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September 9th 1943

My dear Boys and Girls,
Once again my first words must be call to prayer. We have now started the second Front in earnest and there can be no going back until we are in Berlin. Time alone will tell what lies before us, but it will doubtless be a stiff struggle. Our lads actually in the fighting line need all our prayers, and they themselves will need to commend themselves to God. Truly will we have to acknowledge "Our help is in the Name of the Lord." We must find time for prayer whatever else has to go. All that this world can provide for their protection and the battles ahead they have, good arms, tanks, aeroplanes, guns etc. They also have the physical courage and prowess. But the strongest is weak without the Power of God. Therefore the need for our prayers. May God, of His goodness grant them a speedy victory and a safe return.
With my Love and all my Prayers,
Ever your affectionate companion,

Mrs. Ronnie Cooke (nee Nellie Cookson, Chapel Houses) has presented her husband with a son. Mother and baby doing well.
Sorry to have to report that both the "Lund" Bowling Club Tournament Cups have gone, this year to Hesketh Bank. For the Men's Cup Mr. T. Baxter of H.B. beat Stan Barron, of Withy Tree Farm, Tarleton. For Ladies Cup, Mrs. William Cookson, of H.B. (Her husband is a Director of Alty's) beat Mrs. H. Wareing of Tarleton Moss.
A Committee is being formed to run a Horticultural Show in the Church Schools at Tarleton on Sept. 25th. It will also be a Rabbit Show.
Mr. Henry Lowe's bungalow in Moss Lane was put up for auction on Wednesday and was bought by Mr. George Spencer, Curacy House, Tarleton, for £1,290. They are going to live in it, and young George and his wife are to live at Curacy House.
David Hanson has been promoted to the rank of Sergeant in the R.A.F. He is an Observer Gunner.
Robert Hodge, son of Mr. Harry Hodge, head of local N.F.S., has passed the School Certificate exam. with 5 Distinctions and 3 Credits.
Tom Hallsall, Moss Lane, has passed same exam. with 5 Credits, and Nathan Abram, Banks, has passed with 3 Credits. All are at Hutton Grammar School. Mary Pye, Ormskirk Grammar School, has also passed same exam.
Mrs. Coulton, mother of James Coulton, Becconsall Lane, H.B. died on Friday and was buried on Monday at H.B. Churchyard. Tarleton's rector took the service as Mr. Thorne was away.
Jack Hodge has been called up to the Navy. He goes on September 14th.
Special Service to commemorate the beginning of the fourth year of the war held in Parish Church on Sunday night. Quite a good attendance with representative detachments from Home Guard, N.F.S., A.RP. British Legion, A.T.C. etc.

