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October 21st 1943

My dear boys and girls,
I did intend to make this the double Christmas number, but I have been so busy that I have not had time to give the very necessary attention to it that such a number requires. Some of the home birds will have to endure having their Christmas number at the begining of November so that those abroad may get theirs in time for Christmas itself.
One word more, please keep me up to date with your proper address so that you may get your N.Ls in good time. If you have little time to write a letter just send a postcard.
Well, here is the very best to you all, and congratulations to those many of our village lads who are doing so extremely well in Italy.
With my love and my Blessing,
Ever your affectionate brother,

Mrs. Whittle, Blackgate Lane, died on Monday and was buried at Tarleton on Saturday. She was 86 years old. Her husband is 87, and is presumed to be the oldest inhabitant.
Banns called out for the first time of William West, Kearsley Avenue and Gladys Starkie of Darwin. She as a Private in the A.T.S.
Gilbert Marsden has bought Hockings house in Kearsley Avenue. He gave £450 for it. Mr. Hocking, whose wife died last week has gone to live at Preston.
Primitive Methodists, Hesketh Lane, held their Harvest Thanksgiving last Sunday.
The rector's nephew Ian Forse is on one of the ships that covered the landings of tanks and guns when the Volturno was crossed on November 13th.
Edward Jessop, Church Road, Rufford, who is in the Army, was married on Wednesday to Agnes Kelly Anderson, of Kilmarnock, Scotland, who is in the A.T.S. The Rector of Tarleton officiated. The bridegroom is the brother of George Burn's wife.
Mothers' Union dance last Friday in aid of their Comforts Fund. Alice Pendlebury gave a bag to be raffled, and it made £3.6.0.
On Saturday Jimmy Twist, Tarleton Moss, was married at Tarleton Parish Church to Mary Helen Culshaw of Banks. Jack Twist, R.N. was Best Man and came in the full panoply of sailors' uniform.
If any of our lads in India are ever in Baroda State, if they will call on Mr. A.E. Redhead, at the Mafatlal Fine Hills Company, Navsari, Baroda State, and say they come from Tarleton, they will receive a hearty welcome.
The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. John Wignall (nee Margaret Latham) of Hesketh Lane was christened on Sunday by the name of Bruce.
The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Townsley (nee Linda Taylor) Mission cottages, Hesketh Lane, was christened on Sunday by the names of Pauline Ann.

