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May 13th 1943

My dear Boys and Girls
The chief event this week has been the visit of our new Bishop to the Parish. As you will see in the Home Front News all our National Service Organisations turned out to meet him and give him a welcome. After the usual march from the Rectory to the Church we had an inspiring Service and the Bishop preached a real man to man sermon. I missed all my old Servers who were so very capable, but the new ones did very well, and I was most pleased to find that Jimmy Parkinson was at home so he was one of the Bishop's servers together with Harry Harrison. John Spencer carried the Bishop's processional cross and Tom Forshaw that of the choir. Tom Rutter and Arnold Bailey served me.
Well! I wish that you were all back again to help me in my old age, And don't forget to thank God for our victories in Tunisia. It is still true that "our help is in the Name of the Lord. "
With my love, my blessing and my gratitude,
ever your affectionate friend,

Very little local news this week. The new Bishop of Blackburn paid his first visit to Tarleton on Sunday. At 5.30 p.m. he inspected all the local National Services, Home Guard, A.T.C., N.F.S., A.R.P., W.V.S., Ambulance Corps, British Legion, men and women, with Standards, and the Parish Council. After inspection they marched to Church at which the Bishop preached the sermon.
The Police and A.R.P. Wardens of Tarleton and Hesketh Bank held a Dance at the Conservative Hall, Gorse Lane, on Tuesday evening to raise money towards buying a Spitfire. With subscriptions they made £156. Sergeant Saul and Chief Warden (A.R.P.) Higham made speeches, and the rector also said a word.
The employees at Garlick's, Confectioners, had a whip round last week for the N.L. Fund. They raised 18/ and Mr. Sergeant made it up to £2. He then promised to treble every additional shilllng subscribed and as a result Mrs. Wilcock brought to the rector, on behalf of her fellow workers the substantial sum of £3. 5s. We all thank them very much.
Nick Taylor, Gorse Lane, home on embarkation leave. Eric Booth, Aubrey Smith, on ordinary leave.
We have to apologise for a mistake in last week's N.L. It was Mr. William Iddon, of Hesketh Bank who was presented with the illuminated address to commemorate the fact that he had been a member of the H.B. Parish Council for the past 35 years. We were right when we said that Mr. Herbert Parkinson has been elected Chairman of the H.B.P.C.
Tarleton and Banks N.F.S. were called out to a fire at the house of Mr. Robert Wright, junr. Station Road, H.B. The damage done was estimated at £100.
Jeffrey Wright, of Marshside was married last Saturday week to Mabel Cookson, of Chapel Road, H.B., at H.B. Parish Church.
Mr. James Spencer, Windgate, won the local Bowling Green Tournament competition last week.
Maurice Haskin won the lads' Snooker tournament at the B.L. Club.

