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April 29th 1943

My dear boys and girls,
I hope you all like the double Easter number, and especially the little verse that Will Ellison sent, I thought it so good that I read it to the congregation in Church on Easter Day. We have not had much of a Bank Holiday in Tarleton, nearly everyone was working and the weather was not too good. There are just a few, and it is a very few, from whom I have not heard for a long time. I should value the courtesy of a letter from these just now and again to know that they do get the N.L. week by week, for it is sent to all irrespective as to whether they write to me or not.
Gathering the news and writing the letter takes up a good deal of my spare time and I do like to feel that everyone is getting the N.L. and that my 2 1/2d is not wasted. Also while I am on this theme there are also a few, and again, it is a very few, who have not sent me their photographs for the gallery in the Lady Chapel.
Well, now all that's off my chest, let's be more cheerful.
With my love and all my prayers,
ever your sincere friend,

Chapel crowded on Easter Saturday for the double wedding. Mary Wilson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.Chrys Wilson, Wesley Cottages, married Jimmy Ashcroft of H.B., and her sister Annie married Pte. George Farrington.
Mrs. Robert Barron, Carr Lane, has presented her husband with a son.
Ruby Carr, Moss Lane, has joined the A.T.S.
The lads of the local A.T.C. did not go to the aerodrome for flying practice on Saturday, as announced in last week's issue, as the weather was so bad.
Colonel Wright, commanding the local Battalion Home Guard, has arranged a shooting competition amongst the different platoons for the silver challenge cup presented by the rector.

On Leave:
Hugh Melling, Frank Timperley, Will Bridge, John Webster, Robert Watson (Mere Brow), Jimmy Sutton (76 hours);
Harry Alty, George West, Arthur Worth, Jimmy Latham , Fred Coupe, Bert Fawke, Robert Johnson (Hesketh Lane) John Robinson.
Harry Hoyle, Shore Road, H.B., joined the R.A.F. as a pilot on Easter Monday.
Nora Bibby, Mission Houses, Hesketh Lane, was badly injured while working at Douglas's nurseries, Blackgate Lane, last week. She was caught in the wheel of the water pump when turning it off and flung round with it. She has had ten stitches in her head.
Invalids: Mrs. Hodge is going on nicely and so is Johanna Brocklehurst.
The flag pole in the Church grounds has blown down and has been badly broken, but the rector has bought another one, though not quite so high.
Nellie Rimmer, Moss side, is marrying James Spencer Wright, also of Moss Side.
The Hesketh Bank N.L. is now a going concern, but if those H.B. lads who up to now have been receiving the Rector's N.L. desire to continue receiving it will write and tell him so, he will send it along.