L /Cpl. Tommy Burns airgraphs from B.N.A.F. saying "I haven't seen any of the Tarleton lads whom I know so far. I am not having too bad a time out here, although I don't like the country. Please give my kindest regards to all the boys and girls in H.M. Forces, especially to my brothers Jimmy (C.M.F.) Dick, R.N., and George, Irish Guards, and my brothers in law Harry (C.M.E.), and George (Tank Corps) "
Dvr. Joe Wait also sends his airgraph from B.N.A.F. He says "Many thanks for N.Ls which I receive very regularly. So far I have only seen one lad I know out here. I have seen some of John Caunce's company's trucks, but John I have not seen; but I am keeping a good look out, for my bike takes me through many places. Remember me to all the boys and girls in H.M. Forces through the N.L.
Dvr. Dick Bond airgraphs from C.M.F. to say "I want you to tell Chuck Wright that I have not had a letter from him for ages. Remember me to all in the Forces especially Bill Hudson, C. Wright (Tabby Nook) , and Frank Cairns. If I wrote all the names of my pals I should fill this airgraph. I am not too bad myself, only if I were in Blighty I would feel much better, and happier".
AC Charlie Wright (Tabby Nook) airgraphs from India saying "I have landed after a very uneventful voyage. I sailed over with three Croston lads. I spent a few days leave in South Africa, and enjoyed it very much. I am doing a bit of sightseeing in India just at present. Remember me to all the lads especially Bill Hudson, Robert Bond and Chuck Wright. I believe Bill Hudson is on foreign service now."
Sto. William Melling (H.B.) sends an airgraph saying "When I arrived back at my base I found two N.Ls waiting for me which were more than welcome. They are appreciated by all in the ship. I have been spending a few days' leave in the hills out here. I spent most of my time horse riding. When I was leaving, the lady with whom I was staying gave me a New Testament and told me to carry it about with me. I went to two Church services and really enjoyed them."
Gdsn. Aubrey Smith sends an air mail letter saying "I have had no time to write since I left Africa. I expect you will quite agree when I say we are doing well on all fronts, although we hear so many rumours around this place. However, leave it to the Brigade of Guards and we shall all be home for Easter, if not before. Last evening we had a very good service in memory of those killed and wounded, you will know the kind of service I mean with being a Chaplain yourself throughout the last war."
Mr. John Hornby, B.E.M., R.N. writes from his ship to say "I wish to say how very grateful I am for the many N.Ls I received during my absence in the Mediterranean. They have been a source of inspiration to me in all our engagements from Alexandria until our final one in the Bay of Naples and Salerno. When we received the surrender of the Italian Fleet without a shot being fired, your words came to me at the same time as this great surrender was taking place "Our help is in the Name of the Lord", and we shall not fail. Remember me to all my friends at home and abroad."
Pte. Jack Parker writes from Inidia saying "I may be going on leave in a few months time, but I am not enthusiastic about it. Leave at home where there was a home to go to, even if Jerry had altered the view from the front window, was a very different leave to those out here. I don't think I shall go far. I have heard that one of my old Civvy St. friends has been married in Johannesburg Cathedral. That is certainly doing the job in style."
Trooper Mick Melling writes "The training here is hard, but nevertheless very interesting. The country here is open and sparsely populated as you no doubt know, but it is very pretty and fortunately we get about quite a lot. Please remember me to all my Tarleton friends both at home and in the Forces, especially to Hughie, Uncle Bert and all the Burns family. I cannot mention them all by name, but they will know."
O/S Tom Dickinson writes "You will see from my address that I am in 'dry dock' again. I have had a slight operation and am doing nicely. It's great in here, good food and they look after you well. We have done a lot of sea time lately and you nearly owed me 10/- again" (the rector has promised Tom 10/ for every U boat his ship puts to the bottom). Tom goes on "Kindly remember me to Bob Howard, Sandy Laing, and Tom Bolton, and all my other friends in the Forces."
O/S Ken Dandy says "When we get ashore the first thing we do is to make a mad dash for the Mail Office and there is always a N.L. for me, so thanks again. Well, I was 19 on Wednesday and it was the queerest birthday I have had. If I remember rightly it is Tom Dickinson's Birthday on the 12th, so would you kindly say in your next N.L. that I wish him many happy returns. I should like you also to give my best wishes to Bob Hull, Bob Howard, Eddie Hodson, and all my pals in H.M. Forces."
Pte. Barbara Coupe, A.T.S. writes "To day is my 20th birthday, but unfortunately I am spending it in bed, because I sprained my ankle at drill this morning and the M.O. has told me to stay in bed until she sees me to morrow. A fortnight ago I had two innoculations, but luckily they didn't effect me. I have now been in the Service for 16 months. It seems only like yesterday when I was thinking of volunteering. If you have a spare corner in the N.L. please give my best wishes to all the girls and boys in the Forces, especially to those who are doing such a good job overseas".
AC Henry Moss R.A.F. (Mere Brow), writes "The Cause of this sudden burst of literary effort is that for the last two weeks the N.L. have not been arriving here. Today I have discovered the reason they have been going to Scotland, where I was almost six months ago. In three weeks time I shall be striking my tent complete with all my chattels a weary business and moving a hundred miles or so from here."
Marine L/cpl. Sandy Laing writes "I am nearly at the end of my course here, and I am hoping to leave with a Certificate to be a Corporal. The course is quite tough going and it is based on the commandos. Whether I want to be a commando or not is something I can't answer yet. Please remember me to the H.G., and all my pals in H.M. Forces."
Gunner John Coulton (H.B.) says "We go every Sunday morning to the grand old Church here in ---- and I can assure you it does us all a lot of good. I find myself that it paves the way along the road that awaits me the following week, whether it be rough or smooth.
Nurse Alice Bentham writes "I noticed recently that someone had met Walter Smith, from Longton, on board ship somewhere. I met Walter too last Christmas when he was a patient here. A nurse told me there was a Longton lad in, and later I did a turn of duty in his ward. I notice mention of the Burns brothers in the N.L., and also of Harold Aspey. Please mention that I send my kind regards to these old friends."

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