Dvr. John Caunce sends an airgraph saying. "I am now in Sicily, so now you know why Hitler left the island. As you will see I have been transferred to workshops and am now back at my old job although not at Preston. Please remember me to John Spenser and ask him to write a few lines. Wish all the boys and girls in the Forces a quick and safe return."
Gdsn. John G. Moss airgraphs from the same spot to say "I have no news, one day is still like the next one. Sergt. Nick Dewhurst and Matt Farrington have arrived out here and joined my Battalion, and are both looking well. You mentioned a chap named Johnson, a signaler, in one of your N.Ls, who has travelled the same places as myself. Is he in my Battn. or Brigade? You said he was a Corpl. Fitter". (No, your wrong, Jack. Our Johnson is young Dick Johnson, Carr Lane, and he is a sapper, but he is not far from you and has already met Billy Parkinson (opposite Church), keep an eye out for both of them. Billy is a Fitter, R.A.S.C.). Jack goes on, "If you have room please convey my regards to my Girl, who as you know is now in the Land Army, to my brother Walter, Ken Nicholson, John Iddon, Dick Gabbott, Norman Barron, and all. Chin up, Tarleton, we can do it."
AC/1 Tom Parkinson in his airgraph says "I have turned a mechanic lately for I have been doing a lot of engine work, a job I never thought I would do, but I find it most interesting. I am hoping to get leave early in Sept. and to spend it in Jerusalem where I should see many things of interest to me, and a great help some day should I have the good fortune to return and take up the Sunday School again. Best wishes to the Rowland Brothers, Tom Tindsley and all in the Forces."
L/Clp. Harry Price airgraphs from Paiforce "Life seems much brighter when a good old N.L. arrives. I am still up to the eyes with work at the office and hope to catch up with brother Bert (Corporal) . Heat, sand, flies and mosquitoes still very plentiful. My best wishes in next N.L. to Bert, Tom, and Hubert Tindsley, George Almond and Frank Foster."
Dvr. Robert Bond's airgraph comes from C.M.F. saying "No doubt you know I am in Sicily and it is very hot. Actually its a question which is the worst, Africa or Sicily. When I leave here I shall have eaten enough fresh fruit to last me for years. Remember me to the boys and girls in the Forces and tell Chuck Wright I hope to see him before long, at his wedding perhaps. "
Gdsn. Aubrey Smith sends his airgraph from B.N.A.F. and says "I was very pleased to meet Jack Moss the other day. He was visiting this depot so I was only able to have a little chat with him. This climate certainly takes some getting used to. Remember me to Sid Ball and John Caunce, also to all the lads and lasses in the Forces."
An interesting airgraph comes from Spr. Dick Johnson, M.E.F. saying "I am sending you a bit of news that will interest you. You will be glad to know that I have met William Parkinson who walked into our camp on Sunday night. It was through the N.L. that he managed to find me, and we had quite a few interesting things to talk about. It seems very strange that I had not run across him before with being camped so near. I have arranged to see him again in a few nights time, and now that I know that he is in the same Division I should see him quite often."
L/Cpl. Harley McKean airgraphs from the M.E.F. to say "I am pleased to say that my brother Dick (R.A.F.) and I are still stationed near each other and are in daily contact. I have noticed Abel Bickerstaffe's name in the N.L. from time to time. He was a colleague of mine in Civvie Street. Remember me to him, will you, Sir, and would you mind passing on this phrase. He will understand it D.A., Ga Ga! - wishing you all the best in the vital job of sending the N.Ls."
A.B. William Ball, R.N. sends an interesting letter. He says ''As we are now allowed to tell you what we have been doing I will tell you the part we took in the invasion of Sicily. Our job was to land the 8th Army. Before we sailed General Montgomery paid us a visit and spoke to the ship's company. We arrived on the shores of Sicily without mishap, and, talk about the Spanish Armada, well, it was nothing like this; there were ships as far as the eye could see. Enemy planes overhead day and night, and to give you some idea what it was like, Spitfires and night fighters brought down over 140 planes for certain in our sector alone. At the last port of call I saw Jackie Hague. He paid me a visit and I also paid him a visit. Unfortunately we sailed the following day and I did not get to see him again."
O/Tel. John Webster, R.N. writes from his ship saying `'We've had no mail and therefore no N.Ls, and no news. This morning we had a service taken by the Captain on the deck, and it was very nice. We are having quite a good time swimming etc. in lovely blue water. Remember me through the N.L. to all the lads wherever they are, especially Jackie Hague, John Sutton, Bert Fawkes and Lawrence Hunter".
E.R.M. Dick Burns, R.N. writes from a famous ship saying "I suppose you will get tired of me writing to say I have changed my address, but I want to get the N.Ls through and its the only way. I don't know how long I shall be aboard this ship, but, as you know, being a mechanic, we get moved around quite a lot. Please pass on my best regards to my brothers Jim, M.E.F., Tom, B.N..A..F., George, England, George West, England, and Harry Forrest, M.E.F. also Bert and Hugh Melling.
Corpl. Jimmy Burns writes from the M.E.F. saying "I have been out here in the M.E.F. for three years now and have travelled from one end to the other, about 5,000 miles long. I was very near Tom a few weeks ago when we got Rommel out of Tunis. We met quite a lot of the lads of the 1st Army, but we told them they could not come up to the boys of the 8th. After that do I had 4 days' leave at Cairo. I see from the N.L. that one of my old Bosses has come out here, Bert Melling. Well, in your next N.L. wish him all the very best. We had a Padre down yesterday and we had quite a good argument. He said he loved a good argument, so I said 'so does our rector at home'. I showed him a few N.Ls and he said it was one of the best things anyone could think of. Please congratulate for me my brother Dick on his promotion, and kind regards to my brothers Dick, Tom, George, brothers-in law George West and Harry Forrest, also to Bert and Hugh Melling, Harry Crook, and Jimmy Leacy."
Corpl. Doris Molyneux W.R.A.F. sends a very good photograph with her letter. She says "It's about time I wrote, for as you say in the N.L. you write to us every week, and it must be very discouraging to get only a few replies. Still you know how much we all appreciate your work. I hope the Carnival was a success this year the day wasn't too bright I notice."


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