Gunner Dan Stazicker writes from the M.E.F. saying "I have now landed after a long and uneventful voyage and after looking at sky and sea for weeks. Since I left England I have had every kind of fruit imaginable, and in some places had chocolate, ices and pineapple, and the pleasure of seeing places lit up at night. I had the company of Tom Parkinson and Mr. Frazer, of Mere Brow, during the voyage, but I have lost them since." Dvr. Harry Price, who is in the far east, writes "I have now moved into Iraq and hope to be here for some time. So at last, I am able to write to you again. Please give my best wishes to all in my Tarleton (Yes, I shall always be there in spirit), and my regards and best wishes to all my pals and fellow villagers in the Forces."
Lieut. Stanley Baldwin writes from the M.E. F. saying "We are now settled down in a canvas camp in the middle east. I expect to spend a short leave next week in Alexandria, and hope to visit Cairo. The first news from home caught up with us here, one from my wife and three N.L.s. I am glad to say that my wife and son are thriving and in the best of health. I note your appointment as Chaplain to one of the Home Guard County Battalions."
Pte. Peter Guy, Moss Lane, sends from India to say "I received 3 N.Ls from you this week. I have not met anyone from round Tarleton out here yet. The heat here is terrific, if you put a piece of bread in the sun for five minutes it will be toasted. One has to be very alert here for there are lots of snakes and panthers and many other wild animals. Please remember me to all the lads fromTarleton who like myself are in the Forces. My job is like the one I had at Mrs. Balls, as driver, only I wish I were driving through Tarleton now"
L.A.C. Bert Barron sends a long letter from North Africa saying "I am pleased to say that the N.Ls are still arriving regularly. I have not met any Tarleton lads out here yet, though I am sure there are at least one or two 'locals' somewhere in these parts, that is if they are not too busy chasing Rommel. I noticed in one of the N.Ls that one of my old pals, Hugh Melling, has got married. Unfortunately I have lost touch with him since he joined the R.A.F. so please convey my congratulations to him through the medium of the N.L. Remember me also to all the lads, hoping to meet them all again very soon."
Dvr. Robert Bond (Mere Brow) sends from the M.E.F. saying "Thanks for N.Ls; when I have read them I send them on to Charlie Parker who is well known to the Marsh family who live near the Chapel at Tarleton. Remember me to all the boys and girls in the Forces, and will you thank the Conservative Club and all who send me money, as I haven't had time to write myself. You know how busy the 8th Army has been just lately. 'Hah, hah!'
L/Cpl Frank Hewitson (Hoole) writes from North Africa saying "North Africa calling Tarleton.' The N.Ls continue to arrive when others don't succeed. I find in them news about my friends and school pals which it would be impossible to expect my people to tell me, or even to know. Several of our lads are at present attending Confirmation Classes in the expectation of being Confirmed by the Bishop of Gibraltar sometime in the future, the intention being that the Bishop will fly out here. The evening fragrance of the orange blossom is delightful and we all remark upon it. It is queer to see both fruit and bloom on a tree at one and the same time, but it is a good sight."
O/S Robert Iddon, R.N. (Hesketh Bank) sends an airgraph saying "I am now far, far away and have seen some interesting sights. By the way I had an interesting chat with Joe Iddon, also of H.B. I understand that he receives N.Ls from you. I was going to see him again on the following day but we had to put out to sea. The best part of being out here is that when we go ashore we can buy 'big eats', as they are called in the Navy. They include foodstuffs of all kinds and as much fruit as we like.
Petty Officer Nich Forshaw writes, "After rather an exciting trip I arrived at a North African port, but after a few days I was moved on and the first, and up to date, the only mail, I picked up after leaving was your N.L. It is very hot out here and it is only April. I suppose that by July I shall be looking something like a native. Remember me to all my pals through the N.L. and tell Ronnie Iddon to keep a sharp lookout for me if he visits any ports."
Mr. John Hornby, B.E.M, R.N. says "I am going back to a fine old Battleship, and I feel I shall like it very much as Boatswain of her. Please thank Frank McKean for his kind message from my old ship and all my old shipmates, and tell them I hope to see them again very soon. I will write again when I am settled in my ship."
L/Cpl. Tom Tindsley writes "Please note my change of address as I prefer not to have my N.Ls held up. I have now moved north and am now in Yorkshire. They say that there are only two counties in England that the real problem is whether to put Lancs or Yorks first on the list. The place I am in is a quaint little market place which reminds me of Ormskirk on market day a farmers' paradise as it were. (I know the place well, Tom) Please convey my best wishes to all our boys and girls in the Forces. We have a good heritage to maintain and the Tarleton representatives are proudly fuIfilling their duty."
AC1. John Sutton begins his letter "You will be surprised when you see who is writing this letter. I must be on the top of the list of the black sheep who never write. The camp here is a very good one because it is very free and easy. You can't expect to be spick and span when you are keeping the old ' kites' in perfect trim. When everyone has finished for the night we look like a bunch of coal miners, but as long as the 'kites' are ready for the air nothing else matters. We are not here to look like a lot of stuffed dummies, all nice and shiny, but to get on with the job and get the bombs dropping like hailstones."

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