good old N.L. has never missed one week reaching me. Will you please thank the Mothers' Union, the British Legion and all who have sent or given my wife money for me? A happy and peaceful New Year to all the boys and girls away from home."

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