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June 24th 1943

My dear Boys and Girls.
It will interest you to know that our S.S. Treat and Parish Field Day is on Saturday next. I will give you all the news about it in the next issue.
I am wondering whether any of our many lads who are in North Africa saw the King on his recent visit. I expect that if they have they will write and tell us something about it.
Things certainly are taking on a brighter hue the last few months and I only pray that this really is the beginning of the end and that complete and final victory is near at hand.
Well, as I have repeatedly said "Our help is in the Name of the Lord", and with His help we cannot go wrong. But always remember that we must shew Him that we deserve His help.
With my love and my Blessing,
Ever your affectionate friend,

Correction. We began our H.F. News last week with the statement that Mr. James Whittle had been married to Miss Margaret Shepton of Rufford. It should, of course, have been Mr. Henry Whittle who was married to the lady mentioned.
Mr Yorrie Davies, who as a Sergeant Observer R.A.F. was recently reported missing during a bombing expedition over Germany and then was reported as having been found, paid a visit on Friday to his friends Mr. and Mrs. John Melling.
Mrs. Hester Latham (Hester Ascroft) who nearly three years ago buried her husband, Mr.Tom Latham, in Salmsbury Churchyard, obtained permission from the Home Office to have his body exhumed and reburied in Tarleton Churchyard. The ceremony took place on Friday last.
Mr. Thomas Edge, headmaster of Rufford C.E. School has died at the age of 54 years. His eldest son Sergt Observer Grieg Edge was reported missing last year.
Mrs. Jack Edmondson has given the rector £5 towards the N.L. Fund as the result of a raffle for a box of chocolates which her husband, who is in the R.A.F. in Canada, sent her from that Dominion.
Thomas Reginald Ashcroft, of Holmswood was married on Saturday in Tarleton Parish Church to Edie Spencer, Curacy House. Tom Spencer R.N. got leave from his ship to be Best Man. Reception at bride's home. Honeymoon at Fleetwood.
Banns called out in Church for first time on Sunday of Robert Watson, Marshes Lane, Mere Brow and Bridget Fitzsimmon of Southport.
Tarleton Methodist Tea Party on Saturday, No procession, tea in Methodist schools and Silcocks on the Recreation Field.
Hugh Rowland spoke on the Wireless from India to his mother on Sunday morning at 8 o'clock.
Billy Lowe, Sollom, joined up on Thursday. Freddy Bentham is waiting his call up. Billy Lowe has been put in General Service Corps but is trying to get transferred to the Scots Guards.
We very much regret to have to announce that Mrs. Jimmy Latham (Kearsley Avenue) has received official notification from the War Office that her husband, Jimmy Latham, who a month ago was reported a prisoner of war in Japanese hands, has died of Diptheria in Malai P O-W Camp.
Bomb. Dick Blundell home for a few days' leave. He has been in hospital and had his tonsils removed. Is alright again now.
Jimmy Latham obtained a short extension of leave for the reburial of his father in Tarleton Churchyard.
The local N.F.S. are building new premises in Hesketh Lane in the field almost opposite Mrs. Wilcock's thatched cottage. We understand that they will be wooden huts on brick and concrete foundations.
Mrs. Davey (nee Eileen Cairns, Mere Brow) has presented her husband with a son. Both mother and child are doing well.