Sapper Dick Johnson sends an airgraph dated April 3rd saying "To morrow I am leaving here to rejoin my Unit. Whilst I have been in hospital, I have seen several of the lads I came out here with, but no Tarleton boy, although I hope it will be possible to see Dick Gabbott on my way to my Unit."
Dvr. Harry Price sends an airgraph "in Transit" on his way out somewhere. He says "We are now in India at Transit camp. Our journey is not yet over but we hope soon to reach our destination and settle down. Heat is terrific here and I can hardly write for sweating. So far I haven't met anyone I know, nor have I received any letters but 'patiece is a virtue', although I brood sometimes. But Tarleton is in my bones and I will not let her down. Please give my best wishes to Bert and all others through the N.L."
Pte. Ken Robshaw also writes from India where he has been stationed for some time. He says "Just to let you know that I am O.K. and am getting the N.L.'s safely. I read them time and time again, for it is grand to hear how things are going on in the village. I am learning to swim and am in the water every day. It is fine fun. Please remember me to all the lads in Tarleton and especially those away." Dvr. Joe Wait sends an airgraph from North Africa to say "As you will see from the address I am far away from my home town. I am keeping well and having a good time. So far I have not seen any of the local lads out here, but I may do so any day. I have not heard from you for nearly two months. While I am here I am going to do what sight seeing I can because I may not get the chance again. In your next N.L. remember me to all boys and girls from home and may we all be together again before long."
L/Cpl. Ted Barnish writes from Iraq saying "These last few days I have received quite a number of N.Ls. The weather we are having now is very cold, battle dress and great coats are still in full swing. These last few days we have had a charcoal fire burning in the tent. I suppose we feel the cold more with being used to the hot climate in Egypt, Burma and India. In Burma the heat was terrific. Please give my best wishes to my brother Alec and all my friends in the Services.
E.R.M. Dick Burns R.N., writes "I have not had a letter from you since I came back. I believe our Tom has landed in N. Africa, so he has got there just about in time to give Rommel his final Jack out in Africa. May I pass on my best regards to my brothers and brothers in law in the Services."
Cpl. Will Roberts (Turnpike) writes "A few lines to let you know I have changed my address. Thanks for the N.Ls. which I have been receiving as regular as clockwork. One little complaint: In the N.L. in which was reported the death of my mother in-law, Mrs. Dobson there were one or two mistakes. First, she was taken to Ormskirk Cottage Hospital, not Preston Infirmary. Secondly, my wife's name is or was Olive Dobson, not Violet, as stated. Also my name is given as W. Dobson, instead of W. Roberts, and lastly we have been married over four years and not three, as in the N.L. Please don't think that I am criticising far from it, as I don't think that there have been more than a couple of mistakes since the N.L. first started. Please remember me to Tom Tindsley, Hubert Tindsley and Bob Hull through the N.L." (We apologise for the mistakes, Will, but that week we had been to Bournemouth on urgent business and had rushed back because everything seemed to go wrong in the parish.)
L/Cpl. Arthur Molyneux, Irish Guards, writes "I have met and worked with Harry Crook for quite a considerable time. I have also met Aubrey Smith and Jack Blackburn of Walmer Bridge. My job here is Instructor of our future Tank drivers and mechanics. Will you please remember me to both our Charlie Wrights, Robert Bond, Dick Taylor, my cousins Dan and Edwin Johnson, and all my friends and comrades both in the Forces and on the Home Front. A few weeks ago Harry Crook and I went on a Convoy drive round Virginia Water, and spoke about you for quite a long time. (I am glad, Arthur, that you rembered that Virginia Water is my native spot.) .
LAC Tom Bolton of Longton, was for some time at Tarleton Co op says "I have been on this station for 12 months now and so I have done very well. (I know your station very well, Tom, nearly forty years ago I was at the Theological College nearby) He goes on "It is good to read of the different lads who keep coming across one another way out in the Middle East. Please remember me to Sgt. Nick Dewhurst,Tom Dickinson and all the Lads to whom your N.L. goes." O/S Tom Dickinson, R.N., writes "Every Monday when I go to the Mail Office for my mail to collect the N.Ls, my mates of the hut are waiting to read it when I get back. So I have to read it while walking back because if I don't they are looking over my shoulder to read it. It is getting very popular. At present I am having gun drill, but next week I go out shooting. It never gets dry learning about it all. Remember me to Ken Dandy, Bert Fawkes, and John Caunce through the N.L. (P.S. The Scotch lad said he will write to you to morrow night, if he does not forget.) Came on, Jock, we will quote you in the N.L., for a taste of 'Scotch' will do all the lads good. Pte. Eric Booth says "This morning I was doing maintenance to the Major's car when a voice, not familiar to me, said ' Good morning.' I came from under the car and found it to be the local Vicar whose home, I learnt, is at Knowsley, and he knows Lancashire. His name is Stanley. Please remember me to my brother in-law Gunner Harry Woosey and congratulations to George Farrington on his marriage. AIso to all the Tarleton boys and girls in the Forces. I really do look forward to the N.Ls, not only to know where the boys are, but for the personal message you give us."
Craftsman Ken Ogden, R.E.M.E. says "The main thing is, we have a jolly good Officer and all the lads are a good crowd. I am hoping to see my brother (Vernon) before I go away, but if I don't it will not be my fault. I have been told by the O.C. that he will give me my leave next week, but it may turn into draft leave:"
Gunner Arthur Harrison sends another nice letter from far, far away in the arctic regions saying "I was very glad to hear the news that they had got word that my cousin Harry Monk is safe, although a p.o.w. in Japan. Would you convey my best wishes to his wife.

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