Pte. Ken Robshaw sends an airgraph to say "to let you know that I am O.K. again after having a slight operation. It is very hot where I am in India and I can assure you I have seen a few strange sights since I came out here. I have not seen my name in the N.L. lately so I am wondering whether you have received my letters."
AC/1 Tom Parkinson, R.A.F. writes from the Middle East saying "Getting your wonderful N.Ls is like having a good tonic after an illness, for they seem to put new life in me. We all had a good laugh over the verses written by Mrs. Sutton. There were only two of us in our billet that could read Lancashire, and the others said it was worse than Arabic. Remember me to S.S. Teachers and Scholars and to all friends."
Corpl. Jimmy Burns also writes from the M.E.F. "Well, I am now on the sea again, but we are not coming home as I thought we would the next time I got on a ship. I had a letter from my brother Tom a few days ago and he was not far from me, but we shall not have the luck to meet now that I am on this ship. Through the N.L. I would like to be remembered to my brothers and brothers in law, and also Jimmy Leacy, Bert Price, Hugh Melling, Bert Melling and all my old pals. I had a letter from Ronnie Pilkington a few days ago. Don't you think we made a good job of old Rommel?"
Dvr. Robert Bond (Mere Brow) sends an airgraph from the M.E.F. saying "I guess I am rather busy writing tonight. I have about 16 letters to answer. Letter cards are very limited so I am using airgraphs. People don't realise the conditions we have out here. Remember me to all the boys and girls in the Forces, especially Chuck, & the other C. Wright, and Billy Hudson. I used to hear from Chuck every week, now, I am sorry to say, it gets about once a month."
Dvr. Roger Ward writes from North Africa saying "I am receiving the N.Ls quite regularly and I and other members of my section look forward to them as they are very interesting. I am having quite a pleasant time here in North Africa, keeping quite fit and well. Up to now I have not met anyone from Tarleton, but am hoping to do so."
Dvr. Joe Wait also sends from the B.N.A.F. to say "All is going well out here now and I am having a good time. I see that Abraham Wright has been promoted. Will you give him my very best wishes. Some of his old pals who served in France with him are still with us and send their best wishes to him through the N.L. Also all the best to all the boys and girls serving their country, especially my brother Edgar. "
AC 1 Frank Cairns writes from Canada saying "I am now stationed in a rather desolate spot. The camp is surrounded by miles of prairie. The nearest town is roughly 100 miles away. The padre is a grand fellow; he will go out of his way to help us in any way possible. Will you remember me through the N.L. to my Mere Brow pals Charlie Wright, Chuck Wright, and Robert Bond, also to George Barker and David Hanson."
Dvr. Dick Gabbott writes from the M.E.F. to say "I have met one of my old pals, Ronnie Pilkington. We have been close beside each other for the last five months, but it was only about three weeks ago that I first saw him. I got his address from home and was much surprised to find that he was in the next camp. Since then I have been going out with him a great deal. I received a letter this morning saying that my brother Howard has been called up. Please remember me to him and wish him the best of luck; also to my brother-in law, Abel Bickerstaffe. I would like also to be remembered to John Iddon and Jack Moss."
O/A Jimmy Sutton, R.N. writes "I will soon be home again for a long week end; but the only wrong thing with it is the journey and the rail fare, but its worth it to get home. We have Divisions every morning, but as we have no padre with us one of the officers reads a short lesson and it has to be left at that."
Sapper Jimmy Harrison writes "I have rejoined the Company again after my course in London. The country where I am reminds me of Tarleton except that there is no Bank Bridge and no Carriage Drive. As the room in which I am billeted is the only one with a wireless all the boys are crowded round it waiting for the news."
A/c Coupe writes "We had a pretty good ENSA party here yesterday. It was a top notch show they put on for us. Will you remember me to Roger Watson, Malcolm Parkinson, Jim Latham and all the boys and girls in the Forces."
Pte. George Farrington sends a letter from a Military Hospital saying "As you will see by the address I am in hospital. I was brought in yesterday afternoon with a pain across my stomach, what it is I don't know, but it is nothing serious. I have to stay in bed a few days and go on diet. It is a very lovely place with beautiful grounds and gardens. We have a wireless and everything we could wish for."
AC2 Henry Moss says in his letter " I used occasionally to get opportunities of reading N.Ls and perhaps regarded them too lightly. Now, from the inside I have come to appreciate them as one of the strongest links with the folks at home. At present I am attached to the R.A.F.Technical Training Command. The course, which lasts six months, is pretty stiff but extremely interesting.
Sapper Herbert Parkinson says "I have been boating on a very well known river today, but I would hardly call it a pleasure cruise. I hear that my Banns have already been called so that will be a bit more home news for you.''
Dvr. Dick Taylor (Mere Brow) writes "I think that we have had the one day of summer in Scotland today that Ernie Ball mentioned in the N.L. I had my tea the other day in what used to be in peace time a very well known luxury liner. I am hoping to have a look at the Peter Kane and Jackie Paterson fight on Saturday. I continue writing this letter on Friday to say that the weather is now back to normal with a steady drizzle coming down.

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